ALSO SEE Sean’s audio update from Prison on March 20, 2019 here:

To help Melissa re-settle back into society after her recent release from prison DONATE here:



Quick correction to my NIGHT OF THE JAGUAR piece.

The 13 year cycle ENDS with another ALIGNMENT with GALACTIC CENTER on December 21, 2025.

But here is a quick list of what is to COME!:

1. 2020-Trump is reelected president of the United States.
2. Trump may NOT survive this TERM, because once again, he runs dead into the ZERO CURSE of a conjunction of SATURN and JUPITER across the US CHART, which has killed presidents elected in ZERO YEARS! The curse was BROKEN with the NEAR assassination of RONALD REAGAN, and George W. Bush came CLOSE when a hand grenade tossed at him during a speech in the UKRAINE MIRACULOUSLY didn’t EXPLODE! Also, I had conversations with the SECRET SERVICE and gave all the astro stress points where he needed to be protected…WHICH THEY HEEDED! (Sorry about that)
3. 2020–IN US CHART same aspects as THE BATTLE OF LEXINGTON…so this may begin a US CIVIL WAR.
4. June 1, 2022–A SUPER NOVA will appear in the sky on the RIGHT WING of the constellation of CYGNUS THE SWAN, also known as the NORTHERN CROSS! This supernova exploded in 1638 AD and the LIGHT will start to reach us by then and should last for 3 months. Madame Blavatsky called this “THE DEATH STAR” and “it will bring a horrible culling of man and animals.”
5. November, 2022—USA experiences its PLUTO RETURN with Pluto moving to 27 degrees CAPRICORN. This was a NEW START for the USA as we finally declared INDEPENDENCE in protest over the TYRANNY of the BRITISH BANKS, TAXES and LEGAL OPPRESSION. SOUND FAMILIAR? Nothing like NOW at ALL!
6. Between Nov. 2022 and Dec. 24, 2024—Pluto moves BACK AND FORTH over 27 degrees CAPRICORN 3 times…just running us over, and backing up and running us over again and again. The break up of the country. EARTH CHANGES! CALIFORNIA DESTROYED! MIDWEST DESTRUCTION! Revolution. Financial chaos. Think all the bad parts of THE WHO’S “WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!”
7. Finally, PLUTO moves into AQUARIUS, really beginning a NEW GOLDEN AGE for Mankind on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2024. AND…Aquarius is MASSIVE SUDDEN CHANGE and destruction of the OLD system of slavery and oppression must END so something NEW and AMAZING can talk its place.
8. December 21, 2025…ALIGNMENT WITH GALACTIC CENTER…LIKE 2012….THE END OF THE NIGHT OF THE JAGUAR and a UNITING of the SOUL OF MAN and a raining down of amazing cosmic spiritual energy. Aquarius is the COSMIC MESSIAH pouring out the cistern of UNIVERSAL ENLIGHTENMENT upon us all!


So just wanted to get all that straight!

We now return you to the prisons in which you live.


Dr. Sean-David Morton
PO BOX 24549
Tucson, AZ, 89734




First: THANKS, PRAISE AND BLESSINGS again to JIM AND SALLY PATHOS who contributed enough for Melissa to get MOST of her trusty Ford Escape truck fixed. To Elizabeth Boyer who has come to visit many times and uplift me with her motherly love and grace and acceptance and went to see MM in the HALF HELL HOUSE in WATTS, to WENDY ANGEL for her magic cards, for Mama Lill and her information and COSMIC TRANSMISSIONS, and to the hundreds of people that have written me!!

I have responded to EVERY SINGLE LETTER, and with your help and love you have kept us alive. Melissa has been able to get the vitamins and foods she so desperately needs now for her worsening condition. What SHE NEEDS is a good faith healer…just as John of God is being framed and going to jail.

Melissa STILL needs to be on FULL DISABILITY…but they are forcing her to go out and look for menial work. Currently the BOP is in massive violation of federal law as they are simply ignoring the FIRST STEP and SECOND CHANCE ACTS made law on January 1, 2019. Melissa should have been OUT at home confinement March 5th, and has to stay in the Half Hell House in WATTS until May 15th…her ancient iPHONE was broken, which she uses for calls and email and texts as she is not allowed a computer, which explained her disappearance for about 10 days…couple with her having to go to the hospital for an attack of vertigo and brain issues.

So any contributions you can make, no matter how big or small, PLEASE send to her:


There should be a “COMING OUT OF PRISON REGISTRY” like they do for weddings, where friends and family can get you toasters and waffle irons and…underpants…and all the things you need to re-enter society.


Just as finally TIME has come back into sync with ARIZONA who, thanks to the wisdom of the HOPI, don’t DO the ridiculous DAYLIGHT CRAZY TIME, we are all back to the proper time zones and all back together as one in the great time/space continuum of the cosmos.

The Maya had a calendar not of MOTION and rotation around the SUN, but of CONSCIOUSNESS…and it is STILL in effect…and STILL stunning and amazing as it describes the UPWARD EVOLUTION AND ASCENSION OF MANKIND.

In 2012 AD the Mayan Calendar completed an approximately 26,000 cycle of our solar system’s journey around the central star in the constellation of the PLEIADES known as ALCYONE. When our sun aligned with galactic center December 21, 2012, it ended one stupendous cycle of time…but began a NEW ONE! THE GREATEST ONE! The one where we finally GET IT and truly start to wake up!

The Mayan calendar is based on HUMANITY and HUMAN cycles of 13 and 20….one wheel with 13 sprockets or teeth, interacting like a giant clock with a larger wheel with 20 teeth. We have 13 main joints in our bodies and 20 fingers and toes. 13 X 20= 260 which is 9 months, the gestation period of a human child AND the exact orbital rotation of a VENUS IAN YEAR= 260 Days (which unlike every other planet in the solar system….rotates CLOCKWISE…cuz she’s a GIRL and she DO WHAT SHE WANT!)

Now over the course of the AGE of the UNIVERSE which the Maya knew to be 16.4 billion years…there are nine levels of development and evolution and ascension…but most importantly they speak of VEILS, BLOCKS, CURTAINS over the HEMISPHERES of OUR BRAINS! So, you had both sides blocked….then THE MALE BRAIN or left lobe functioning, then the FEMALE RIGHT HEMISPHERE gets unveiled and the curtain drops on the other side, etc….

BUT/AND….As of December 21, 2012 and the end of the last 26,000 year cycle…we finally entered a PHASE of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, represented by the TEMPLES atop Chitzen Itza and the Jaguar Pyramid of Tikal…and now the VEIL HAS DROPPED AWAY from BOTH SIDES OF THE BRAIN!! We finally have access to ALL OF IT…MALE AND FEMALE TOGETHER!! Access to the QUANTUM FEMALE side of the brain that thinks in terms of symbols, archetypes, dance, motion, color, fluidity movement…and…sees things in QUANTUM and not LINEAR TIME! It is the area of the brain that is activated by LSD, psylopsybins, peyote, magic mushrooms, ayawaska and wahchuma! Where all of time/space happens ALL AT ONCE!

So it is truly the END of time, and we can now access all of time and space happening all at once!!

If only people like ME were OUT THERE to show you HOW!

But there was a WARNING that this new found knowledge and wisdom would come at a price.

December 21, 2012 began a 13 year cycle that ends on December 24, 2024 called the NIGHT OF THE JAGUAR! That in 2012 we would be SWALLOWED and eaten and digested by this cosmic darkness…and you have SEEN the forces of darkness and EVIL on the rise since that point. They are in LOCK STEP to oppress us and are not even hiding their agenda of total control anymore.

Jaguars are sometimes born with all their spots connected together, and we call these cats BLACK PANTHERS. Black panthers only live in Central and South America. And on a really FUNNY side note, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created THE BLACK PANTHER comic book character in 1963, and Eldridge Cleaver created and named the radical violent American Negro movement after that character. Well, I had dinner one night with Eldridge Cleaver and Ayn Rand, and I asked him about this and where he got the name. Eldridge said, “We felt it represented African strength and African pride and African heritage, and that it went to the heart and soul of the African-American experience!!”

“But…” I said, “Black panthers only live in Central and South America. There aren’t any black panthers in Africa….”

He paused and blinked a few times then broke out laughing hysterically yelling, “Those dumb [email protected]!$-ERS!”

The Maya believe beginning in 2012 that the WORLD would be SWALLOWED by a black panther, and it would be over the course of 13 years as we were digested in the belly of this cosmic jaguar that all the TRUTH would come to light, and that we would FACE our own darkness and the forces of EVIL would finally come to the forefront from behind the scenes and reveal themselves so that they could be fought one final time and ultimately exposed and defeated!!

I think we now see this every DAY on the news with the resurrection of the Zombie Crypt Queen of San Francisco, Nancy THE THING THAT WOULDN’T DIE! Pelosi, Charles “Grinch/Shylock” Schumer, Congresswoman Illan “I violate Sharia Law every time I get up and TALK!” Omar, and the twerky-jerky flailing nightmare “Superstar” they call THE A.O.C! TRUMP’s REELECTION SECRET WEAPON! Whose name stands for Alexandria Occasionally Coherent!

The result of what happens when you let an iPHONE raise your KIDS!

So does it strike you as WEIRD in the Mayan Night of the Jaguar that THE BLACK PANTHER becomes the biggest movie of the decade, grossing well over $1.4 BILLION, and getting an OSCAR NOD?

OR…and I could NOT make this up…while I was WRITING THIS, a story came ON THE NEWS, that some idiot woman at the PHOENIX ZOO, jumped over the barrier to the big cat enclosure, and was taking a PICTURE of HERSELF with her PHONE, and was attacked by a very angry female BLACK PANTHER! Now, she just got scratched and chewed on a little, and a quick thinking bystander gave the panther a plastic bottle to chew on so the moron woman escaped! But this is just ONE in a long line of incidents where people are injured or DIE trying to placate their massive EGOS by taking pictures of themselves! Car accidents, animal attacks, falling off cliffs…

This has now led to a NEW MEDICAL TERM…and I cannot make this stuff up…called:


Which stands for: SELFIE RELATED TRAUMA.

But seriously…we all here are waiting to be released from the darkness of DEBTOR’s PRISON by the new SECOND CHANCE ACT which became LAW January 1st…but we are now being told that everyone must write their congressmen and senators because the B.O.P. is just IGNORING IT and NOT letting anyone GO!! Trump’s new budget also SAVES $2.6 TRILLION by closing down camps like these and letting all these ZERO security risk totally NON-VIOLENT men and women GO HOME!! From darkness into the LIGHT!

And for those of you, like me, that are looking at 86,786 SEALED FEDERAL INDICTMENTS, and just waiting for TRUMP and the forces of light, truth and justice to finally pull the TRIGGER, we are now being told “BEWARE THE IDES of MARCH” or March 15, and that massive things are going down in the next few weeks. TICK TOCK! Even Sean Hannity on main stream FOX is yelling, “Just wait and SEE! JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!”

Well…from the cosmic MAYAN perspective…CHRISTMAS is COMING! When we CELEBRATE the miracle of our Savoir, our Redemption, the Winter Solstice. Because the exact MID-POINT of the NIGHT OF THE JAGUAR will be JUNE, 2019…starting this summer. With the light increasing, and the forces of darkness being all swept away, when PLUTO finally enters AQUARIUS ONCE AND FOR ALL on December 24, 2024.

Then the NEXT 13 year cycle which leads to the ONE REED YEAR and the coming of QUETZALQUATAL or the NEW MESSIAH… the FEMALE incarnation of CHRIST the IMMANUELLA.

QANON is saying “BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH! SEALED ^ UNSEALED!” Sean Hannity is saying, “TICK TOCK! My little birds are telling me something BIG IS COMING!” Bill Barr is finally in the saddle at the DOJ…and John Huber out of UTAH has been slaving away in the darkness with a staff of 750 people investigating “ALL THINGS CLINTON!” The WALL is finally being built to stop DRUGS, and SEX and CHILD TRAFFICKING and massive uncontrolled immigration.

And meanwhile, the DEMONRATS are losing their FREAKING MINDS…which was a very SHORT TRIP! INFANTICIDE, or RETROACTIVE ABORTIONS (which my MOTHER was a big proponent of in my case!), FREE MEDICARE for EVERYONE, FREE COLLEGE, LOWING THE VOTING AGE TO SIXTEEN…allowing ILLEGALS to VOTE in our elections, taking totalitarian control over 2/3rds of the US economy, STOPPING the DEVELOPMENT OF OIL, and the GREEN NEW DEAL which will take 20 years to implement, even though we only have 12 years to LIVE…turning all of us into the FLINTSTONES…so come and get your baby elephant vacuum cleaner while your husband rides his dinosaur at the rock quarry!

Remember PINOCCHIO? When all the boys ran away to PLEASURE ISLAND…and they GOT everything they EVER WANTED…then suddenly started turning into Democrats…uh…DONKEYS, right before they caged them up and shipped them to the SALT MINES?

Socialism is like a MOUSETRAP…the MOUSE always finds out TOO LATE…why the CHEESE IS FREE!

So, I have been through this dark night of the soul…and been wrongfully accused as part of a VAST conspiracy to make sure NO ONE ELSE ever dares to question the FedGovScum or try to use the Constitution as a defense. But their reign of evil is almost over. I will be freed soon, and I guarantee you all those involved will pay dearly.

So join me in the joyous chorus of voices that sing the praises of our own ascension, and just stand back and WATCH as all the HEINOUS VILE EVIL we have railed against for so long is swept away by the twinkling multi-colored LIGHTS of this new and glorious age….

All of us are now…..Half way out of the Dark!

Infinite Blessings

Dr. Sean-David Morton
PO Box 24549
Tucson, AZ, 85734
PS: ALL letters and cards are deeply appreciated and will be responded to! I will write EVERYONE BACK!



Dear Family and friends,

Our dear friend and protector Mama Lill finally got a message through from Melissa.

She has been in the hospital as right after she worked the Conscious Life Expo at the Los Angeles Hilton, the stress was just too much for her and she had a massive attack of vertigo.

The ENT she saw confirmed advance Menerie’s disease, arachnoid cysts in her brain that had swelled due to stress and hearing loss from the attack, which is even more horrible as she is a musician and had worked on her piano for the last year.

During all of this she obviously had not charged her iPHONE as it wasn’t allowed where she was in the hospital.

She is still out there broke and all alone…and should be looking at getting full disability INSTEAD of being FORCED by the FedGovSCUM into getting some garbage job while she is there in the Half Hell House…and she still has no where acceptable to go for “Home Confinement”…so she may be forced to stay where she is!!

The sheer viscious cruelty that has been demonstrated towards BOTH of us by these DEEP STATE government SCUM is unbelievable…for a “crime” with “NO VICTIMS AND NO MONETARY LOSS TO THE GOVERNMENT”.

And all this done to a woman who collapsed as the verdict was read…was CLINICALLY DEAD for FOUR MINUTES…and spent 3 days in the intensive care ward fighting for her life…and they STILL gave her 2 YEARS in prison…for doing nothing more than legally notarizing DOCUMENTS!

Add to this our “FRIENDS” on the outside who STOLE and SOLD everything we had, including our cats, looted our bank accounts, PRETENDED to be selling my books and keeping the money and stole and sold my car!

Leaving us with NOTHING to rebuild our shattered lives.

PLEASE HELP HER IF YOU CAN! Send anything you can possibly SPARE or share to:


Thank you all SO MUCH! ONLY LOVE CAN SAVE US ALL! Things are given as charity and gifts of the spirit return to us 10-FOLD!

“For if you have done these things for the LEAST of my flock…so thereby you have done them for Me!”


Dr. Sean-David Morton
PO BOX 24549
Tucson, AZ, 89734


Hey There! Hi There! Ho There! Everybody.  2/23/19

So in the awful saga of all of this last MARCH, 2018, I was taken to Dr. Columhi, an ophthalmologist here in Tucson. He told me that I had macular degeneration in my right eye and showed me pictures of it that should have looked like a well formed cone structure…but instead looked like a clown that had been hit in the face with a pie.

Now, I could still SEE out of that eye, and could read and watch TV and all with glasses, etc. But this doctor insisted that this operation was “absolutely necessary”. So begins the story. I was taken to a full on hospital where they did this procedure, and for several weeks after words, I had a huge black bubble bouncing around in my eye like a carpenter’s level, which then gave birth to 2 smaller bubbles that looked like the Disney Mickey Mouse logo burned into my eye.

When all this Mr. Bubble nonsense subsided…I was totally and utterly BLIND in my right eye. Well, Dr. Columhi THEN told me that as a result of the procedure that part of my eye was starved of oxygen and that “OF COURSE” blindness would occur.
To which I responded, “WHATAYA MEAN OF COURSE!”

“Well, you have to see another specialist to take out the cataract in your eye and now REPLACE THE LENS!” None of this was I TOLD when this happened.

Here is where I think the DOJ and the BOP were conspiring with each other. They KNEW I was acting as my own attorney. THEY KNEW that I was doing all the reading and paperwork and research on my own. Less than 3 weeks after this blinding boxes of my DISCOVERY, which I had never gotten DURING MY TRIAL, finally showed up HERE…and of course now I was blind in one eye and had to use a magnifying glass and special glasses just to read it, resulting in stunning headaches and my eyes weeping all the time like being forced to watch OLD YELLER again and again…

I put in complaint after complaint to the BOP, and the nurses, and doctors and advisors and councilors, FOR A YEAR, kept telling “30 days…coming soon! 30 days! Right around the corner…” One lady doctor said, “Well, it IS scheduled, but I can’t tell you the exact date!”

“Why?” I asked. She said, “Well…because you might escape!”

I pointed at the hallway door that led to the outside…and less than a hundred yards beyond that was the main road. No fence or wall, or anything. It’s kind of insulting really, that you could just walk out of this place anytime you wanted.

So I finally just started saying, “WELL, I guess HELL WILL FREEZE OVER by the time I get my eye fixed…”

And guess what? TODAY…HELL…FROZE OVER!

Not to know all those GLOBAL WARMING SCIENTIST eggheads, but it snowed like CRAZY here at the camp in Tucson. Like a white Christmas, we built a snowman and had snowball fights…until we were told that was technically class 4 assault and to KNOCK IT OFF!


This guy is Dr. DIAZ, and when I told him I have been waiting for 11 MONTHS to get my eye finally FIXED he was shocked. He did the exam and offered to write a letter of emergency to the prison to get this done as soon as possible.

I also explained to him that I had WON MY CASE already, and that I had UNOPPOSED and UNCONTESTED motions sitting in front of the 9th Circuit Court, and as soon as they got around to ruling, I would be FREE. But I can’t DRIVE or really do anything being blind in one eye…and that if I didn’t get it finally done in HERE…then I would have to add to my mult-million dollar lawsuit for damages and reparations.

But here is the GAME they play…The PRISON says it is up to when the DOCTOR can schedule it…and the DOCTOR says, “No…I can do it any time…it is up to when the PRISON schedules it…” So the Catch 22 games continue.

But…HELL FROZE OVER and sometimes miracles happen…

Infinite Blessings

Dr. Sean-David Morton
PO BOX 24529
Tucson, AZ, 85734

PS: ALL LETTERS will be responded to…so keep those cards and letters coming!

So I got a really cool Nick Fury eye patch…and back to camp I went, still awaiting that magical day when I finally get my cataract and the lens in my eye replaced and I can SEE once more



Dearest Darling Eternal Friends and Family,

Well, Melissa is finally out and about. She is at the FED “HALF-WAY HOUSE” (co-ed semi-jail) on the corner of Cripp St. and Bloods Blvd. in beautiful downtown WATTS, four blocks from the Towers in South Central. Indeed, the FUN CAPITAL OF NORTH AMERICA!

She will be working ROBERT QUICKSILVER’S CONSCIOUS LIFE EXPO at the LAX Hilton at Dr. Susan Shumsky’s booth this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So please stop by and say hello or drop her an email at: [email protected].

We set up a PayPal account for contributions for everyone out there to HELP HER!

She literally needs CLOTHES and SHOES and car repairs while she is combing the area for a new job and even a PLACE TO LIVE. She will be HOMELESS in less than 30 days. And bless her heart, she called in some favors and scrapped together enough to finally get her hair done today, bless her heart.



So many wonderful ANGELIC people pitched in for hurricane, flood and earthquake relief all over the world…consider this Hurricane FedGovScum RELIEF! And to help someone in NEED that you know and love, and has been UNJUSTLY PERSECUTED to levels BEYOND IMAGINATION!

And it wasn’t even the FedGovScum that cleaned us out! It was the people that pretended to be our “FRIENDS”, vultures and vipers, who just saw an opportunity to descend on the helpless. They gave away all our clothes, SOLD everything we had, and just STOLE THE MONEY! My classic 1975 FIAT, my comic collection, all our jewelry and furniture, all of our cats and kittens….sold for about $25,000. Then LAUGHED about keeping it all!!

This, by “FRIENDS” she TRUSTED!

This has all been the hardest on Melissa. Brandon Adams Tax Prep company filed her taxes, she NEVER got a tax return, got IRS FINES anyway, had HER personal bank accounts illegally cleaned out, and she only notarized and mailed documents on behalf of OTHERS! She suffered a STROKE during the court proceedings, which resulted in HER DEATH for FOUR minutes and 3 days in INTENSIVE CARE fighting for her life!! Just BEYOND THE PALE! And she is STILL dealing with MENERS Disease, and Arachnoid Cysts in her brain, and partial paralysis from the stroke, and a permanently crippled knee from the attack by armed jackbooted assault rifle wielding IRS thugs, POSING as “POLICE”!

With the help of so many of our friends like Kerry Cassidy, and Lorien Fenton and Mike Nitehawk Ringley, and JP Peron and MR. RHO, and Louise from the GOLDFISH REPORT and so many wonderful friends, WEB and radio personalities, we raised nearly $10,000 for our APPEAL and DEFENSE using over a year ago.

Just to show the level of sheer hatred and malevolence at work here, DOJ Prosecutors Valerie Makawitz and James C. Hughes, THREATENED and our friends saying that WE WERE NOT ALLOWED TO RAISE MONEY FOR OUR LEGAL DEFENSE…and FORCED THEM to send the money BACK!!

Is this STANDARD PRACTICE now for the DOJ? Or law enforcement? Is this what they do to everyone now? Or just those that question their tyranny?


Melissa’s appeal is pending. And she is now desperately in the hunt for a JOB and a place to LIVE and work clothes and shoes.

I have already WON with my 6 Dispository Motions that remain UNCONTESTED and UNOPPOSED, meaning all of this will be DISPOSED OF shortly and I will be freed. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop in the messed up, backlogged 9th Circuit court who are 3 judges short right now.

Apparently, all the letters I have written to Kelly Ann Conway, Melania and Ivanka Trump, Jared Kurshner and the President himself, who I met on the campaign trail, all had some effect. Someone from UPSTAIRS finally said, “OKAY! That’s enough! Lay off this guy!” Which I believe led to that FedGovScum giving up and leaving the field of battle.

So thank you all for your help and support…every little bit helps! “When were you in prison Lord? When were you naked and we did not clothe you?” and the Lord said, “If you have not done this for the least of my flock, you have not done it for ME!”

So, get yourself a nice warm, cozy, comfy and warm place amongst the lambs on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the LORD thy God on Judgment Day and help her and give whatever you can!


Dr. Sean David Morton
PO Box 24549
Tucson, AZ, 85734



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