Gail Ross is my guest at 1pm PT on Wednesday, October 7, 2020.

See bio below.  


Gail Ross (Gail of Gaia). Gail is the host of the show FREE RANGE with GAIL of GAIA. Gail produces the program using varied skills acquired through a lifetime of experience. Her varied background in nutrition, publishing, public speaking and broadcasting serves her well in the production of an exciting and thought-provoking media gem. Gail makes every effort to have her finger on the pulse of humanity, and the planet, and seeks out guests that are most likely to add value to her listeners lives, wellness and fullness of being. Her multi-cultural background affords her a unique perspective in the many ways her labor of love can be a blessing to humanity and the planet. She is also humbled by the help and support of those around her and is the first to share the spotlight, and her heartfelt gratitude, with all those she works with and serves on air and in her daily life.

FREE RANGE Gail of Gaia – YouTube