KERRYS TRAVEL BLOG:  in Turkey right now they blocked me from going to Spain and Greece yesterday even though I quarantined in UK for 14 days… all Because I am American! even airline checkin didn’t know what to do with me!  they called someone in Amsterdam who told them I couldn’t even transit through France for 1 hour and a half to go to Ibiza…

And Greece also closed even though I filled in all health forms for Spain and Greece and they accepted them!

It’s not about covid it’s political EU versus U.S.!


  1. Kerry Please Keep SAFE Wherever You Are Traveling. I Know You’re A Super Duper Busy Woman and I Imagine You Have Places To Be and Bills To Pay, But In My Personal Oppinion Now is Not The Best Time To Be Traveling Out of Country, Please Keep Yourself Safe..

  2. so damn dismal. got ur message re Crrowguest,
    Contact info. not available for her, there is probably no greater target right than her. I fear for her life. Newsom, worse than ever. !damn , shutting the world down, what a feat, they accomplished it so easily. k

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