Latest update :  AS OF JAN 4, 2020

Sean’s new mailing address to write.

Sean Morton #73055-112
FCI Big Spring
Federal Correctional Institution
1900 Simler Ave
Big Spring, TX. 79720


Sean is in the Oklahoma transfer center and has not yet arrived in Big Spring TX.

Here is info to send money to him:

Via Western Union:
Account Number: 73055112Morton
Attention Line: Sean David Morton
Code City is always: FBOP, DC

From Sean:

Dear Friends and family,

As you know I have been drafting a motion for release under the new laws and rules of the Trump Administration’s FIRST STEP ACT.

Part of what is necessary and proper as evidence to present to the Court for my release are letters of friendship and support from all of you. this is NOT me trying to “contact the media”. It is my personal PLEA to all of you, as my family and close circle of friends for your charity and help.

You can send you EMAIL responses to:

This is what you need to do:

1. Dear Judge Stephen V. Wilson
2. What it is you do for a living.
3. How knowing me as affected you and your life….
4. Why you think I should be released.

That is it. And it is as easy as an email to:

Melissa will attach these letters to the motion for release and sentence reduction or commutation.

Right now I am at the Oklahoma Fed. transfer facility on my way to Big Springs, Texas, which is 1100 miles from my home and family. My email was turned off for a while…sorry about that….but I will let you know what is going on once I get settled where I am going.

My APPEAL is still pending with the 9th Circuit court to overturn all of this…and from out of the blue, President Donald Trump and THE WHITE HOUSE ordered all my records from the BOP and are looking into my case and what is being done to me.

This is my darkest hour. I dearly and truly NEED your help, and this is what you can do to help make all of this right.

Infinite Blessings on you all,

Sean Morton


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