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  Top of the day to everyone, here it is Thursday and You have read the last report I did on New Madrid. I wish to give the final rest of the report and the quakes that took place off the coast of Victoria Island Canada three days ago, and how it is going to effect the things I am going to mention here. I have been in contact with several these last few days about events that we are seeing. This report here is covering many things that most are not privy to and some just refuse to acknowledge as facts. And that is what it surely is, FACTS. But first, I would like to thank some people who have went out of their way to make sure the facts and the truth are still kept in the publics eye. First, David Freeman who some how got the videos I made on You Tube back out there and he is a champ. Thank you David for what you did. And also Patricia Sheppard who has worked non-stop to create the and maintain the Face Book=Project Aquarius-Official site along with Lisa.  Mary Greeley for her confirmation and help. And the various scientist who have shared information with me these last several days, it only helps to look and know what is about to take place.


  And Elizabeth Duggan, the Ark of Gabriel is a fact, it is one of three arks left here and this one was found under the station under the mosque in Medina 2 years ago, as I am told the Russians moved it to the Antarctica. Why? I really don’t know at this time. And the things on [REMOVED} he was a fraud and many things he said to have claimed were proven to be scams and hoax’s. I don’t wish to discuss things concerning him or others that cannot prove what they say or have passed on. But thanks’ for the question. And also {_____}, I don’t know what the question was, sorry, I am ancient. You have my email, send me the question and I shall get back with you on it. Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot for keeping the blog going forward, we do have some things in common, you investigate and so do I and I keep you posted as they come to me. And finally, Annette who works also on the site and my dear friend JP Rolls, he is the one which made all of this possible. The book is surely doing great…?


  I have became interesting to some since I have openly talked about the Yellowstone situation, what FEMA isn’t saying or lying about in many cases. Right Jennette F? She is talking about some things that I have said openly. Thank you Jennette. But what I have been told here in the last few days, that Yellowstone doesn’t fit into what scientist first thought about it. One, the magma chamber is larger than they thought, I said that two years ago, now they admit it. Two, it could very well be the controlling force for the ring of fire, I said that three years ago. Three, it has been expanding more the last five years now, I said it would some ten years ago, but hey, the scientist thought that I didn’t know what I was saying since I am an archeologist, but they also forgot that I had a Masters Degree in Geophysics to, And my studies went way beyond what they understood. It is great we can now talk as professionals. So with that said, I have spent the last 12 hours digging for my older notes and journals and this is what I was saying and now comparing them to the current event we are witnessing today. By the time we get done, most of you will be geologist yourselves.

  One on my journals from 1991, I saw that the evet known as the Dryss Cooling period took place some 15K years ago, the start of the Ice age as most know it, then around 11.6K years ago, the warming started. Things started to thaw causing some climatic changes, many animal species such as the Woolly Mammoth, dire wolves, North American camels, horses, rhinos, many animals could not adapt and they vanished, core samples from the ice shelfs show this to be a fact. Then about 200 years ago, it started to increase, a cycle repeat as some call it, because this has happen before, get this and remember this number now, scientist said it has occurred around every 3500-4000 years with traumatic events that take place. Something effected the gravitation forces as they state=natural Geo science Journal-2018, Scientist thought they knew, but now they are finding out that this has taken place before. Virginia Tech researchers found out now that a huge slab called the Fracturium/Fallallon Plate broke off from the North American plate and sits on top of the Yellowstone magma chamber today, it is also moving and possibly faster than one might think. The proposal ideas directly contradicts what they once thought they knew of former beliefs and teachings, openly stated by Ying Zho-Theorectical Seismologist. I wish to thank him for sharing that with me by the way. My videos must have been educational, because he watched them.

  Here is what I said in 1991, my journal when I was at the agency. If the North American plate position fixed plums of Yellowstone, it will displace other volcanos toward areas as that of Idaho, Oregon, Washington State, simple areas as that of geysers in California and other areas. It will eventually cause them to come alive and erupt sooner than first thought. Are we not seeing this now? This week, a new fault line was discovered near Mount Hood, and it is rumbling, and might be ready to erupt also. Just like Mount Saint Helena’s inner dome in now rising. To mention also Mount Riener, Shasta, and many others. But the deep plumes could position them selves closer to the surface and create ground temperatures to rise which in turn could start another thaw and then BOOM, it erupts into a catastrophic event. I wrote this down in 1991 and is it not so/ well most of it is, but follow me here, this is only going to get better. This plate that sits on top of the magma chamber is some 300-400 ,miles deep, the known crustal displacements. It does effect many things that we are seeing take place. Artic lakes are disappearing, just vanish overnight, huge cracks in the artic ice, and the artic ecosystem is vanishing because of it. This has already happen this year in Zemlya Russia and no answers, well none they wish to admit to. It is also effecting the climate, weather changes, droughts, wild fires, unheard of seismic activity increased, darkness in places that cannot be explained. It is baffling if one sticks to the traditional science that they once thought they knw, but now it is getting very serious and they are looking outside the box.

  In Australia, they are losing their animals to draught and many farms cannot feed them, so the sheep, cattle are having to be put down, they are starving to death, kangaroos, dingo’s, croc’s are vanishing, rivers there are drying up or have already dried up. Grain prices there are up 30% this year and the farmers cannot afford to feed the animals. Snow fall unlike ever witnessed in Bolivia and again, over 18K sheep and Lamas found dead from the intense snow fall. Violent storms we have witnessed in the last five years and they are on the rise in intensity. A known fact and proven. Hail the size of cantaloupes in places, rains in places that doesn’t need it and drought in others that cannot even beg for it. Strange wind patterns and cloud formations, strange booms heard around the world, lightning coming out of no where at a moment notice, and can’t be explained, no clouds in the sky at the time. The moon seems to have shifted in some parts of the world and people are saying to me, it doesn’t appear to move, it sits there for hours and then it is gone, and others ask me about the strange haze covering the moon, But we all know the poles are surely shifting, this is no grave secret. In places, the air seems thicker than normal, or the smell of something rotten, acid ranked smell’s. What is this all about, and what is causing it? It is all seismic electrical discharges and plate movement, from pressure being created upon the world. Follow close here, I will say some things that you might not understand, read it again if you have too, but I will explain it the very best as I can.

  Frequencies inside the earth as it turns are off keater, the poles are being pushed against their own electricity polarities and from an outside sources. Remember that I said, keep that number of 2500-4000 years in your thought. It is stated that every 3600 years Niberu comes around. It is well due to come now and NASA and the ESA have noted the celestial system headed this way. But it is surely effecting the tectonic plates world wide, but lets look at the American continent for one, we live here where most of this is going to take place, but it is also going to hurt the rest of the world as we have also said. Lets call it, aaaah? How about Plate Pandemonium? I think that will cover the subject that IU am trying to explain. Many studies show that the North American plate is separating, recent data from 2017/18, the Mexico quake of 2017 showed that the plate there actually broke off. Dormal fault ruptures in what is called a marginal rupture and it was a 8.2 if those remember it. What that means the underground slab was being stretched, extended and then compressed until something had to give.  The epic center was about 100 miles deep. It was a very violent quakes and many people perished. What caused this as some did ask me? Simply that the plate itself cooled down, became brittle and then you now what come’s next.

  NASA Jet propulsion Laboratories showed that something in deep water caused much of the quake on land, words spoken by Dr. Eric Sielding.  Come on Eric, be a team player here and take the honor, for after all you knew about all of this months before it took place in Mexico, but you didn’t share your data with not one person, how do you sleep at night knowing that you had a chance to give a warning, possibly save hundreds of lives,  but your PhD status wouldn’t allow you? But as we now go to the Cascadia Subduction zone, it bends, cracks, takes on salt water, it will warm itself from underground thermos,, dehydrate and then ruptures. But only this time, they are saying the well overdue quakes in Cascadia will be greater than a 9.0 and the destruction and loss of life will be unfathomable to the nation. Another perfect storm for the west coast to experience and YES, you will soon. When the slippage takes place, it will be violent greater than ever recorded in human history. They will slip, fall, fracture land masses, whether they are shallow or deep, intellectual endeavors are still understudying the effects of how greater they will be compared to other quakes. The quakes even at a 8.5 will cause destruction beyond imagination and loss of life also. As powerful it is expected to be, the ocean floor will separate and up surge of land mass, and down fall of plates creating a tsunami some 200-300 feet tall. This comes from the FEMA ISR 214 I read and showed to you on one of my videos, what FEMA isn’t saying.

  With Cascadia as fragile as it is and to throw Yellowstone into this also, certain New Madrid falls right in there along with them. But understanding them will surely save someone’s life, I called it being prepared did I not? But also still, inherently mysterious. And they are effecting the weather also, not just the quakes, but the seismic activity and I know, someone is scratching their head saying how does the earthquakes effect the weather? Great question don’t you think? The changing of water temperatures and currents that control the seas around this nation, and worldwide. Look at the last five years alone, the hurricanes have increased in size and intensity have they not? Look at Florence for example, It was said by me it would reach Cat 5 before land fall, and it was at one point at Cat 4, and the wind currents had also changed and stalled it over South and North Carolina, dumping tons of water which flooded areas and homes, they are still cleaning up after it today. Michael did the very same thing, and wind speeds increased in a matter of a few hours. The calling it by myself as that of the “PREDICTABLE UNPREDICTABLITY”, SO WHAT IS THE CAUSE AND EFFECT HERE?

  RISING OCEAN TEMPERATURES, AS GREGORY FOLTZ OF NOOA SAID TO ME LAST WEEK. A 30 year study of records showed an increasing trend in magnitude of hurricanes and typhoons intensity. They will become more severe as time goes forward. What does that have to do with quakes? It is called the “MULTI-DECODAL OSILLATIONS” of cold water from the North Atlantic flows southward toward the Equator and then back toward the north again. Seismic heat, plate strain, driving up water temps. The increase of storms will rise as the warmer water fuels them to their intensity. The cooling cycle has increased since the 80’s and has now prolonged to warmer water temp’s altogether, impacting rapid intensification as a permanent trend. Stroms in Hawaii, Guam, Indonesia, japan, Mariana islands, Papua New Guinea are all inside that ring of fire,. Winds in some of these storms this year ranged from 130-180 MPH as recorded by the various weather services world wide. We have seen excessive rain fall, tectonic heat rises, wind increasing in areas, hail the size of cantaloupes, flooding in areas that are almost washed away, the cracks and sink holes seen around the world, like an egg being boiled nd the shell eventually cracks if left in the hot water long enough. That explains it right there. An egg shell cracked, and scientist have announced this is the worst weather in the Pacific ever recorded.

  I have openly stated, this event will start in Alaska, lets take a look at things that have occurred I recent days. Northwestern coastal waters which were once frozen, have now suddenly melted opening a new ship passage, it only took 16 months to see this. Compelling data is relevant and scientifically telling us the profound effects, loss of the reflective ice and snow, heat absorbing ground, water exposed, getting more extreme as the changes are playing out globally. Although many are not telling the whole truth here, so gleam information from a variety of sources combined with the historical data, accumulates knowledge and points toward something dire in deed. It is as I shall call it, “INCONTROVERTIBLY WARMING ENVIROMENT”. I also say this, prove me wrong if you can, you will not because you and millions others know that I am correct here. A very bold statement to say, but that is me and I am very confident of what I have seen and know. The Artic tundra and permafrost are melting as a alarming pace, the release of toxic gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, helium oxide, and the ground cracking in many places around the world, land splits, pressure is building. But the money coffers keep enriching their bank accounts due to oil and gas exploration. The irony of all of this does not go unnoticed, we still have those who make outrageous claims, absurd remarks, or work hard to discredit someone, reasoning why I said what I did, prove me wrong if you dare, it has not worked out to well for them.

  The ic shelves are disappearing at an alarming rate effecting polar bears, seals, walruses, and many ocean fish that are dying off and washing up on shores. The health of the oceans are now threatened as that of red tide in Florida, Georgia coastal waters, Alabama, Texas reporting it also. With higher than normal levels of acidity and lethal toxins being found in the various waters around the world, no one can assure us that it is man-made finger print on it now. Tectonic strain as these gases are found in the upper levels of the Ionosphere that is creating higher temp’ effecting trees, water vegetation, the food supply as we know it as. Atmospheric conditions noted now, the wild fires in the Pacific coast this year was found out that much was seismic and volcanic in nature, but have they said that openly on the news? NO and they won’t either. So many ERICS don’t you think? The heat gets to high and another fire starts. Then NOOA/FEMA reports that with such rigor that roads in these areas have buckled, bridges are sinking, shifting of foundations, homes being swallowed up by huge sink holes, methane rising in lakes , rivers, just as I witnessed at New Madrid, and this is only one place. The complete ecosystem are changing before our eyes as things we take for granted everyday, are failing. This is and will be a catastrophic event in the worse way imaginable.

  Then we can look at the five major quakes off the coast of Victoria Island the other day, that is right, five, not three as lastly reported by the USGS, ranging at 6.6, 6.7, 6.6, and two 6.8 all within a 15 mile radius of one another. Several quakes took place also in the eastern side of Alaska when these five were happening. All connected to the Cascadia Subduction zone. It is only a matter of time and once this happens, the magma chamber at Yellowstone will go, it is a certain event to take place in your life time. Precursor warnings of something even greater to come, I have said this for a while, and the signs are surely there. The university of Washington reported back in May that they had found several smokers under the waters of the Pacific in these areas, there are fractures there and they have filmed them in about 800 foot of water.  

  I shall close for now and prepare again people, it is al I can and will say at this time, prepare. But there is hope, juts cannot say when, but I am assured it will occur. There was a 2.3 at New Madrid today and a 1.8 at Yellowstone. The signs of what is coming. I shall close for there are things I wish to take care of today, with very little sleep and a little dog to take care of. I hope this awakens your senses, and be watchful, this could happen without notice at anytime. May our Father bless you all and thy graceful hand protect you… Much love to everyone and help one another….Eddie Page
















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