This is the 2nd interview with me by Robert David Steele.

Robert David Steele, is a futurist and applied intelligence expert who founded the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence and former CIA officer. In this interview he asks Kerry 7 main questions regarding ETs, the secret space program and more…


  1. Kerry , last night i listened to 2 shows your interview with Mr. Steele and Missing 411 David Paulides, what struck me about Missing 411 is Mr. Paulides has done alot of investigations into people mysteriously disappering later to be found dead in or by water with no clues as to why. He has written books and videos all ending with no answers. It really sounds like these missing people have been abducted for their souls. In short maybe you 2 can get together to discuss your research . Thank you ✌

  2. I like the 30 minute talk too. This interview was great. Kerry was fabulous, direct and told the truth about what’s really going on. She gives me hope for the future even with all the challenges that r up. Blessings, ❤️

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