I interview Pierre Sabak, author and expert on ‘the language of symbolism’ about what he terms the alien code found in language.  (see bio below).   1pm PT / 9pm UK time  Wednesday, Feb 20, 2019.

Bio:  Pierre Sabak first became interested in the subject of UFOs, when as a child he saw a landed ‘rocket’ in a field whilst playing outside. From this moment onwards he has had a deep and profound interest in ‘flying saucers’. Sabak has lectured extensively on the subject of ‘Angelic Sailors’ and has been featured in numerous publications, including David Icke’s ‘The Lion Sleeps No More’ and NEXUS magazine. A world leading expert in the field of ‘Illuminotics’, he has also served as an advisor to Ridley Scott Associates.  (for more see below)…


Bio continued:

Biographical Details Pierre Sabak – Symbologist and Comparative Linguist

A Graduate of Fine Art (single hons) and a former Member of the Institute for

Learning (MiFL), Pierre Sabak has obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Further and Higher Education from the University of London. Offered a place to study Theology at Oxford University, Sabak chose instead to complete his Degree in Painting and Art History at the University of Wales, where he became fascinated with the ‘Language of Symbolism’. Sabak’s work is unique, in that his writing combines Visual Theory (Semiotics) with the Deconstruction of Ufology, relative to the Critical Evaluation of the Exotheological Tradition.

A Pioneering Symbologist, Pierre Sabak is famous for his development of the field of ‘Skaphology’ (the study of angelic vessels throughout religion and mythology). An academic and researcher, Sabak is well known within British Exopolitics. A leading expert on linguistics and ancient ciphers, his major breakthrough within Ufology is the ‘Uncovering of the Artefact’ – a secret ‘Alien Code’ found within language. Currently Pierre Sabak is compiling a definitive compendium – the ‘Serpent Speaks, How to Read the Symbols of the Illuminati’, and is the author of the Murder of Reality, Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon’ and ‘Holographic Culture’.

Pierre Sabak can be contacted via his website www.pierresabakbooks.com or

e-mail: [email protected]. Books and DVDs can also be obtained from his webite. Please subscribe to his Youtube Channel Pierre Sabak.


I believe we have gotten to the bottom of how 5G and AI is part of an overall plan to pump RADIATION into the atmosphere and our bodies in order to create a Humanity 3.0.  Those who can’t handle it will die and those who survive will morph to take on high levels of radiation and even gain superpowers as a result.

Two examples :  The Incredible Hulk — was dosed by a Gamma Burst of radiation
Spider Man was bitten by a RADIOACTIVE SPIDER.
The plan is for Humanity to mutate or die.  Listen to this riveting expose of the nature of how human language reflects the clear indication of Reptilian dominion over us and the Earth and how we will escape that through becoming increasingly telepathic.  This is a two way street and humans can turn tables on the controllers by remote influencing… yes reversing the effects of mind control and creating a world we want to see.–Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

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