Jeff Daugherty is my guest today @ 1pm PT.  We will talk about his background as a Christian Minister, author and broadcaster.  See below for bio.

Jeff Daugherty’s Channel:
“UNINDOCTRINATE YOURSELF!  Jeffrey Daugherty is a Bible College graduate and former 20-year minister with over 100,000 hours of biblical study.  During his ministry, he saw what he identified as cracks in the foundation of Big Time Religion, which led him to conclude that we have been subjected to 2,000 years of suppression and manipulation by a fear and guilt-based control matrix. Daugherty has now dedicated his life to providing as much unbiased information as possible to assist people in deciding matters of faith. Mark Twain said it is easier to fool someone than to convince them they’ve been fooled.  As The Christian Whistleblower, Jeffrey is not going to stop trying!  He is an author, speaker, radio personality with multiple appearances on Coast to Coast AM and The Power Hour, and a proud father, grandfather and US Air Force veteran.


Jeffrey Daugherty
The Christian Whistleblower
@Unindoctrinate on Twitter
daugherty_jeffrey on Instagram
Unindoctrinate Yourself!
History is written by the winners.  Let’s get busy winning today and write a better tomorrow. “

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