My guest is John Carman, former U.S. Secret Service Agent and whistleblower.

See his bio below:

Bio:   I am former U.S. Secret Service & U.S. Customs Service(Legacy agency) and I have been reporting Corruption by HIGH Ranking Customs officials in the SES GS15 and above) for years and openly since 1995 and NOTHING has been done to investigate when I have direct Evidence on a District Direct in Long Beach named John Heinrich who took over $250,000 to allow over 167 “illegal Aliens” come into the United States WITHOUT Customs or Immigration inspections and WITHOUT a Passport !!! Violation of Bribery 18 USC 201 ..Google the “John Heinrich Overflight List” for the actual names and DOBs…Report THIS to your Congressmen and women. (Hopefully they are Republicans as the Democrats will NOT do anything!!!) See also: and Email: [email protected] for further information and interviews. I also reported a Customs supervisor GS13 Honorio Garcia for taking about 11-12 ounces of freshly seized Heroin and Giving it to the Mexican Narcs in Mexicali. I know cause I seized the Heroin off of a Border Crosser and I had DEATH THREATS on my private “unlisted” phone when I got home the same day. Customs did Nothing to the Supervisor!!  

John Carman
Former U.S. Secret Service-FMD/WHD Wash.D.C.San Diego Police DepartmentU.S. Mint Police/TreasuryU.S. Customs ServiceEOD-San Diego MAST Unit Member CustomsU.S. Immigration ServiceU.S. Fish & Wildlife ServiceCNOA Life Member #13894
AFIO MemberASIS MemberPrivate InvestigatorSecurity Consultant  National Security AdviserLaw Enforcement Historian/Research SpecialistTechnical Adviser/Law EnforcementBlack Belt Martial Arts(Judo, Aikido, Karate, etc..) — John Carman

Uncovering corruption within the US Customs Service

Corruption at the Border


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