Kerry is interviewed by Jean Claude from Beyond Mystic regarding the latest world events, Trump, Qanon and what is going on….


  1. Thank you for all your work Kerry! We targeted Individuals appreciate you. I am a monthly member also. Your book was awesome and I loved the William TOMPKIN interview. I’m glad u are still interviewing Mark Richards. God bless you and yours!
    C. Louden

  2. Dear Kerry thank you for all hard and heart work that you do for humanity and awakening process of humans. I have heard about BLACKROCK corporation that is supposedly behind this process of destroying big banks and assimilating them, that Trump said it is fourth part of USA govermnment. A force to be reconed with….do you know anything about Blackrock corp.? It seems to be a hudge player behind sceenes. I love your book and I am a monthly donator, because I admire your work so much. Will there be soon a Mark Richards new interview? Maybe Simon Parks too. Big hug from Slovenia.

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