The Hidden Nuclear Bomb Meaning of 007 Movie, “Thunderball

A gold digger is a person, typically a woman, who engages in a type of transactional relationship[1] for money rather than love. When it turns into marriage, it is a type of marriage of convenience.

Today, the courageous British people are under attack from both the sex-hedonist, Rothschild Illuminati (Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”) for BREXIT refusing to pay $BILLIONS each year to the evil Bilderberg secret society, European Union (EU) and the American Military-Industrial-Intelligence, Congressional Complex (MILINDCOMP) stoical-violence-loving, Rockefeller Illuminati (Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove“) who have placed CIA sexpionage agent, gold digger and black racist, Meghan Markle (MM) –complete with fake baby–into the marriage arms of formerly-sound-military-officer-turned-drug-hedonist, Prince Harry to spy on and ruin the Royal Family and the UK’s multi-billion dollar tourist industry. Those that grossly over-simplify the Illuminati as being totally united are constantly blind-sided by the viscious rivalry antics of the leftist and rightist factions catering to the sheeple’s stoical or hedonist tendancies–vying for the character & control of the impending New World Order (NWO). The CIA’s pro-Nazi traitor, war criminal (Operation SUNRISE/PAPER CLIP) and creator at the cost of conning Truman into wrongly disbanding the OSS,  Allen Dulles placed Jackie into President John F. Kennedy’s life as his wife to spy on him discretely as sex predator and stunningly-beautiful, Sharon Tate wife/baby murderer, Roman Polanski alludes to in his 2006 movie, Ghost Writer. Its no wonder the Ministry of Defense (MoD) is constantly broke and considering reducing its servicemen to an absurd 80K compared to the monstrously large and inept USMC populated by 200, 000 loud-mouthed incompetent egotists–who constantly whine they don’t have enough money’s to stop wasting $BILLIONS on crap Precision Detonated Munitions (PDM) vulnerable 30 mph surface amphibious ships (google HMT Rohna) for instead 300 mph long-range seaplane transport/tankers that can actually get to global battlefields quickly.

007 Commandos: MC-130L HerkuSKIS Seaplanes

The U.K. was betrayed after 1945 by the take-over of the USA by the pro-Nazi Rockefeller Illuminati faction’s puppet POTUS Harry S. Truman witched out at the last minute for agricultural genius and decent human being, VP Henry Wallace–despite having helped America develop the atomic bomb. Using secret Swiss band account funds recovered from 2IC Nazi party leader Martin Bormann when Commander Ian Fleming, Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve (RNVR) and JAD’s Royal Marine Commandos rescued him from Berlin in 1945, WW2-bankrupt Britain was somehow able to create their own atomic bombs as a deterrent against Rothschild-created, Soviet Russian attack & conquest.

James Bond is BORN: the True Story of Commander Ian Fleming

After the war, as an MI6-SIS master spy and propagandist, Fleming name-drops the RAF Vulcan bomber, Nassau and nuclear blackmail by S.P.E.C.T.R.E.–which really is an anagram for RESPECT–which is the main goal of the Nazi 4th Reich. In the 1961 book/1965 movie “Thunderball“, the bomber has 2 x gravity nuclear bombs–which equivalates to the 2 x SkyBolt ASBMs which America reneged on their part of the development program at the Nassau conference–forcing them to give the RN Polaris SLBMs as a consolation prize–seen in the later James Bond films like “The Spy who Loved Me” in 1977.   

Today, Rockefeller Illuminati Russian fear-mongers within the MILINDCOMP are whining about Russian “hypersonic weapons“–when we had Action Reaction Rockets (ARRs) back in the 1960s but because SAC bureaucrats were wings straight & level, pull-NO-G pussies not wanting to fly supersonic bombers like the B-58 and FB-111, ASBMs were not fielded. As soon as no one was looking, the supersonic B-58s and FB-111s were Type B personality, bureaucrats retired. Its a minor miracle the USAF owns & operates supersonic B-1B Lancer aka BONE heavy bombers–but without ASBMs. Vulcan bombers with SkyBolt ASBMs could have been camouflaged and hidden in the British isles to evade enemy targeting and able to take flight quickly to reach 1, 000 mile stand-off ranges avoiding having to fly into enemy SAM-infested, air defenses. SAC forward-basing its B-58s at remote locations in the CONUS was well-intentioned–but absurd since they would have had to be constantly air-refueled to reach Soviet Russia. SAC complained about B-58 lack of range when they could have been forward deployed in the UK like their slow, subsonic B-47s and B-52s and RAF Vulcans were–all of which could have been armed with SkyBolt ASBMs to solve their lack of enemy air space penetration problems. The Nazi CIA Gulag-murdered the USAF’s best air reconnaissance experts by incendiary-bombing their unarmed, non-seaplane, C-124 Globemaster II transport resulting in the gaining control of U.S. spy flights from their NSA47 rival U.S. Air Force (USAF) in 1951.

CIA Sabotaged USAF C-124; 53 Men Lost to Soviet Gulags

If Brigadier General Cullen and his staff not been captured by the Soviet Navy to torture-live in their Gulags, a 7th Air Division of 509th Bomb Group (dropped atomic bombs on Japan in WW2, based in Roswell AFB where Nazi Anti-Gravity Craft aka flying saucers paid them a recce visit in ’47) bombers was to be set-up in the UK to deter Communist aggression.

Got Space Access, UK?

The UK crop of captured Nazi rocket scientists Fleming warns about in Moonraker were clearly inferior to the highly-competent, von Braun liquid rocket fuel team Dulles brought over that empowered the U.S. Army until prevented from putting the 1st satellite into orbit [] and stamped out their solid rocket fuel Jack Parsons, Rothschild sex fiend rivals who live on in the JPL and techno-demented, Scientology religious cult popular in Hollywood. However, this wasn’t enough trouble instigation for the evil FBI–who also has no Constitutional right to exist like the horrid CIA–they also alienated America’s top Chinese ethnicity rocket scientist who fled to Communist China to start their ballistic missile and space program successful to the current day and poses an existential threat to America.

Immediately after the war, clever UK scientists figured they could upgrade captured German V-2 ballistic missiles with a pressurized re-entry capsule and placed the 1st man into space. Drained constantly of funds by WW2 debts and the Rothschild Illuminati’s lavish lifestyles, this promising MEGAROC project was cancelled. The main thing holding the UK back from being a world super power again is the parasitic Rothschild Illuminati sucking them dry.

British V-2 – How the U.K. Almost Won the Space Race

Moreover, SkyBolt ASBM variants could shoot-down orbiting enemy satellites, place our own small satellites into space and launch MACH 5 aerospace spy planes like FISH using B-58’s MACH 2 aerodynamic flight lift as the “1st stage”. Vulcans could have destroyed the Stanley airfield runway better during the 1982 Falklands War with a huge SkyBolt ASBM bomblet payload than the tedious constant air-refueling needed to get them directly overhead to drop gravity HE bombs. Moreover, having SEAPLANE air refueling tankers can stay filled up by RN submarines and surface ships to extend RAF aircraft reach all over the world as the USN Tradewind tanker seaplane proved but failed because its faulty contraprop engines should have been instead powered by the proven British MAMBAs used successfully for years in their Fairey Gannett carrier-based ASW planes.

The origin of the Vulcan and the other V bombers is linked with early British atomic weapon programme and nuclear deterrent policies. Britain’s atom bomb programme began with Air Staff Operational Requirement OR.1001 issued in August 1946. This anticipated a government decision in January 1947 to authorize research and development work on atomic weapons, the U.S. Atomic Energy Act of 1946 (McMahon Act) having prohibited exporting atomic knowledge, even to countries that had collaborated on the Manhattan Project.[4] OR.1001 envisaged a weapon not to exceed 24 ft 2 in (7.37 m) in length, 5 ft (1.5 m) in diameter and 10,000 lb (4,500 kg) in weight. The weapon had to be suitable for release from 20,000 ft (6,100 m) to 50,000 ft (15,000 m).[5]

At the same time, the Royal Air Force (RAF) was having problems with their MRBM missile project, the Blue Streak, which was long overdue [EDITOR: Fleming’s warning in 1953 Moonraker that captured Nazi rocket scientists were sabotaging Britain’s missile program]. Even if this was successful, it faced the serious problem of basing. No fixed land-based missile system could be credibly installed in the British Isles; they were well within the range of Soviet air strikes. The limited landmass available meant it would be relatively easy for missile sites to be spotted no matter what security measures were taken. Suitable locations for construction also carried a social and political cost. Fixed land-based ballistic missile sites need many thousands of acres per squadron (typically ten missiles); and the squadrons need to be apportioned over many thousands of square miles so that no single attack could conceivably destroy them all in one strike.

This left the deterrent based on their own bomber force, the V bomber fleet, which the RAF had already long concluded would be unable to penetrate Soviet defenses by about 1960. The RAF was in the process of introducing their own stand-off missile, the 950 kilometres (590 mi) ranged Mach 3 Blue Steel. While capable, the missile flew at altitudes and speeds that left it vulnerable to improving SAMs, and it had a number of reliability and serviceability issues that made it less than ideal. A faster, longer-ranged version was being designed, Blue Steel II, but it would be some time before it could enter service.

The long-range Skybolt would eliminate the need for both the Blue Streak and the Blue Steel II. Blue Steel II was canceled in December 1959 and the British Cabinet decided in February 1960 to cancel Blue Streak as well. Prime Minister Macmillan met [EDITOR: Rockefeller Illuminati puppet] President Eisenhower in March 1960 and agreed to purchase 144 Skybolts for the RAF. By agreement, British funding for research and development was limited to that required to modify the V bombers to take the missile, but the British were allowed to fit their own warheads and the Americans were given nuclear submarine basing facilities in [EDITOR: Faslane] Scotland.[4] Following the agreement, the Blue Streak program was formally canceled in April 1960 and in May 1960 an agreement for an initial order of 100 Skybolts was concluded.[4]

Avro was made an associate contractor to manage the Skybolt program for the United Kingdom and four different schemes were submitted to find a platform for the missile.[4] A number of different aircraft were considered, including a variant of the Vickers VC10 airliner and two of the current V bombers, the Avro Vulcan and Handley Page Victor.[4] It was decided to use the Vulcan to initially carry two missiles each on hardpoints outboard of the main landing gear.[4]

Development and testing

During development, it was decided that the system could not reach the required accuracy at the desired range without an update to the guidance system. This led to the introduction of a star tracker platform that would be used to further enhance the existing inertial navigation system. The system was capable of tracking bright stars in direct sunlight, a challenging requirement. This change meant that the missile could only be carried in locations where the front of the missile could continually observe the sky. This had always been the case on the USAF’s B-52 bombers, where they were carried under the wings, but presented a problem for some of the UK designs. In the end, Skybolt was limited to the Vulcan.

By 1961, several test articles were ready for testing from B-52’s, with drop-tests starting in January. In January 1961 a Vulcan visited the Douglas plant at Santa Monica, California, to make sure the modifications to the aircraft were electrically compatible with the missile. In Britain, compatibility trials with mockups started on the Vulcan.[4] Powered tests started in April 1962, but the test series went badly, with the first five trials ending in failure of one sort or another. The first fully successful flight occurred on 19 December 1962.[5]


By this point, the value of the Skybolt system in the U.S. had been seriously eroded. The Polaris had recently gone into service, with overall capabilities similar to Skybolt, but with “loiter” times on the order of months instead of hours. Additionally, the [EDITOR: large land mass] U.S. Air Force itself was well into the process of developing the Minuteman [solid rocket fuel, intercontinental ballistic] missile, whose improved accuracy reduced the need for any bomber attacks. [EDITOR: Secretary of Defense] Robert McNamara was particularly opposed to the bomber force [EDITOR: he served as a bombing target officer under General LeMay in WW2, go figure?] and repeatedly stated he felt that the combination of SLBMs and ICBMs would render them useless. [EDITOR: so much for the TRIAD’s sound redundancy]  He pressed for the cancellation of Skybolt as an unnecessary program.

The British, on the other hand, had canceled all other projects to concentrate fully on Skybolt. When McNamara informed them that they were considering canceling the program in November 1962, a firestorm of protest broke out in the House of Commons. Jo Grimond noted “Does not this mark the absolute failure of the policy of the independent deterrent? Is it not the case that everybody else in the world knew this, except the Conservative Party in this country?”[6] [EDITOR: former naval officer] President Kennedy officially cancelled the program on 22 December 1962.[1]

As the political row grew into a major crisis, an emergency meeting between parties from the U.S. and U.K. was called, leading to the Nassau agreement. Over the next few days, a new plan was hammered out that saw the U.K. purchase the Polaris SLBM, but equipped with British warheads that lacked the dual-key system. The U.K. would thus retain its independent deterrent force, although its control passed from the RAF largely to the Royal Navy. The Polaris, a much better weapon system for the U.K., was a major “scoop” and has been referred to as “almost the bargain of the century“.[7] The RAF kept a tactical nuclear capability with the [EDITOR: gravity bomb] WE.177 which armed V bombers and later the Panavia Tornado force. The “Skybolt Crisis” was a major event in the eventual downfall of the Macmillan government.[citation needed]

A B-52G launched the last XGAM-87A missile down the Atlantic Missile Range a day after the program was canceled.[8] In June 1963, the XGAM-87A was redesignated as XAGM-48A[9]


Fleming’s Nazi traitor, Hugo Drax in Moonraker is clearly embodied in today’s rocket launch, Illuminati techno-industrialist, Elon Musk who works tirelessly for NWO goals–like planting an electronic 666 Mark of the Beast chip into all sheeple’s brains to control them with TRANS-HUMANISM.

Musk’s Neurolink Evil

666 = www = Mark of the Beast

Musk has broken the high cost riddle of ARR booster rockets by cheap fuels and tail-sitter landing recovery desired from the first days of space exploration and seen in countless science fiction movies but not possible until the advent of precise computer controls. Like Drax in Moonraker, Musk holds a near monopoly on space access for the U.S. MILINDCOMP and NASA whose poorly-engineered Space Shuttle fleet was retired because the Illuminati has denied the world of a Single Stage-to-Orbit (SSTO), easy space access, SPACEPLANE because they don’t want sheeple in space–lest they realize we all live in God’s creation as per the 1611 King James Bible–and not the Satanic hell they plan for us. Nolan’s “Interstellar” meekly raises secret space program AGC superior efficiency over white public-consumption, ARR question to make space colonization viable–but “Little Spaceship on the Prairie” to build sheeple character is violently opposed by the evil elites. 

The evil CIA has sabotaged both Burt Rutan’s 2-stage mothership plus spaceplane tourism project and the Russian Soyuz re-entry capsule docked to the International Space Station (ISS). Its way over-due to DISBAND THE CIA whose non-stop dirty tricks are revealed to the world like their disgusting recent illegal spying of President of the United States (POTUS) Trump’s phone calls to play a nit-picking impeachment GOTYA! game. They have done far worse; murdering POTUS JFK in Dulles, Texas, his brother RFK running for that office, black civil rights leader MLK, Congressmen Hale Boggs, Nick Begich…and the late Jim Marrs suspected MI6-SIS master spy Ian Fleming himself on a golf course in 1964 lest he blow-the-whistle on the BS Dulles-misled, Warren Commission white-wash to his global 007 fan base. 

More CIA Sabotage: No SPACEPLANES for You!

James Bond is REAL.


Mike L. Sparks

Mike L. Sparks is a former U.S. Army & marine corps Infantry NCO and 1LT officer; he is the Director of the 1st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne), a non-profit think-tank and action group for military excellence.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree in History Education from Liberty University (in residence).

He is the author of “James Bond is Real: The Untold Story of the Political-Military Threats Ian Fleming Warned Us About”.

About The 1st Tactical Studies Group

The 1st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne)’s Combat Reform Group (CRG) is composed of exceptionally dedicated military professionals, expert specialized aircraft and ground vehicle designers and highly motivated civilians committed to National Defense. Our commitment is to perform objective in-depth and detailed examinations of U.S. and Allied Military Operations and Doctrine for the purpose of improving both current and future operations as well as doctrine.

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Amazon Review

This is a great book and a “must read” for all James Bond fans, as well as anyone with an interest in the financial and political affairs of our modern world. The background information on Ian Fleming is absolutely amazing—this is not the story you may have read before about Fleming. Mike Sparks, a veteran with intel contacts, has opened up the secret world of spy craft from the 1950s and 1960s which Fleming was deeply involved with and brought it into the 21st Century, tying together the world of Fleming with our present day situation. Sparks touches on such diverse, but related topics as the death of FDR, the fate of Hitler and Bormann after WWII, the Kennedy assassination (Fleming was a friend of the President!), Marilyn Monroe, the Man from U.N.C.L.E. TV series, Christopher Lee, the Rothschild financial empire, the secret space program, and much more. This 655 page book is absolutely loaded with mind-blowing info that you are not going to find anywhere else in any single book! One of my all-time favorite books.



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