Biography:-  Peter Paget  (VT UK) is a retired  ex. Intelligence field operative and author of the book, “Secret Life of a Spook,” and other works. He is acknowledged at Medies (Environmental NGO) as being a contributor to technical innovations on toxic protection of coastlines and wildlife World Wide (Could we sponsor a wild life park in Washington DC? Any sharks out there, no the Crocs ate them all).   
Now I know many of you are interested in the periodic return of Planet X and this analysis is probably a summation of the best we have. The IMPORTANT dates that come out of this to sum it up is we appear to actually enter The Age of Aquarius on SEPTEMBER 1st 2019 and the planet of the CROSSING event is in the window 2023/2024 through to a possible 2026. This is not an exact science as the video explains, and stick with it, the incoming system as three relevant speeds which are constantly variable according to the gravimetric and electro magnetic and magnetic forces interacting, hence you cannot easily take a fix on this at this time. As we progress towards 2023, some four years hence we will be able to get more data, but this is why the South Pole Station has such a powerful infrared telescope, why the Vatican has built its own high powered facility and where much fable and historical myth refers to the former passings of this system which appears from the calculations to come within 0.015 AU of Earth. That is one and a half hundredths of the distance from Earth to the Sun, in other words about one million three hundred and fifty thousand miles.
That may sound a lot but it is the effect that such a gravimetric approach could have on the emissions from the Sun, Solar wind, CMEs etc and the gravimetric effects of the Earth’s plates and magnetosphere. Possible Pole shift as the incoming system is highly magnetically energetic. Some limited effects are already being felt on Earth and other Planets in our Solar System, causing movement of the Jet stream and the major cause of climate change, not man made emissions which account for only about a 3% effect on climate factors. The Earth has had a very wide range of temperatures over its history so this is nothing unusual. This data below gives you plenty of time to make plans position accordingly and consider your  options. I goes without saying that all Inner Keep Deep State governments know this data and YOU WILL NOT BE TOLD no more than any of the victims of the previous great quakes were given any real warnings that they could make any real use of. The time to make logistic movements and preparations is years before an event, as Inner Keep Groups do (DUMBs etc) not three days just before when everyone is running around like headless chickens and getting caught up in traffic jams. This is a serious WAKE UP PEOPLE CALL. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. PAY ATTENTION. 
Intel Drop, being a cleaned up letter to a mate of mine now put in article format:-  22/03/2019 Edit as you wish. Based on solid data in fact. 
Unclassified humorous rant from the Inner Keep.  
Well folks, it’s all so confused and so many porky pies out there being put about but my take on it today, is that UK PM TM will go back to the House next week with her bill slightly amended to try to get past The Speaker’s ruling. He may or may not allow it, but probably will. It will still not get through. She lost by 149 last time and that is huge. No amount of blackmail will likely move the vote in her favour, however the numbers will come down a bit. The UK Trade tariffs announced were OK and looking good for trade with the World and the EU. We have already announced continuation of EU citizens rights in the UK for at least two years and so has the EU. Trade will continue as normal. No nuclear bunkers needed, just PR drama. 
Thus we will leave on the 12th April 2019 with a NO DEAL situation, which was always the default option. Once that is out of the way the knives will be out for PM Theresa as the scapegoat for whatever will go down. The Conservatives will seek to remain in power so a ‘no confidence’ vote from the Opposition will not get enough votes. The Irish DUP will again support the government. 

Boris will emerge from the shadows and seek to take the lead again; been keeping his powder dry as is Gove. A bloody battle will occur in the Conservative Party with much blame game tactics in play but now they will unite and I hope J Rees-Mogg might get a position in cabinet. PM Theresa will either go back to the back benches, or as did David, former PM, resign and leave politics all together as she is pretty fed up with the whole scenario. Not looking well.
JC, Opposition Party Leader, will be equally embroiled in an internal civil war in the Labour party as accusations will fly around in there as well. The new Independent Group will grow for a while like did the Social Democrats but not be that significant. The Greens will remain the same. Lib Dems will further fade in the west as irrelevant. A general election could come along some time if all the chaos continues and then MASSIVE deselections will take place and down at the Job Centre special queues will be made for out of work washed up MPs. New blood will enter politics on all fronts. 
In the USA Trump continues to survive but we seem to have for the moment headed off a war with Iran. Israel will again get very pro active and invade Lebanon and hang on to the Golan Heights because of the oil there. South America will continue to be aflame with counter revolutions. No change there.
Britain will recover from Brexit and do World trade deals, the usual business as normal, arms to here, arms to there, a dam or two, cheaper mutton. 
There will be likely at least one natural death in the ageing Royals as they are hanging on, and may be Charles becomes ‘Queen’ (joke) or if 68M people pass away it could be me. I would turn Buck House into a theme park for the Japanese tourists. And Windsor Castle as well, roller coaster rides through the dungeons. Rude not to.  
Nothing to do with Brexit, Wall Street and the markets will suffer a MAJOR FINANCIAL CORRECTION, down 30% and more, bankers jumping from buildings, bailing in taking peoples money all over while China hunkers down as does Russia as they have massive natural resources. 
There will be a goodly number of false flag stunts and many innocent folk caught up in them will meet their maker. Tragic, sad, pathetic. 
I will continue to write for VT as I am now one of their  UK correspondents.  However I will  try to be PC as VT can be pretty far out and opinionated. I will continue to keep people in the ‘loop’.  I will not be writing any more books this year or in the foreseeable future. Done enough now. All said there in coded phrases and numbers. Learnt a lot from reading Nostradamus and his coded Quatrains. 
My books getting great reviews and doing well, particularly in Australia. Kangaroos seen reading them on every street corner. 
There will not be any UFO ET disclosure, but drip feed will continue against much fake news disinformation. 
Food prices will go up for sure and there will be major famines in the third world. Millions will go hungry. Extreme weather will be the norm but we will have another hot summer. Bring it on global warming. Tropical British resort Bournemouth could take over from Cannes France. If you are not topless you must be British. 
There will definitely be at least three very severe earthquakes and coastlines should buckle up or get yourself a surfboard or a life raft on the roof. There will be an outbreak of at least one more killer virus, which will quietly take down many old folk and children, as the Illuminati planned. 
The dynastic banking families will continue to sip champers, bye expensive art, stay low and continue. No new `French `revolutions in sight yet.  
Public protests will be widespread, but pointless. Just a way to let the ‘mob of Rome’ feel that they have an influence, NOT !!! 
More people will turn off, drop out, go off grid and move away from the rat race and the city life, however, cities will grow and grow as the ‘globalists’ want the massed populations herded up where they can be controlled and kept in fear. Have you noticed some ‘agency’ random killings going on, just to maintain the hysteria. These ex. assassin types have to be kept employed or they get restless. 
A new Middle Eastern war will be attempted to be started to jack up oil prices by restricting supplies at the pump. Make America Great Again.  Emoji
So check that lot out, crystal ball going a bit cloudy now and off to have some lunch. Bring back the British Empire, Maggie Thatcher all is forgiven. Did you know we never actually gave the United States its independence, we just couldn’t be bothered to fight anymore and the King went mad.  Bless !!
You think I am joking don’t you?  May be?
Peter Emoji
Note:  Peter Paget currently writes a column on VETERANS TODAY.

Some four years ago, I decided to get my autobiography down on paper and it has taken that long to complete. As you get older the memories begin to fade and it was important to log it all down before that happened.

I haven’t been able to tell all, as I respect the safety and security of my mates and their families even when they are no longer on this mortal coil, but it was important I felt that their work was acknowledged and recorded before we were all no longer here to tell the tale. The stories have many facets and range over a wide horizon of both locations and missions, some of which may cause you to grasp, but they are all true if somewhat sensitively disguised sometimes.

I was, from the very start, commissioned to think outside the box. On occasion, I was sent to investigate bizarre and weird happenings, which could not be looked into officially, as it would have potentially damaged reputations if that were made public.

I have also been tasked on some very sensitive discovery where there was potentially treason afoot, or very dubious loyalties to the British people and the United Kingdom. These were often commissioned by elements left of field of the main body of intelligence gathering, which is allegedly there to keep you all safe! Maybe.

Sometimes that is working to a darker script, and where I am allowed, I have worked in enough clues for you the readers, to figure it out for yourselves.

This is not a book for the faint-hearted. It will take you outside of your comfort zone and is intended to do so, not by shocking you, but by requiring you to think and understand what has gone on, which you were deemed not worthy to know. This book respects you the readers for the intelligent and caring people I believe you to be.

It is unashamedly pro-British, but not xenophobic. I just happen to think some of the men and women with whom I have worked are the very best in the world at their undercover and dangerous crafts. They deliver this work with a tireless devotion, little to do with any rewards they may receive financially. It is a vocation and they do the work because they believe in this country, the United Kingdom and act where possible from the moral high ground.

On occasion I have had to investigate people who were less than ethical in their motives and hopefully over years, this has had a good influence on matters in general. This is not to say that I too, have not made mistakes, we all have; hindsight is a wonderful thing. One only wishes those in control would have the courage to admit their own mistakes but that is seemingly an unlikely hope. This is why perhaps some people like me need to speak up and call them to order, so that you, the people, can encourage them to do better over the next fifty years than has been achieved in this last half century.


Peter Paget, 30th November 2016.

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