….”I have been watching fire issues and had a long talk with my CAL-OES (like DHS but for the State of California). He’s one of their top emergency communication techs. He also gets called-in to establish remote high-tech comm systems during fires too.

He told me that although there ‘are fires’, the mainstream news media is hyping the fire news to scare the crap out of people so, citizens and organizations will ‘pay more to fix problems’.

He tells me the vast majority of what’s being fed over radio and TV is ‘hype’, although he’s not discounting the fact of fires in general.

I asked him how he knew and on what basis he feels confident enough tosay what he said.

He said, “____________, you remember when I was called-in 2 years in a row tohelp on setting up remote emergency comm systems, right? I had to leave __________ to go up north. Remember? Well, none of our CAL-OES guys have been called-in so far. Not even 1 time. And we’ve talked about this a lot amongst ourselves, and we find this very-VERY strange so, we’re assuming it’s gotta be media hype, and the fires aren’t as bad as they’re reporting them to be. So, ‘yeah’, we too would like to know what the F— is going on!”

So, there it is, Kerry, straight from a close relative of mine who’s giving me the scoop as he sees it professionally from a CAL-OES position.”—a source



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