January 26, 2020


SEAN DAVID MORTON:  MOTION FOR COMPASSIONATE RELEASE —PLEASE HELP!!  JAN 26, 2020.- SEAIN IS A POLITICAL PRISONER BEING HELD IN UNSAFE CONDITIONS AND TORTURED IN A US PRISON FOR HIS KNOWLEDGE OF THE ET SITUATION AND TIME TRAVEL  REVEALED IN HIS BOOKS “SANDS OF TIME“.  3 Volume set. A whistleblower account (fiction based on fact) of the real Secret Space Program and its origins.  Highly Recommended–Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

 Update for Sean as follows:

Dear friends and family,

  As most of you are aware Sean was supposed to appear in LA court Nov 18th before he was thrown in solitary at the Tuscon facility, and then dragged away to Big Spring Texas.  All of this has only served to delay his legal case and we are trying to recover from this setback and get Sean’s Motion for Compassionate Release back on the Court docket, since it was removed due to his failure to appear.  What follows is an affidavit to be attached to that Motion that explains in Sean’s own words what has happened to him over these many long days, weeks and months.

 We are all appalled and horrified by the treatment Sean has received and concerned for his safety.  Through Sean’s experience we are able to see the bigger picture and vindictive nature of the Department of Justice acting as agents of coercion for the Title 62 Company otherwise known as the Internal Revenue Service.

 The profit motive behind the Bureau of Prisons and their willful ignorance and circumvention of of The First Step Act signed into law by President Trump in January, 2019, by which means Sean should have been released to Supervised Home Confinement last October.

 We are not asking for any additional funds at this time, only to please keep Sean in your prayers and meditations for his health, well being and immediate release.

 It’s a strange universe, …and we just work here.

All is one
Life has purpose
God is love  


 -team Sean




            My case manager at the Tucson Satellite Prison Camp (SPC), Eric Romero, made the following statements to me when he was informed that I was eligible for release under the new FIRST STEP ACT and REVISED SECOND CHANCE ACT on October 1, 2019:

            “If I let you go, I don’t get paid.”

“If the BOP lets you go and you go out and murder somebody, then it is the BOP’s fault. If the COURT lets you go and you go out and murder somebody, it’s the Court’s fault. So don’t expect any help from us.”

“You are doing everything right by writing a letter to the Wardeness and going through the Courts, cuz you won’t get any help from us.”

“Don’t think you are getting out of here like RON MORGAN did (USA v Ronald Gene Morgan) even though the same thing happened to you, because he has money and lawyers and powerful friends on the outside.”

            However, from the moment I filed my motion for Compassionate Release I was hunted, targeted and singled out by agents of the S.I.S. (Special Investigative Services).

            In a huge dorm of over 160 men, two, sometimes three, SIS agents tore apart my personal locker at my bunk, and my legal locker over in the Administrative Services building. When they would find nothing, in anger or retaliation, they would take a clearly marked brown paper bag full of medication issued by the pharmacy for my Type 1 diabetes and extremely high blood pressure. They even took the eye patch issued by the ophthalmologist claiming it was part of an “escape kit disguise.”  

            I wrote several B.P.-8 complaint forms for harassment by the SIS, submitted them to my case manager Eric Romero–which subsequently disappeared.

            After my MOTION FOR COMPASSIONATE RELEASE was filed with the Court, I sought out a lawyer for representation, as I had done all the work and only needed someone to appear in court at the hearing for me in Los Angeles, rather than the horrible experience of being shackled hand and foot on a bus to L.A. for 12 hours, which I did not think my health could take. I contacted Brianna Mirchef at the Los Angeles Public Defenders office. Ms. Mirchef and her PD colleagues, like the brain trust at the DOJ Prosecutors office, apparently failed to even read the FSA, and told me I had not done my “Administrative Procedure”. When I told her she was wrong, and that I had 47 other FSA cases that said so, she said that no one in her office was interested in appearing for me, denying me, yet again, my 6th Amendment right to representation.

            This forced me to now act as my own attorney and solicitor. An email account was setup for me in order to gather evidence for the court in the form of letters of support from my friends.

            Both my case manager Eric Romero and wardeness Barbara Von Blankensee were informed verbally and in writing that my response to the Prosecutor’s answer was due October 25, 2019, and of my court hearing on November 18, 2019.

            On October 11, 2019, I sent an email out to everyone on my BOP pre-approved email list asking my friends and family to send letters of support for my motion to Judge Wilson, stating their names, occupations, how I had affected their lives and why they thought I should be released.

            Later that day, I phoned my friend and former radio show producer Jeremy Peron in Scotland. We talked about the good old days of Strange Universe Radio, that I hoped to get back to it soon, and could he get the word out that I needed letters of support.  Mr. Peron no longer runs a radio network or currently has a radio show, but he did have an email list of friends and supporters of the show.

            Contact WITH THE MEDIA is permitted under the LAW and all the BOP rules and regulations, as long as an inmate doesn’t PROFIT from those contacts, which I NEVER HAVE. I have turned DOWN offers of interviews with the New York Times, the LA TIMES and the Washington Post. And I was FORCED to “SOLICIT” these materials for the COURT on my OWN since I was denied representation by the LA Public Defender’s office.


            In revenge and retaliation for filing my a COMPASSIONATE RELEASE motion and soliciting my friends and family for Letters of Support to be used as evidence for this Court, the DOJ and the BOP gave me 55 days of solitary confinement and shipped me to a “PUNISHMENT PRISON”, a low security facility run like a USP, 1100 miles away from my home, my family, my friends, my support group and my religious community, in direct violation of the orders of this Court. I must tell this story so the Court can know what this motion and the dozens of letters of support I have gathered have cost me.

            At 7:11 PM, October 11, 2019, as I was typing my response to the DOJ/Prosecutors answer to my motion due October 25, on the SPC Dorm computer, I was attacked and “arrested” by agents of the SIS.

            I was transported to the US Penitentiary complex where I was confronted and accosted by a stocky, short, bald SIS Lieutenant and his goon squad, all of whom had removed the nametags from their “stab vests”. He shoved and literally assaulted me by rubbing a piece of paper into my face. “You are accused of violating your sentencing agreement by illegally contacting the media! How do you plead? HA! I don’t care! I find you GUILTY AS CHARGED! Your ass is mine now fat boy! Don’t worry, you’ll look like an Ethiopian by the time I’m done with you. OH!” He looked at the paper, “you have a PhD? A DOCTOR? OOO! Good! I love breaking smart ass campers like you!”

            To say the least, I was completely petrified and terrorized. My case is currently ON APPEAL, so there was no “Sentencing agreement” for me to violate! I was being ridiculed, threatened with anal rape and starvation, all the while wondering what I had done to bring this down upon myself. I knew the DOJ had a grudge against me, but I never dreamed they would stoop to THIS!

            I was pushed into a small office, where I was shoved back and forth between five black clad goons with no name badges. They winched and “chicken winged” my arms behind my back, and as I screamed in pain they laughed as one of them said, “You’re in REAL prison NOW YOU FAT BOY CAMPER! If you pull back…we get to KILL YOU!”

            They painfully cuffed my hands on the tightest setting, cutting off my circulation then threw me in a concrete slab cell with no toilet or water, uncuffed me and ordered me to strip naked where they confiscated all my clothes. I was left this way for nearly 30 minutes, until a prison orderly, out of pity, finally tossed me some boxer shorts.

            When I begged for some water and to use a rest room, I was handcuffed again and left that way for another 30 minutes or so. Finally I was uncuffed, tossed a new set of orange clothes, cuffed again, and marched into the bowels of the USP prison to the S.H.U.-Special Housing Unit, where I was pushed into a solitary confinement 14 x 8 cell where I was “bolted in” and would spend the next 55 days of my life, with all my meals being pushed through a sally port in the door.

            I was allowed to make one phone call and then denied all phone calls after that. All of my requests to see a doctor were denied, any and all exercise or outside activity was not allowed.  Worse, I was denied my glasses and I am now totally blind in my right eye and legally blind in my left…so I could not even READ!! I received one letter and package of material, which included a copy of the FIRST STEP ACT. My friends tried to send me a BP-8 to appeal my DHO sentence, but that letter was returned, and all further mail after that was returned. I wrote letters to THIS COURT, including motions to COMPEL to stop my transfer, and letters to the head of INTERNAL AFFAIRS for the BOP in Washington, DC. All my mail was destroyed, as none of it reached its destinations, making all of them guilty of the major felony of tampering and destroying the US MAIL.

            On October 18, 2019, I saw D.H.O.-Disciplinary Hearing Office Torres. He accused me of misuse of my e-mail, mis-use of the telephone, contacting the media and that $14.00 cash was found in my legal locker “…for use in the purchase of contraband.” I protested everything I did gathering letters of support and evidence for the court, and I had every right under the law and BOP codes and regulations to do what I did, that this was all a set up and a total farce! Even the wording of the “$14 cash for the use of the purchase of contraband” shot, assumed a conclusion before the fact, though no “contraband” was found, was proof that I was set up, and their SIS agents planted it there, no doubt under the direction of the DOJ to do anything to stop my motion for release. I informed him my ANSWER was due to the Court on October 25, 2019, and that I was to APPEAR in Los Angeles on November 18, 2019, and I needed to know what he was going to do about that. I was totally ignored. I was sentenced to 15 more days in the SHU and 30 days with no computers, commissary or phones. I demanded paperwork then and there to appeal this travesty. “Get it from your case manager”, who refused to ever give it to me.

            Every day I slid notes through the door and demanded a BP-8 form to protest my DHO ruling. I was ignored, in blatant violation of the LAW and all BOP rules of due process, which I should have expected as a purely political prisoner.

            I got a single visit from my case manager Eric Romero, who peered at me through the glass slit in the door. “You KNEW I had a response due to the Court on October 25 and a hearing in Los Angeles on November 18!” He literally laughed in my face and said, “Well…I guess you should have got a LAWYER!” He also said that nothing I had done had “raised my “points”, meaning I still should have still been at the camp, but I was still being shipped to a LOW facility within 500 miles of Los Angeles. This was a lie, as I am now 1100 miles from home. I asked why?

            “I guess so they can keep an eye on you,” he said.

            I asked, “From doing WHAT? Getting evidence for my case making sure the Court doesn’t let me go?”

            He laughed in my face again.

            Finally on December 10, 2019, I was chained hand and foot, put on a plane and flown to a transfer center in Oklahoma City. While there I finally spoke to a counselor who, after checking my spotless record, was also mystified by why I was being moved and exactly WHAT I had done wrong. However, he finally got me two BP-10 forms to protest my DHO sentence, which I filled out and submitted to him, but have heard nothing since.

            Shackled hand and foot for transport again for a 10 hour bus ride, an overnight stay in Lubbock–only to finally be delivered to what is considered the most violent, drug and gang ridden “low” prison in the BOP system in BIG SPRING, Texas, 1100 miles from my home, my family, my friends, my religious community–all in violation of the orders of this Court and in massive violation of the FIRST STEP ACT.

            BIG SPRING is a horrible, ramshackle ghetto. Like an episode of “LOCKED UP ABROAD” it is one of the worst prisons in the fed system and is where the BOP/DOJ flushes all its problems. It is considered a “PUNISHMENT PRISON” for both inmates and staff. I met my new case manager and three times he asked me, “Why are you here? There is no reason that I can see as to why you were transferred from a camp within 500 miles from your home to this place, 1100 miles away.” I still have only 3 points, and my record is exemplary.

            My apologies to the Court for this epic tale of woe, and my thanks for its indulgence, but the Court must be made aware of the lengths the DOJ/BOP will go in order to keep a high profile POLITICAL PRISONER such as myself behind bars. I have gone from a NO SECURITY, NO FENCE CAMP with doctors, lawyers, hedge fund managers, and grandsons of presidents and movie producers to a PRISON where I am surrounded by sex offenders, child molesters, terrorists and those guilty of everything from major drugs and gun crimes to conspiracy to commit murder. I fear for my life every day I am here.

            With this affidavit I had hoped to show the DOJ/BOP will stoop to any dirty trick, totally ignoring the orders and wishes of this Court, and break the law of the FIRST STEP ACT to keep me imprisoned. As when the EXECUTIVE BRANCH stops obeying the will and wishes of the Courts and the JUDICIAL BRANCH, then it is the end of the rule of law and anarchy and chaos are the end result.

DATED: January 27, 2020

Dr. Sean-David Morton, PhD.


FCI Big Spring

Federal Correctional Instution

1900 Simler Ave.

Big Spring, TX  79720



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