I talk about my channel being demonetized and then about Trump, vaccines, the lockdown, masks and how Q and Trump are using game theory and the book ART OF WAR to strategize wresting power from the deep state/dark cabal.


  1. According to the X22 report, President Trump is taking the approach that will teach the people in the US what our politicians and MSM are doing through the actual experience of dealing with them in their respective states. An excellent plan because it does not rely on debate but on real life experience. If people are going to change witnessing their politicians and others do evil is likely to be successful especially since it appears no one can be trusted. Hence trust can be gained only via experience. Enlightening them a short time after this experience should work even better since people will have had the benefit of their experience.

  2. Trump doing something for someone besides himself? Come on now, if you really expect people to believe this shit you absolutely can not support trump. Or maybe you did inject the antiseptic into your veins!!!

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