I had a very clear powerful dream last night that JFK Jr. is alive and I was talking with him and Trump all night long!

Whereas I don’t expect people to believe my dream there is ample evidence out there that JFK JR.  is alive coming from the white hats and others.  Do your own research and verify this.  It will be clear sometime in July according to “Q”.  JFK Jr. is Q…with a little help from his friends.






    i’ve heard the rumors that jfk jr. is Q…..
    if he is alive, this will shock the world, indeed!!!
    and… he is on trump side?? this means that both of them are free masons and belong to global elites…..although being lesser of two evils….compared to hilary , that is…..
    hmmm…… july, eh??

  2. Michele Dagostino on

    I grew up adoring JFK Jr. We were close in age and felt, as I’m sure many did, a special bond with him. I was devastated when I learned of the air plane crash..I’ve heard a great theory of how possibly an altitude bomb might have been discovered by Secret Service and maybe he allowed people to believe he died.. My heart would explode in joy if he came out from hidding!..From your dreams to my reality….? Anyway God bless you for the work that you do. You have helped so many people to expand beyond what they are told. Keep up the rebellion!

  3. From my own research and from what I feel, I believe JFK Jr is alive, is Q with friends in high places (wink wink) and that JFK Jr helped Princess Diana escape her planned sacrifice and have been prepping fro this here moment of global mass awakening.
    Amazingly awesome stuff going on right now to burst this global bubble we’ve been kept in for thousands of years. With you Kerry till the end.

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