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Parsa, Cyrus. AI, TRUMP, CHINA & THE WEAPONIZATION OF  ROBOTICS WITH 5G: How China, Western AI and Robotics Corporations Pose the Greatest Threat to People via Bio-Digital Social Programming & Why Support Trump? . THE AI ORGANIZATION. Kindle Edition.

Cyrus Parsa

Cyrus A Parsa, CEO Cyrus A. Parsa is the Founder and CEO of The AI Organization, Loyal Guardian Security and The Social Programming Institute. All created to assist in making our society safer and better. Cyrus has a Bachelors in International Security & Conflict Resolution, and a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security. He is an expert in China-Iran affairs, and has consulted on Human-Organ Tracking, Anti-Terrorism, Vulnerability, Risk, Asset Management and Emerging Threats to governments, agencies, people and organizations. He lived in the mountains of China with flighting monks as a youth. 20 years of hidden research, and development, with a network of thousands of Chinese and Westerners, allowed for great insight into the threats we face from China, Iran and the Western interconnectivity. Cyrus’s discoveries have led him to coin the new concepts of “The AI Global Bio-Digital Network, The Human Bio-Digital Network, Bio-Digital Social Programming, Bio-Digital Field, Bio-Matter, Rape-Mind, Bio-Digital Hybrid Sexual Assault & Micro-Botic Terrorism” to explain how the dangers we face, and all the trouble we find ourselves in, are rooted in these almost imperceptible elements that are now connecting with AI, Society, Smart Phones, IoT, and Robotics through one platform. Within this platform, Cyrus found extinction codes.

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Cyrus A. Parsa, 
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  1. Kerry I just listened to your masters interview with Cyrus and it was difficult to get through. Your being aggressive with a guy who seems on the spectrum, stressing him and making it difficult for him to speak. I tuned in to listen to him and his world view, not have you try to aggressively fit him into yours. I know your views because I listen to your interviews where your given space and time to talk unmolested by the interviewer. Please afford your guests the same respect. I love what project Camelot is doing but this type of behavior will turn away guests and viewers.

  2. Thank you Kerry, for the amazing guest and the amazing interview.

    Does the ” AI created virus” replication occur inside the cell or outside?

    Would you, Mr Parsa, write a book about your experiences at the Chinese Temple?

    Would you also open a school and teach people how to open the 10, 000 energy channels and other Jedi-like skills?

    I would preorder the book and become a student immediately; so would many others. The times may require it. I just hope we all have the wisdom to use the results ethically.

    I am going to watch the interview again, take notes and download the book.

    Be well everyone.



    PS: I sent a small one time donation to your website, Terry via PayPal.

  3. I disagree with this dude that ANYONE needs to just sit in their homes. The ‘lockdown’ is illegal and very unnecessary. This guy does not know what he is talking about. We need to just go about our business and maintain the principles of good health. I categorically reject any solution that states people should ‘shelter in place.’ The Covid-19 ‘virus’ per se is a hoax and there are a host of other viruses and pathogens that can bring about the same responses in the elderly or immuno-compromised people. This is a sad chapter in human history. Humans have the innate capability of defeating any AI.

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