Excerpt from the above article:   ….
“This means that in one fell swoop, President Donald J. Trump will be able to:

  1. Arrest and seize the assets of all the top Democrats and deep state traitors who attempted to steal the 2020 election.
  2. Seize all the Big Tech corporations and left-wing media propaganda outlets that were complicit in the conspiracy. This could include seizing their domain names such as,,, etc.
  3. Defeat the DNC forever by revealing overwhelming evidence of widespread election fraud, which will also result in a nationwide call for a voter ID system for all future elections.
  4. Solidify his own standing as the brilliant mastermind President of the USA for a second term (and perhaps a third, we dare say).

RECOUNTS no longer matter; the certification of votes is now irrelevant

The action plan to achieve all this is under way as you read this. Team Trump already has the full transaction logs of Dominion Voting Systems election alterations, and with raids taking place in Europe, more evidence of foreign interference is being secured.” linked above

Title: Who Won the Election?   Nov 4, 2020
by Michael Charles Master (author of Save America Now, Rules for Conservatives, and the Birth Famine)
Who won the election?
Did  you watch the election returns on Tuesday night?  Did you stay up all  night?  At about midnight on the east coast, Trump led in all the  battleground states by large margins.  The betting odds were more than  75% for Trump to win.  Then for some unexplainable reason, Wisc, Mich,  Pa, NC, and NV all stopped counting votes simultaneously… in  unison…. took a “pause” … at around 1 AM.
None of those  states  counted any additional votes for the next 3 hours.  So what did  they  do for those 3 hours?
Let me point out a couple of things:
1.  All of those 5 states have Democrat governors.
2.  Suddenly  during the 3 hour shut down, in the dead of night when most people were  sleeping, all those states found enough votes for Biden to catch  Trump.  5 for 5.
At midnight in Michigan, Trump was ahead by 5% (400  thousand votes) with 80% of the votes already counted.  When the next  10% of votes of about 400,000 were counted from Wayne County (Detroit),  then suddenly Biden caught Trump with 90% of the votes in.
Biden made  up 5% with 10% of the total vote.  That means that all the votes (close  to 100%) from Wayne went to Biden.  That also means that practically all  registered voters voted in Wayne County.
Does anyone believe any of  that is possible?  The same thing happened in Madison, Wis, In Raleigh,  NC, in Las Vegas, NV, and could be happening in Phil, Pa by Friday.
So  why did all those Democrat stronghold cities take a “pause” to report  their votes?
3.  Not  one pundit questioned why  a shut down in counting votes happened in  all those states simultaneously.  Not one. Not even on FOX.  Not one  questioned how almost all of the newly counted votes in those  battleground states went to Biden.
Only NewsMax pointed out the  coincidence of it happening in those 5 states with Democrat governors  with Trump ahead before the “pauses.”
4.  Wisc  is now reporting 3,239,920 votes cast when there are only 3,129,000  registered voters on record.   More people voted than actually  registered.
When questioned, the Democrat Sec of State says there are  3.6 million registered voters from late registrations.  Even if there  are 3.6 million registered voters, that means that 90% of them voted  when the average was 55 to 60% across the USA.  How did almost all votes  from Madison go for Biden?  Almost 100% of registered voters, not just  votes?  Did ballot harvesting happen?   How about in those other  battleground states?
5.  CNN,  FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS all refused to call the elections in Tx and Fla  until almost all votes were counted, yet FOX called Az only 30 minutes  after the polls closed with less than 50% of the votes.  Arizona had a  million outstanding votes in Republican Maricopa County with Biden ahead  in the state by only 100,000 when Az was called for Biden.
If  you think that the media cartel was hard at work demonizing Trump  for  the last 4 years … 94% negative Trump reports…. then it was in full  swing last night at protecting those Democrat governors in the  battleground states.
Think  about this for a moment:   “RESIST” by Democrats from the first day  that Trump was elected, recounts, no peaceful transition of power,  impeachment, 3 years of false accusations about Trump colluding with  Russia to affect the 2016 election, Mueller,  Comey/Clapper/Brennan  with the FISA requests and the Steele Dossier paid by Hillary Clinton,  22 FBI agents lost their jobs because of spying on Trump,  riots/looting/violence, continued polls that proved to  be wrong, $400  billion by Soros and Bloomberg for Biden,  Wall Street 4 to 1 in  donations to Biden, lack of coverage about the Bidens’ relationships  with China/Russia/Ukraine/Burisma, and then Covid, covid, covid around  the clock by the media …  with little mention of the record economic  and international results by Trump.
Covid  became the reason for the unsolicited mail out of ballots by Democrat  governors.  Covid was used to  scare voters and to distract them from  Trump accomplishments.  Covid was used as the reason to shut down  economies in Democrat run states.  Let’s see what happens with Covid now  that Democrats and the media no longer need it.
So  did those battleground states run by Democrats use ballot harvesting or  any other types of election fraud?  How did the vote tallies change so  dramatically after those Democrat governors “paused” in their election  counts in the dead of night?  In all 5 Democrat controlled battleground  states?  If the media, Democrats,  and deep state could be in such  collusion against Trump for 4 years, then how hard is it to question  collusion in ballot counting last night by those Democrat governors?
What  gets lost with a Biden election? for starters: any investigation of  Biden with Burisma and China, the Barr investigations, the Durham  investigations, the investigations of deep state players, and  Constitution integrity with DC as a state and with packing the Supreme  Court.  Democrats had lots on the line so they practiced “the end  justifies the means”  just as Alinsky instructed.  They cheated and the  media helped.
Who won the election? 
Average working Americans lost.  
Election integrity lost. 
No matter who won, America got less great.


and below is what he said on the 9th

Simon Parkes hits it out of the park.   This is solid.

01 Blockchain tracking absolutely  true. Special Signals Units were operating in each of the key states tracking all the ballots.
02 National Guard in 16 states federalized
03 Two US Generals overseeing counterintelligence probes in 16 states.
04 Recounts will be overseen by armed  guards (probably US Marshalls).
05 Pennsylvania will go to Trump.
06 Other states might yield 30-60 delivery drivers that will  testify for Guliani.
07 Thousands if not tens of thousands of dead people voting are killing them.
08 Deep State may be counting on manipulating the Supreme Court (e.g. Roberts who has long been suspected of being totally compromised).
09 First Lady totally on side, media is lying about her suggesting concession.
10 This is a public education campaign using Supreme Court as schoolhouse; this will destroy the “Satanic forces” including the media.
11 Trump and his team are certain he has 290 Electoral College votes.
12 November 26th (Thanksgiving) will be pivotal day toward closure.
13 9/11 started the movement toward draining the swamp.
14 Exact number of legal votes known across all contested stated. Court will hear HAMMER & SCORECARD and also demanding full audits.
15 Joe Biden does not have a clue.  He may really believe he won. Harris is probably well aware of all the skullduggery and was expecting to be President.

OH WOW… Q!!!


FROM INSIDERS I TRUST: The election fraud occurred in the states that used the Dominion Software Co. Florida, Texas, Iowa, etc did not use this software. Dem politicians have financial interests in this comp such as Pelosi & Feinstein! The fraud occurred when the vote count was stopped early in the am & the software kicked in. Gen Flynn’s lawyer, said over 450,000 votes were counted that had ONLY ONE BOX CHECKED.  All for Joe Biden. In 6 states at least, inc AZ,Nv, Penn, Mich, Penn, Wisc. Atty Sidney Powell.

Just Fox News & Fox Business as expected.  I saw it on Fox Business with Maria Bartiroma with Gen Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, a very respected trial & Supreme Coury ruling.  They have informants & affidavits now to present to courts which is why the Supreme Court stopped the processing in Penn.  Hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots came in at 3-4 am.  I think we’ll see a lot of action this week.  They are also recounting Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia where thousands of ballots came in late.  Remember, ballots counted in Penn until Friday DID NOT HAVE POSTMARKS. 4 election officials since 2016 have been convicted of voter fraud in Penn inc the highest state official.

(WATCH) Pennsylvania USPS Whistleblower Goes Public, Confirms Federal Investigation



BREAKING: Georgia Secretary of State Announces Recount (VIDEO)


HUGE! Corrupted Software Used in Michigan County that Stole 6,000 Votes from Trump — Is Also Used in ALL SWING STATES — PA, GA, NV, MI, WI, AZ, MN!





Inventor of SCORECARD… they used it to change the votes!


Rudy Guiliani RE ELECTION

Happening – A.G. Barr issued a directive to all U.S. Attorneys to use ARMED Federal agents to enforce court orders

Georgia secretary of state says ‘there will be a recount’ due to the razor-thin margin in election count

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks about early results from the 2020 U.S. presidential election in the East Room of the White House in Washington, U.S., November 4, 2020. REUTERS/Carlos Barria


America or “Banana Republic”? Voter Fraud ALERT! The USA is under attack!


Math Doesn’t Add Up In American Election Revealed To Be Intelligence Operation


Good day Fellow Patriot…

You can safely ignore the fake stuff coming out about Trump conceding. 
Not only do I know Bill Binney, Sidney Powell and Mike Flynn, but I have studied this matter. 
Not only did Trump win by a landslide, but all of the states where the massive fraud has been taking place have legislatures that the Republicans control. 
STATES determine the ELECTORS not the PUBLIC. 
There are two happy endings:
01 rock solid evidence of fraud sufficient to win at the Supreme Court while also sending some people to jail; and

02 legislators can bypass the public vote that has been rigged and directly nominate electors sworn to the President. 
New headlines:
Saturday 7 November PM
Sunday 8 November AM
Forward Together in Victory!
With best wishes always,
Robert David Steele

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