“If you want to visit key ancient Egyptian sites and you’re seeking the truth about our past, then Camelot in Egypt is your only choice.  Also, the accommodations were top-shelf and safety was a primary consideration throughout the trip.”—Mike

“I also want to express what a great experience this trip was!  Beyond Awesome!”—Mary

“I had a fabulous time too, and really valued meeting people of a like mind. Loved it!!”—Karen

“Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful journey through the ancient land of Egypt.  Everything was beyond my expectations and  I am still experiencing wonderful downloads and activations! The accommodations and details of this itinerary were exceptional and the information presented completely broke the barriers of 3D limitations!

– Not only was it a privilege to spend up close and personal time with you and Maria Wheatley but also with the Soul of Egypt’s guide and Egyptologist, Amro Mounir. The three perspectives certainly gave us a richer and more powerful understanding of the mystical and galactic origins of our modern day world…I particularly loved the efforts made for us to have private access to restricted areas and sacred sights. This has been one of my most memorable experiences and I am looking forward to joining you again on another trip to Egypt or whatever sacred soul journey you will plan in the future. 

Many Blessings and Gratitude for your enlightenment and continued work!

Thank you again”—Cassie

“Thank you Kerry and Maria for a trip of a lifetime.  The sights, the energy, the sharing of wisdom….. This tour of Egypt with you was beyond incredible in every imaginable way.  I will treasure this experience all my life.”  ~Michelle

Thank you so much for the wonderful trip to Egypt. It was one of the best trips! And looking forward to future trips with Project Camelot.” —J

“Awesome trip! (Understatement). I, as well, enjoyed getting to know everyone. (who else thinks the collective company was AS cool as the amazing sites we visited?)”—Richard

What an amazing group of people gathered for this adventure. The educators along with the local experiences have brought Egyptian history alive for me. It has forever changed my life and perspectives. Much love to my fellow travelers,” Tamara

“Camelot in Egypt was an absolute dream come true! I have wanted to see to these sacred energy sites and learn more about its history-the real history, since I was very young. That is exactly the kind of experience that Kerry, Maria, and Amaro provided. From the moment you arrive in Cairo until the moment you leave, the excursions, the people, hotels and accommodations, are top notch.  This is the only way I could have imagined my dream trip, and yet it exceeded all my expectations. Cannot wait to see more sacred sites of our world, with this beautiful team of people. Kerry and Maria are doing amazing work and bravely showing who we are, and where our history really lies.”—Maggie

“While I seemed to be the least experienced of the group in regards to following your work and those whom you work with-I have always held a level of belief that there is so much more information out there and have always held suspicion when it comes to politics, religion, and those who hold power. So, there was no level of disbelief when I began to find information such as yours that I resonated with. I appreciate you for the work that you do and the efforts you make to get the Truth out there as best you can.

The trip was most certainly a profound experience for me many levels. What I appreciated most was the knowledge and the passion that you, Amro and Maria held for Egypt and the truth. The chemistry and energy you three possessed made the history to come to life. And the pis-de-resistance, was the people of like minds that shared the journey. An incredible experience…”—Tina

“Kudos to Kerry, Maria and Amro (Soul of Egypt) who made this trip a delightful three course meal. Ten days of immersion into Egyptology, mythology and earth energies. A full meal deal, to be sure. A journey south down the Nile River with exclusive viewings of key sites. Ten days of diving deep with the most interesting and delightful fellow travelers. Do view the videos to get a taste of the trip and a sense of awe in the world that awaits you. Very thoughtful, very wonderful, and yes, Egypt is a safe place to travel when going with Soul of Egypt and Camelot. I never was concerned for my safety – not once. Go. You won’t regret it! ” —Vicki

“I wanted to tour Egypt and I knew a conventional tour guide wouldn’t do it for me.  Thanks to Kerry and Maria, they make a nice combination of what I wanted to take in from this trip.  From Maria’s dowsing ability and her knowledge on how to access the energies and Kerry’s out of this world but you better believe it knowledge, I am beyond grateful I took the Project Camelot Egypt tour. I will not hesitate to take on this tour again in the future”— LP

“CAMELOT IN EGYPT 2019…Going to Egypt with Kerry and Maria in 2019 was such a wonderful experience. I traveled alone and it was a long journey coming from New Zealand, but well worth the long haul flights!

Kerry and Maria have profound knowledge in their respective areas of expertise. They are both warm and kind women, supporting all travelers throughout your journey. They shared their knowledge, answered our questions, and they were both great fun to be around!  And l cannot forget Neil and his friendly disposition supporting the group, filming and recording everything so others can be inspired to take this intrepid journey next time!

Who can forget our Egyptologist and tour guide Amro. He is the most incredible man! His knowledge about ancient sites, his passion about his homeland and people, his warm personality and kind nature. His organizational skills and attention to detail ensuring that everything runs smoothly for the travelers. What a beautiful soul and joy to be around this man is with his great sense of humor and infectious laughter! Such a great choice to use ‘Soul of Egypt’.

Eman and Akhmed are both key people with Soul of Egypt, providing assistance to each traveler upon arrival in Cairo and at the time of our individual departures. Akhmed meeting me at the airport and assisting me with an Egyptian phone card (highly recommended as you cannot get cheap roaming services from New Zealand). Although wifi is readily available with hotels, having a service outside of the hotels was well worth the additional cost of a card.  Eman is a wonderful woman who organizes just about everything in between, supporting me upon my arrival at the Four Seasons hotel in Cairo and seeing me off at the time of my departure from the Mena hotel.  Wonderful to have a woman in this role as Egypt does not tend to have a lot of women working in the service industry. The choice of accommodation was absolutely fantastic during the entire stay, including the food and services provided by the hotels and the boat that Soul of Egypt chose for us.

Finally, the people that l met on this tour were so important to my experience. When you live a long way from access to alternate conferences and workshops, spending time with like-minded people is a joy.  No need to explain yourself to anyone! Thanks to the friendships l established during this journey, and everyone who made this experience one of the best times of my life”?–Karen

“There’s no overstating that joining Project Camelot in Egypt is an experience beyond comparison. Moments throughout the trip range from total luxury to pinch-yourself unimaginable. As a 10-year listener of Project Camelot, I had long considered Kerry Cassidy on my shortlist of famous people with whom I’d dream to have dinner, so when I learned she was taking people to Egypt the opportunity on its most basic level seemed completely surreal. Once there, every twist and turn of the trip seemed to revalidate that impression: from the first morning at the Sphinx hours before the public to the end of our venture down the Nile in Aswan, each day stacked unreal experience on top of unreal experience. 

Quite unexpectedly, the group we formed seemed in an odd way more of a reunion of people than an introduction. Call it the cosmic entanglement of souls on a shared journey or simply the coming together of like minds as Project Camelot viewers–whatever it is, being among our particular group, I felt like I had “found my people.” I can’t imagine having gone on a trip to Egypt without the company of fellow truth seekers after my own heart. 

That Kerry brings together the very best people was obvious in our tour operator Amro Mounir, who will bend himself into a pretzel for the group’s wellbeing, security, and quality of experience; and in Kerry’s amazing guide partner Maria Wheatley, who with academic panache taught the group to grasp the tangible, geomagnetic magic of the sites we visited. This trio made the magic of the trip.      

In total, Project Camelot delivers a master class on human origins and human equilibrium–all in the sublime surroundings of Egypt–on a ten-day trek up and down the River Nile in the lap of luxury, an experience truly to be called that of a lifetime.”–Richard

“Thank you Kerry, Neil, Amro and Maria for organizing such an amazing tour of Camelot in Egypt 2019!

The itinerary was phenomenal with all of the most sacred sites included. My favorites were the King’s Chamber in The Great Pyramid with the spontaneous chanting, Abu Gurab and the amazing channeling & downloads as to its true nature & builders and the temple at Kom Ombo- which was oozing with energy.
The quality of our tour operators ‘Soul of Egypt’ could not have been more attentive. Our guide Amro & his team looked after every detail to ensure our trip was one of the utmost safety & luxury. The Four Seasons, The Sonesta St George Nile boat and The Mena House hotel are some of the best accommodation available on the Continent The quality of service surpassed all my expectations!
As if that was not enough, the best part for me was meeting some of the most amazing group of people on the planet! Awesome does not describe it! Knowledgable, gifted, funny, kind, caring, sharing with a real team spirit are just some of the words I would use to describe my fellow travelers! I feel I have made some friends for life! Most of us were solo travelers and we were all so sad to say goodbye to each other at the airport!
Thank you all for giving me ‘a holiday of a lifetime’.
Amro for PRESIDENT!”–Caroline
“I was guided to give a brief translation of the Light Language that was transmitted during our meditations inside of the Great Pyramid… just in case some of the others that didn’t ask me might be interested.  This was a transmission from the Andromedan/Lyran Council, and it was both an Activation as well as a Blessing:  
We welcome you and thank you for accepting the invitation to reconnect and reactivate your soul memories at this time.  Many of you have traveled great distance to be here, however, you all have traveled even greater distances by journeys through many dimensional timelines and lifetimes.  This was agreed upon long ago to collectively reconnect during this planetary evolution and Ascension.  
We are grateful and honored that you were able to hear this calling, as it has been in your soul-destiny to re-establish and anchor a greater frequency of vibrational healing light that is so important and much needed at this time.  You are all co-creators and manifestors of Divine Frequency.  Many of you are already attuned to this work and along with the others are being re-callibrated to endure these Earth changes and consciousness modifications.  You all are very Blessed and respected as it takes great courage and inner strength to bring you together again.  May you always go forth and prosper and be grateful that you have answered The Call.  It is indeed a privilege and honor to gather in your presence.  We are watching with you as great miracles will continue to unfold, individually and collectively.  Again, may you continue to be Blessed in all that is good, and may you feel our deepest and sincere gratitude for you remembering to remember. Peace be with you.”–Cassie
“From the minute I watched Kerry and Maria Wheatley’s 2018 Egypt documentary video, showing this different view of Egypt not usually experienced by the regular traveler, I felt this was right up my ally.  Especially after having followed Project Camelot for many years, to have Kerry lead a tour group with her vast knowledge, intuitive insights, and off worldly views would be amazing and Maria, a master dowser, with expert knowledge of earth’s geomagnetic energies, stone energies, ley lines and the importance of the physical placement of the pyramids and sacred temple sites – I knew this was the tour for me!

I was not disappointed! From the moment we stepped off the plane in Cairo till we boarded our flight home everything, and I mean everything was taken care of; top notch accommodations, buses, transfers, tips, security, site fees, all thanks to Amro our fabulous, animated, very passionate, and immensely knowledgeable Egyptologist guide and his main Assistant Ahmed and the whole Soul of Egypt crew. There was no problem they couldn’t handle.

I will say from all the great sites we visited; the Great Sphinx, Saqqara, Luxor, Karnak, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Abu Simbel, ect….. what will hold a special meaning for me was experiencing the intense energies inside the Great Pyramid in Giza, ascending and descending the passageways into the Queens Chamber and our group meditation in the Kings Chamber. Another highlight for me was the Temple of Dendara dedicated to the goddess Hathor, seeing up close the Dendara Light Bulb relief in the underground crypt, and beautiful hieroglyphics . Being able to have access to some of these rooms was definitely a added bonus!

Truly, it was a honor to meet each and every person who was on this tour, it felt like everyone connected on a soul, spiritual level sharing many of the same interests, openness and similar life/world views. I feel this was a special group destined to share this fantastic experience of Egypt together at this time with the guidance of Kerry, Neil, Maria and Armo!

Thank you Kerry, Maria and Amro, the synergy you three provided made this an amazing experience and whatever tours are planned in the future – count me in!”–Lise


“What an amazing adventure!  I am still vibrating and still trying to ground from this wonderful tour!  Hats off to Maria Wheatley, Soul of Egypt’s amazing and funny Egyptologist Amro Mounir and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot for putting together this well-planned five-star adventure. Kerry Cassidy did a fantastic job putting this whole trip together along with being an incredibly, open minded well-researched tour guide.  From the moment you land until the moment you leave you are staying in the best accommodations with amazing food and sharing this life-changing experience with wonderful high vibration people within the group.

 Hands-down one of the best trips I’ve ever taken.  Nothing like having my birthday on a beautiful boat and fantastic company going down the Nile.  This has forever changed my life. Absolutely amazing.”—Troy

““Egypt with Kerry, Maria, Amro, Neil, Soul of Egypt, and everyone who I met during the trip was the most ecstatic magical dream come true. Like the Flower of Life symbol on the temple wall of Osireion, they are the goddess warriors of our time bringing the truth out of our often incomprehensible extraterrestrial / ultra-terrestrial origins and nurturing us with sacred infinite knowledge. It was beyond my wildest dream to witness with my own eyes the evidence of the ancient Neters, Ra, beautiful giant Annunakis, dinosaur-reptilian-bird angels, mysterious hybrid beings, and the ancient AI robots.

There were plenty of times to meditate on my own or as a collective; going deep into the subconscious. Everywhere I went, the stones, Neters, and Ra spoke to me with such vigor. They said, once again, the pantheon of monolithic Egyptian Gods will flood the star-gates for them to come through the Pyramid of White Light and shine paradise to Egypt which will spread outward into the world. The stones of Osireion told me to place golden Flower of Life symbol everywhere so the light portals will activate and open. Wouldn’t you want to be part of this by creating a Pyramid of shimmering White Light with the Flower of Life symbol around you and everyone and everything that you love? To recreate paradise on earth which many Atlantians tried to do? And rid of fear and falsity clouding earth? Egypt with Project Camelot team, Maria, and Soul of Egypt team reawakened me to the perspective of the ancient Gods.

At the Temple of Sekhmet, a community of humanoid giant lion-cat-hybrid beings / orbs surrounded us. The statue of Sekhmet told me we were all once lion-cat-like humanoids just like Sekhmet who once roamed there in paradise. Sekhmet said it is our job in human form to recreate that heaven in Egypt and throughout earth. They will help us if we tune into them and listen to their hearts. 

I am forever thankful to Sekhmet, Hathor, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Set, Sobek, Tutankhamun, Project Camelot team, Maria, and Soul of Egypt team for reawakening me to what is every humanity’s right to be part of; not just the select few. 

Coming back to NYC from the phenomenal out-of-this-realm trip was difficult trying to integrate back to the physical reality consumed by materialism. I cherish the moment when our bus headed to Abydos and every children, women and men, waved at us with huge gleaming smiles on their faces while we passed for miles and miles greeting us with such warmth and welcome. To me they are angels; the beautiful Egyptians. If you want to be part of recreating heaven on earth, pilgrimage with Project Camelot will truly open your Flower of Life and see the true essence of your calling and why you came back to earth in the first place.”— Sirene

..”Hi, Kerry, 
I’ve been speechless when it came to write a review, since we returned from Egypt. Each time I’d sit down to write, I’d get silenced. “It’s not time” is the message I’d keep getting.  
I’ll keep it brief. 
First and most important, Thank you, for the work you do, Kerry, Neil, and Maria. 
It seems that it was just yesterday that we were in Egypt.  The closest that I can relate the experience is, like others have shared, “Integrating, downloading, activated, connected-yet disconnected, spiritually elevated, vibrationally expanded” are experiences that I’ve had since then. These experiences I lived prior to the trip and enhanced while there and continue to. It’s completely new now.  Each day, new expanded energies. 
I was at Michaels last week, shopping for frames for the papyrus prints I brought home with me. I shared with the gal, who was assisting me, that I had returned from Egypt a few weeks back; she began to share that she had heard that the pyramids were energy activators and things like that. She continued to talk about physics and quantum physics, etc.  I smiled. We had a brief talk on this while she worked and I framed the prints. She said, your friends will have difficulty relating to you, because you’re now in a different dimension than they are. 
Life changes occur in Egypt.  It’s a beautiful thing.  it’s a spiritual thing. How else to describe?”–Monica

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