This is my 2nd interview with the scientist Laki (Ilija Lakicevic) and his partner Tim Sandars in their company Omnia Radiation Balancer.  SHOW TODAY @ 1PM PT.

Abstract: “The true ATON concept of the cell, atom and particle has been experimentally proven and the following main conclusions have been drawn: in the center of every cell, atom and particle there is a still point of zero electric potential which is the still zero point of the Universal Mind and which is the source of energy; each cell, atom and particle consists of light rings spinning around the centering Mind point; science is spiritual since Spirit is centering every piece of matter.”  [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”ATOM TRUE CONCEPT CALLED ATON LAKI AND SANDARS”]



Tim Sandars
Based in London
Radiation researcher & Entrepreneur
• Met Laki in South Africa at the Ubuntu conference run by Michael Tellinger
• Set up business and built a brand to market his products and knowledge:
– Omnia Radiation Balancer (the ORB) o Soon to be released:
– New ORB with temperature control and ‘environmental protection’
– Structured Water Bottle (in development)
– Temperature Control Unit (Air Con unit that needs no electricity – in development)
– Membership site: sharing Laki’s science of the new era of consciousness to the masses
IG: Omnia Balance Facebook: Omnia Balance

Scientist:   Ilija Lakicevic – “Laki”
Based in Serbia, Belgrade
Now a new energy physicist working with new conscious energy and pioneering the development of a new civilization without electricity.
A doctor of Atomic and Plasma Physics, a Research Professor who left official science 20 years ago after
working 25 years in official science.
Since working as an independent researcher, inspired by the teachings of Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell, he has made the following discoveries:

1. Discovery of the truth about the human being and the relationship with consciousness, the physical body, God the Creator and the Creation (this material universe)
2. The True Laws and Concepts of Creation.
The true concept of the atom, cell and particle.
The truth about gravity, magnetism and electricity.
The importance of balance in the universe and in our bodies
Supporting Images:

3. The Deca
Laki discovered the presence on our planet of a new energy source which has awareness and responds to conscious human intent called the Deca. This is a cosmic gift allowing us to build a new civilization without electricity.
4. Resolution of the Radiation Crisis
Discovery of what we call the “centeredness” of wave fields:
ALL RADIATION IS AN IMBALANCED, UN-CENTERED WAVE FIELD (ionizing or non-ionising radiation)
That’s why it harms the human cell – the Law of Resonance.
The invention of the Omnia Radiation Balancer, for balancing (centering) radiation wave fields. 

Results from the Hado Life Institute for structured water:
Results of Live Blood Analysis




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