Article/Notes:  by Kerry Cassidy

April 20, 2020


The whole thing is a farce of epic proportions. But they have an endgame in mind.

1. War with China

2. Economic reset:  global economic meltdown prior to the reset.

3. Release of a digital currency. 

The question is why?  How does taking the system down facilitate the move to a new digital currency? 

a.  Takedown of various players, levels the playing field (this is a fight at the top of several factions).  A few key factions are:

-the P2 Lodge/Vatican,



-TRUMP AND TEAM which includes 5-eyes (with Canada    currently in play),


The above factions are working together in some cases and a mixture where team loyalties merge, diverge and fluctuate.

b.   All of the above leads to what some may call inescapable from integration with the global AI which is the New World Order.

4. Forced vaccines/tests collecting human DNA worldwide and linkup to world AI for tracking and control.   TOOL:  YOUR HEALTH — invade your personal sovereignty to threaten your FREEDOMS.  Typical Draco approach.  Massive rise in invasive medical tech.  They create the problem (virus-bioweapon) then devise the so-called “test” and “cure”.  DOCTORS ARE PART OF THE SYSTEM. 

5.RISE OF BORG CONSCIOUSNESS…false beliefs surrounding science/viruses is the tool they use to threaten you… VIRUS IS METAPHOR FOR INVASION.

6. Hannity on Fox News rightly said that although most businesses lost money big Pharma did not… Pharma-related stocks and research dominates markets.  Big Pharma-surveillance tech-AI link is unavoidable.  BLACK ROCK …refugees, displaced humans invade more stable societies and destabilize for preparation for invasion.

7. The AI-medical-tech funded-economy is focused on more ways to experiment on humans and create cross-species chimeras.

8. On the ground worldwide market research on how to control BILLIONS of people.  Will it work?  Answer YES it has…with the required DEATH THREAT from a manufactured “virus” —coupled with the right degree of propaganda —nonstop programming through the media and gov “officials” as well as “medical experts (CDC/WHO). RESULT:  A WORLDWIDE RACE OF COMPLIANT OBEDIENT LOCKED DOWN SLAVES. 

9. The NECESSARY INGREDIENT:  INVISIBLE POTENTIALLY LIFE THREATENING  AGENT AKA VIRUS that is decipherable only by the medical “experts” that humans already turn their power over to… so-called DOCTORS and the replacement “god” of religion “science”.   Humans replace one false god “religion” with another “science”.  Relinquish your “health” = relinquishing your sovereignty

Summary:  AT THE END OF THE DAY.  It’s a battle over who runs the NWO one world government.. 

And in order to achieve the NWO/One World AI –  they need to devise or select a COMMON ENEMY… The elite believe that HUMANS HAVE TO UNITE BEHIND A COMMON ENEMY.. this is COMING…(see my videos/articles on the fake/real alien invasion, Randy Cramer and Project Blue Beam.

The elite know that ALIENS who currently DEAL WITH EARTH USE THE DIVIDE AND CONQUER method to get what they want and won’t be stopped…until we have a one world government.  Some form of global representative body (not the UN!) Of course former President Reagan talked about this.

Although infiltration and takeover could still happen, even with a one world committee or group in charge they could still be infiltrated and taken over individually at any time.

How the actual “infection” worldwide has happened is still not completely clear.  WHAT IF YOU FOUND OUT THE “VIRUS” WASN’T CONTAGIOUS?  WHAT IF YOU FOUND OUT THEY LIED? WHAT IF YOU FOUND OUT THEY SPRAYED A SMALL CONCENTRATED GROUP IN STRATEGIC PLACES and that the virus wasn’t contagious through human contact at all? This is only one way the global contagion could have happened.

What is clear is the so-called virus does not perform like any known viruses and may not actually be a virus. 

NEW DATA SUGGESTS it is engineered by an AI or involves AI components.

EMPTY HOSPITALS, EMPTY EMERGENCY ROOMS…GUESS MOST OF AMERICA DIDN’T GET THE MEMO!!! Humans need to stop giving their power away to so-called “authority figures” and realize they have all their answers inside them!… MASKS ARE MUZZLES GET RID OF THEM!!!!!!

The Structure of Society on Earth

People have been taught to think that aliens such as Draco, Reptilians and Greys are so far out there they don’t need to be considered when looking at the current fake pandemic and global economic takedown. 

Most people don’t see the connection.  The connection is to the GLOBAL PEDOPHILE NETWORK that involves things like blood drinking, adrenocrome, human torture, slavery, cannabalism, vampirism and so on.  This is the connection to the Reptialian/Draco overlords that rule the Illuminati secret societies, Hollywood and the elite. 


This film give a good overview of the very real problem.



People think Qanon and Trump’s behind the scenes drive to arrest pedophiles is some kind of psyop or joke.  But it is very real. And it goes to the root of the problem not only in the halls of government or Hollywood but everywhere here on Earth.

If you understand that our GLOBAL POWER STRUCTURE IS COMPLETELY COMPROMISED AND RUN BY Draco and Reptilians and their human descendants and servants, who feed on humans and require them as PREY you begin to see the problem.  This is not going away!

Defeating the so-called “virus” or bringing on a new currency is not the answer.

Do you think that Hollywood is the only seat of this insatiable diabolical need?  The desire of humans to live long lives and stay beautiful for as long as possible?  This is the drive of the military industrial complex.  It is what drives BIG PHARMA and it’s success.  It is what makes older people addicted to their doctors.  It is why humans worship science as they would a god.  They all seek the same thing.  But only those at the very top have access to what they think will supply them with power, youth, longevity and beauty.  But they are wrong.

What they seek is what every yogi has been taught.  And by the way, yogis too are a secret elitist society.  They know the truth behind human powers, youth and longevity.  The only true source of unlimited access to youth, longevity, and enlightenment is through activation of kundalini energy also known as orgone in the West which leads to enlightenment.  This is the key and the biggest secret. 

Vampires/Draco and Reptilians feed off the energy of humans to access this one thing.  It is what most think of as a mysterious power that starts at the base of the spine and winds like a snake of light up through the chakras and out through the crown of the head. Kundalini, orgone or Vril — it is all the same thing. And for as long as humanity uses false means to access this power they will continue to fall prey to predators.  And yet it is the birthright of every human on Earth.  And it is why the young and the most magnetic are the preferred PREY of the pedophiles, Dracos, Reptilians and Greys.

The only way off this wheel of addiction is through self realization and development of your own kundalini activation.  It requires meditation and spiritual discipline to learn to bring this energy you possess at the base of the spine up through the crown chakra.  As the Illuminati know this energy can be brought forth through pain and torture and sex. 

But until society comes to terms with understanding that what all humans seek can only be found within (our connection to Source) and as long as the power over others paradigm exists on Earth we will continue to have vampiric, pedophiles and domination/predator-prey structures emerge among us.

If you want to stop child/human trafficking and feeding seduction practices you need to go to the root.

The current virus is a mental emotional physical sickness at the root of the desire nature within humans.  Those in positions of power feed off the orgone energy of the young (who have it in abundance).  Not all the riches in the Universe can supplant this insatiable need.  It is an addiction that in whatever form it takes will not be mastered until the human realizes that they are the true source of the power. 

And this is where the artificial intelligence enters the picture.  Because although the secret space program can create a body that does not age or have needs that will not solve the problem.  What they want is to live in the pain-pleasure dimension.  Rather than transcending their desire nature they wish to wallow in it.  This is where the elite are stuck in an ever devolving cycle that ultimately requires them to become vampires and parasites.  They continually require energy from outside themselves in order to survive and thrive. 

Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

This has happened before.  Just one example.

How the British Government subjected thousands of people to chemical and biological warfare trials during Cold War. — Porton Down, Salisbury UK Chemical and Biological

…”In more than 750 secret operations, hundreds of thousands of ordinary Britons were subjected to ‘mock’ biological and chemical warfare attacks launched from aircraft, ships and road vehicles.

Up until now historians had thought that such operations had been much less extensive. The new research, carried out by Ulf Schmidt, Professor of Modern History at the University of Kent, has revealed that British military aircraft dropped thousands of kilos of a chemical of ‘largely unknown toxic potential’ on British civilian populations in and around Salisbury in Wiltshire, Cardington in Bedfordshire and Norwich in Norfolk.”

And another excerpt:

…”In 1954, the British government sent Cold War biological warfare scientists to an area of sea near an uninhabited island in the Bahamas  to release clouds of dangerous Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis viruses. These organisms were capable of causing, in humans, high fever, long term fatigue, headaches and occasionally death.

The new research reveals, for the first time, that  in another British imperial possession, Nigeria, a location was found for chemical warfare field trials. In an area called  Obanaghoro in southern Nigeria, four British Cold War scientific missions spent a total of around 15 months dispersing, and assessing the effects of, large quantities of experimental nerve gas weapons. The advantage of the location was that it permitted field trials to be carried out in a tropical environment – and, of course, that it was not in Britain or Australia. The extent that local people (including locally employed field trial personnel) were affected by the nerve agents is not known.”

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