DO YOU KNOW A DOCTOR?    PROPOSED PANEL OF DOCTORS AND WITNESSES:   I am in contact with a number of doctors and others who have come forward to talk about why the Government’s approach to this so-called virus is wrong.  As you know putting the control in the hands of STATE GOVERNORS is turning out to be VERY DANGEROUS with regard to our human rights.

I assume you saw this move by the Judge in Michigan:

I live in California and the lockdown continues here threatening our lives and right to work jeopardizing us leading to a situation worse than the market crash of 1929.

What we need is a panel of DOCTORS to counter the LIES OF FAUCI AND BIRX and to get Trump to remove these lockdowns regardless of the politics of various state governors who are quickly becoming despots.

The following doctors have come forward calling out the lies and faulty science being used to continue the lockdowns.  We know the tests are also faulty and give no real information regarding actual infection.  We also know this is a bioweapon and is not contagious counter to what is being pushed out there.

Doctors who have come forward that I am aware of: (all those listed here are going to be invited to join the panel however I have only heard back from Dr. Young, so far).  I still need help reaching a few of those listed below.

Dr. Rashid Buttar

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell

Dr. Robert Young

Dr. Judy Mikovits (American Researcher) on Coronavirus

Dr. Tenpenny

Dr. Shiva

Dr. Annie Bukacek

We would like to put together a panel discussion and I am offering to host it via my channel.  I would like to invite you to join us and I am wondering if you have contact with other doctors or witnesses that could be included?  I would need their contact info etc.  Or you can simply forward this email to them.  CONTACT:  [email protected]  or skype:  snowjaguar




Perspectives on the Pandemic | Professor Knut Wittkowski | Episode 2




  1. Erik De Corte on

    Probably allready on your radar but i watched the newest u-tube on David Icke’s channel with a re-post of a clear powerpoint presentation + comment of Dr. Andrew Kaufman, a source used for some time now considering the current ‘CV19 event’on Icke’s channel (one of wich allready been removed by tube but watchable on bitchute). Went to his personal u-tube channel to get the original link :
    Might want to add him to the list.

  2. They tried to drum the same hype up about the swine flu “pandemic” back in 2009 where WHO threatened / tried to force the H1N1 swine flu vaccination on populations. When listening to the video “Jane Burgermeister: Investigating the Swine Flu “Pandemic”, sounds like she could be talking about today.

  3. Theirs an article with short interview, “Doctors can place COVID-19 on death certificates without confirmed test results, Minnesota Senator says”. Senator Scott Jensen who is also a practicing physician informs us.

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