KNOWING WHO WE REALLY ARE.  CONSIDER THIS.. Humans are already connected in a worldwide field of resonance that facilitates telepathy and psi-intelligence within us all.  The elites know this perhaps better than most of us.  The thing is they also know we are becoming more aware by the day…. and our connection via SOUL RESONANCE is stronger than their weak attempts to link us all with the help of the Grey ETs/Reptilian/Dracos and the CCP to the BORG.  Keep this in mind going forward. 


Bottomline it’s their TECH AGAINST OUR NATURAL GOD-GIVEN TECH AND YOU WILL REALIZE WHO WILL WIN.  Nothing they can do to you supersedes your connection to Source unless you ALLOW IT.  So do not reside in panic mode.  Know your connection to other humans like you and Source is more powerful and will overcome!  — Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot



  1. Jennifer Memon on

    Thank you Kerry, I do find comfort in your wise words. We are becoming aware of who we are and how we are meant to live, we have literally been under a very deep spell. I see things so very different now to the family and friends around me, and it can feel lonely, I am hoping they will awaken soon. I do believe some of us were awakened to teach, like you and David Icke etc, the rest of us to spread the word and just ‘be’. Glad to be sharing this time with you, look forward to your insights, sending love X.

  2. I love the comment that we are all part of source. I love the reaching out to others to reassure we are moving toward a future controlled by source who is loving and benevolent. In my experience source or All Person is far more intelligent than I am. The intelligence is so great that it exists in the realm of the unknown. The unknown is what we all need to put our trust in as an act of faith. Without this trust in the Greater Good that is coming our way we are lost. Nothing is as great as the Source or All Person. For this we can be grateful and know we have great purpose in our divine unity being small stars of Source working together for the Greater Good. I am grateful for the sharing on this web site and grateful for the great courage that people have for sharing their stories. I have experienced great admiration for the ground breaking interviews of Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan. My life is much richer for the tremendous courage they have demonstrated. I have watched for at least ten years and am amazed at the wonderful reports I have heard.

  3. Andrew Little on

    Interesting, thankyou Kerry.

    I can’t help but think that on the 3D level, we have a virus of the crown/mind which is spreading around the Earth, powered by our one-on-one interactions which transmit the contagion to others. The more hot-spots there are, the quicker the mass infection of the entire population. So we ‘slow the spread’, stay indoors, limit interactions, and stay 6 feet apart. To buy them time.

    On the 5D or consciousness level, we have the same format, but instead of death being the result of a contagion, we have humanity awakening. As we interact one-on-one, our biofields interact and exchange information which is uploaded to the collective Earth consciousness which can then download or infect those still asleep. A contagion of awakening. A life-or-death situation for them. Hot spots of interactions, like cities and gatherings, are locked down asap to ‘slow the spread’ of the mass awakening.

    We’re waking up quickly. At some point, likely already passed, we get the 100th monkey effect. There is no going back. ‘Nothing can stop what is coming’ and they will lose everything. They shut down any sites or information that might help with this awakening effect. They have thrown out all caution, all care or concern. It’s not about money and greed, but about their very survival.

    They need to buy time, in order to get us all vaccinated and back under their black magic spell and back to sleep in time for the reset ( terminate all who are awake, enslave those vaccinated borg human slaves ). Vaccines to disconnect us from our souls and shut down our consciousness, so we can’t spread awareness.

    This time, their Borg leadership has departed. All we have now is the Borg soldiers sticking to an old script that no longer works. There is no leadershp there to modify it to match our creativity. “These people are stupid” as in lacking any creative leadership. It’s already too late, but they are oblivious and have no other choice than to continue to roll out the obvious madness, say the same lines and lies over and over again, and show us that they are insane, programmed drones. Everything they do leads to their own demise.

    ‘These people are stupid’ – they are leaderless;
    ‘Nothing can stop what’s coming’ – we’ve reached tipping point, there is no going back to sleep;
    ‘You’re watching a movie’. – perhaps we all incarnated here on this timeline in order to play a part in Humanity’s own historical documentary which shows how we broke free from the virus, with the help of other creations, then went out into the Omniverse to spread the solution via the overall Creative consciousness, so that all other infected creations could also break free. “All the world is a stage”. It is. Our stage. Not theirs. Perhaps all the interest from other races are because it’s a super moment in Creative history where one group, helped collectively by other groups, overcame the greatest adversity to the Creation – Evil.
    The Greatest Story Ever Told.

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