By Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

March 24, 2020

(This article is speculative and contains information from secret sources, intuition and research.  It is an ongoing investigation). 

If you take a look at these two charts you can see the reason for the global shutdown stems from a global monetary system imbalance due in part to the vast amount of debt the U.S. owes China.  There is a distinct possibility, that in order to get paid, China and the Illuminati released a virus that caused the worldwide shutdown to force a global reset in which everything stops until the U.S. pays at least part of its debt to China.  And what China wants in payment is gold…real gold.


Then if you look at which country has the most gold you will see it is at least on paper, the U.S. (although this may not be true)… due to “off-balance-sheet gold” and hidden gold such as the mountain of gold discovered in Romania.  That discovery is detailed in the book by Radu Cinamar titled, INSIDE EARTHNote: with regard to the mountain of gold in Romania, the U.S. is now building a military base nearby to safeguard that ‘asset’.  Quietly.

Regardless, China knows the U.S. has substantial gold reserves and so it knows the U.S. can pay its debt in gold.  It is also key that the reason countries like China and Russia are mining and buying gold like crazy right now is that gold is a key component not only for use in space travel but also in going interdimensional.  This is known by the secret space program and experiments have been done along these lines.

Back to the release of the virus.  There is reason to believe that the virus was simultaneously released in several countries in various forms… along with another more deadly virus released only in China hiding under cover of the COVID19. (See the information released by the Chinese Party whistleblower).

The release of the virus facilitated several key agenda items (of the Powers-that-be/ aka Illuminati and their ET handlers…

  1. It allowed for a global halt so a reset of the entire economic ‘game’ where at the restart the power would be in the hands of China versus the U.S.
  2. It allowed for a house-cleaning of vulnerable segments of world populations to be eliminated over a relatively short period of time.
  3. It allowed for rapid secret deployment of 5G in schools, and other centralized places around the globe without oversight while people were confined to work at home.
  4. It has allowed demand for a world digital currency pegged to the dollar to rise to the forefront.  Also allowing for a temporary currency that could be “sanitized” as a transitional move from cash to digital exclusively.
  5. It has allowed troops to go into cities worldwide innocently appearing to be there to stabilize during the virus. With the added element that when the move to digital is completed quickly, which will be said to be necessary, due to the contagion factor of regular cash, it would allow for the positioning of troops in place to handle potential rioting over the monetary moves.
  6. There is the chance that with the reset and digital currency could allow the controllers to reap some margin of profit that puts all people at a disadvantage where their money is not worth the same amount as before. If that happens rioting is sure to occur but could be severely self-limited by people who are afraid of “infecting” others and so might have less tendency to hit the streets.
  7. At this time more than any other the U.S. (due to Romania for example) is in a position to pay back the debt in gold and China has an insatiable need to become a space-faring nation and must have real gold to do so.
  8. The status of the arrests is unclear in this scenario.  But they are said to be a motivation for U.S. troops to invade places like Europe and the UK (home of the Luciferian/pedophiles) but whether they will be successful is still unclear.  See Qanon, Trump/whitehats/JFKjr. War at the top within the Illuminati (East/West) and within the Secret Space Program between white hats/black hats and various groups of ETs vying for dominance.
  9. It allows for the insertion of nano particles via a vaccine (and possibly even the covid19 test, with the objective to infect a majority of humans linking them to a global AI that will then control them and be able at the push of a button to incapacitate everyone all at once, upon command.  Note:  This information was supplied by a deep source involved in the secret space program. My theory is that these nano particles are already in our bodies and bloodstream via chemtrails that have been littering our skies for the past 20 years worldwide.  Those chemtrails contain nano and other particulates including aluminum and barium which are known to weaken the human immune system making humanity vulnerable to any virus and especially a flu-like virus (respiratory illness) that can be activated and aggravated by 5G.
  10. Allows the controllers to do a test roll-out of a worldwide subsistence level wage in preparation for the coming days when AI runs everything and humans are no longer needed to go to work on a daily basis.
  11. There is also the fact that Italy is in a high degree of debt to China and may, in theory, at this time, be required to pay some of their debt in gold.  Which is why Italy is one of the hardest hit by the virus.

This paper is not meant to cover the entire agenda and background of the controllers or their agenda or the ‘war at the top’ which is at work behind the scenes…. See Kerry’s book REBEL GENE: Secret Space and The Future of Humanity and the Camelot videos and website for more information…

Trump is stating he wants us back in business by Easter… a fitting date considering the sacrifice being made to comply with the demands…



  1. Just so depressing. God, whoever you are, please help mankind and all benevolent beings in the cosmos… deliver us from this terrible evil, amen

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