Due to censorship on my youtube channels by Youtube all interviews are now to be found on this website… 



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  1. Pearlene Denault on

    Thank you for fixing/adjusting sign in … will we get automatic annual renewal notice by email when due, hope so.

    Your “Checkmate!” I found via a Twitter commenter moaning …even moans can be turned to good ? I connected to your telegram blog and was thrilled by your most intelligent analysis and resolution … I am new to telegram and still trying to figure out how to find channels and blogs…hope I can find your blog again !! Looking forward to a continuation of your Joseph Farrell discussion…seems he ended there yrs ago where needs to begin to address current matters now. I have had unfortunate life experience of a real Hitler Nazi mother-in-law and husband …the external appearance so sophisticated kind and proper but behind that front is a nightmare horror …there are them and everyone else is to serve them. They have no souls…is that possible, some humans are born without souls or maybe their Nazi gene brain wiring rejects or kills it if a soul tries to enter a Nazi body??? Anyway…be careful…blantifa serve Nazi and CCP and your good work could be targeted…heard they are infiltrating small cities and rural towns to continue their insidious work of establish under guise of diversity and then oppress &takeover. Thank you again…you are TGE best of what America once was…keep yourself well and may you be one who discovers the secrets of much longer life …need every bit of wisdom and intellect possible to take humanity onto the future. Wonder if there will be a solar flash as wilcock said to change our DNA and must be we protected to survive?? Guess right now we must pray for the end of the nazis,bad magicians,bad masons. Found it interesting Bob Dean said he was Templar, means Mason, yes? He isn’t here to explain more… Certainly do hope there is a resurrection of good souls bcs we need them and their knowledge to help lead us forward. Seems maybe djt is an old soul reincarnated…more I hear about real good folks put in positions around djt who have fought real wars against real evil ones seems reassuring … God keep their hearts pure as they fight evil. I loved hearing Bob Dean “et’s venerate same God as we do” …hope he is correct about that…or maybe only some the good et’s ??? Something wise ones such as you need to find out?

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