BIO:  Timothy (Tim) Cohen is an internationally-known author, teacher, speaker, researcher, analyst and computer technologist. He wrote four years of high school computer programming curriculum for the Denver Public Schools (DPS) while in junior high and as a high school sophomore, was a Silicon Valley research intern with Atari at sixteen, took first place in the Colorado-Wyoming Science Talent Competition at eighteen, and was recognized for his early Computer Science work by the U.S. Department of Education, the Colorado State Board of Education, the Denver Public Schools’ Superintendents and Board of Education, and others. Cohen attended the USAF Academy (class of 1998), and served in the USAF.

He is a small business owner, IT professional and corporate officer. Cohen deals with prophecy, history, theology and exobiology. Called by God in 1987 to be “him who has understanding” (Rev 13:18), Cohen has researched and written prophetic and theological works (Rev 19:10). Additionally, he is now offering the world actual disclosure on complex exobiological life elsewhere in Earth’s solar system, among other startling related revelations.





  1. Their are giants ie Nephilam that live way out on Reservations. You can get a glimpse of them on Google Earth at the to new. We also have Sasquatch on PNW Reservations. Remember the giant found in (Kandahar) Not sure of spelling. In Iraq by US forces. It had killed a small recon squad of six soldiers. They sent a second squad to find the first squad. They are still here and hiding. Who are the Sasquatch? Are they the Neanderthals? Are they alien race? Here we n PNW they are more aggressive that others. I hear in Alaska they are quite bold too. We are lied to about everything. Until…. there is truth and public disclosure….. how can we fight back? We live here and have a right to much more knowledge than given. The many will perish for the knowledge of the few. It’s wrong! Disclosures before it’s too late.

    Isn’t Meghan Markle & Harry”s alleged Archie is antichrist? I say thus because; Meghan”s first name is Rachel. Rachel means spotted. Is t she the spotted ewe in Revelation? She is half black/white. She also used spell casting on her wedding veil. She had the UK Commonwealths and the United States stitched on her veil. This was a form of Black Magick. Spell casting as I believe Archie will ascend the throne and she wants to be US president. Can you imagine? The entire weddings ng ceremony was demonic and held in demonic buildup ng. That veil took a long time to make. This evil demonic union was planned for sometime. Meghan was chosen from the Darkness. Harry announcement of the birth in stable, between black horses, he stated Archie was to die for. The Mail on Sunday paper carried headline…”to die for.” Meaning Archie. Meghan may not be the real biological mother. We know she didn’t birth him. They have little to no involvement with the baby. Is he being raised by the Darkness? MK Ultra to get him ready. There were a few other points to mention. I can’t recall them. Each time, I posted online my posts were removed.

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