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PENNY BRADLEY Penny Bradley was kidnapped by the CIA at age 4 (1959), mind fractured, taken to Montauk (1962) and then the alters were given basic training. This took about 5 years. At age 9 (1964), she was taken to Mars through the Long Island, NY jump room to Ares Prima, that was then the main base of the breakaway German group on Mars. She went to Schule on Mars, then served in the German militia as a fighter pilot until the end of the Mars war. In 1990, she was transferred to Nacht Waffen, the breakaway German military in space. She served as Navigator on a freighter ship until 2014 when she was age regressed and time traveled back to when she was taken. This is just the story of the first of the 31 alters she has reintegrated through Native American shamanic soul fragment retrieval Website:

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