MORTON’S LAW…  10/14/2018 11:50:26 PM

Dearest Friends and family…


Under the massive stress of finally getting my Appellate Brief in, last Thursday night I suffered a mito cardiac infarction, basically a mild stroke. My heart was racing, a massive stabbing headache, bulging eyes and my left arm and hand went numb. I asked to go to the hospital and was told that I was WELCOME to wait for the DOCTOR to come HERE at 0600 on MONDAY. So I may just die in here, and nobody would care.

It also appears that TIME and NEWSWEEK are going to do stories on our situation and what has been done to us…but I can’t trust them to do anything but amp up the smear and describe us as “DANGEROUS DISSIDENTS” and/or “Crazy SOVEREIGN CITIZENS and TAX PROTESTORS” NONE of which we are or have EVER BEEN! Again, I NEVER taught or spoke about TAXES. In fact they sent an undercover agent to buy me dinner and ask me about the 1099-OID process, and I told him “I never talk about. Too dangerous, and if people want to volunteer to pay, then they should, and there are many advantages to doing so…and it’s not something I teach or talk about!”


Be that as it may, Trump has presidentially certified that Sessions is a SLOW SOUTHERNER and MENTALLY RETARDED. He also announced yesterday that is SESSIONS stands in the way of FEDERAL PRISON and SENTENCING REFORM that he will simply OVERRULE HIM and GO AROUND HIM!

There are 51,709 SEALED INDICTMENTS just sitting there on PACER reading to be acted on and that means ARRESTING a WHOLE LOT OF CRIMINALS ALL AT ONCE! Is this TRUMP taking out the DEEP STATE ALL AT ONCE?

We have seen the STOCK MARKET drop by over 1300 points. Do not panic. My prediction has always been for a few years now that we would see the BIG COLLAPSE and a complete RESET of this system when the markets hit 28,000. I have said for years, since back in the DELPHI ASSOCIATES NEWSLETTER days that it was MORTON’S LAW that the MARKETS will always react about 20 days BEFORE the “popular wisdom” thinks something BAD is going to happen.


1. That the DEMONRATS take over the House and the Senate, and that SHUMER and NANCY PELOSI and MAXINE WATERS all take over once again. They would RAISE TAXES, destroy all the economic progress that has been made, TRY to IMPEACH Trump, and do NOTHING but conduct investigation after investigation.

2. The fascist propaganda arm of the DEEP STATE has become YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE, etc. They made a BIG MISTAKE when they took Trump’s personal friend ALEX JONES off the air (not that I am a big fan…but TRUMP is). Now they have REMOVED any and ALL Conservative CONTENT, over 8000 news sites and are savagely tearing down anything they don’t like on YOUTUBE creating this 1984 style MEMORY HOLE for any dissenting voices that QUESTION their version of “REALITY!”. It doesn’t help that hackers struck BACK against FACEBOOK and hacked 59 million accounts. If the REPUBLICANS win big, then you will see them use the FCC and ANTI-TRUST LAWS to break up these obscene monopolies that are used by over a BILLION people worldwide. This expectation if tanking the TECH STOCKS.

I believe the RED TIDE…or RED WAVE is going to be much bigger than expected, and if like watching CNN/MSNBC/NBS/HLN news anchors CRY and look all confused and mystified…then you are in for a treat. I predict you will see AT LEAST 54 to 56 seats picked up by the Republicans in the SENATE, and about 20 seats in the House. This will also lead to JIM JORDON becoming the NEW Speaker Of the House, replacing the milk toast hypocrite Paul “Eddie Munster” Ryan….

Election is in 35 days…so watch for it all to come down. The KAVANAUGH GAMBIT on behalf of the MOB-O-CRATS (which is what the word DEMO in Latin means: MOB) has severely backfired and showed them as the savage idiots they really are.

Meanwhile…18 years ago I said that I WAS TOLD by an English MI-6 agent that John F. Kennedy Jr. is possibly STILL ALIVE! All these years LATER there is a QANON and internet BUZZ that he actually IS and goes by the name of Vincent Fusca, and that he has been in disguise in the background at many of the current Trump rallies. Trump and Jon Jon were fast friends, and would stay up late nights trying to figure out how to save America.

Trump has said the FEDERAL RESERVE has “gone INSANE!” Remember that he still has FOUR MORE PEOPLE that he needs to appoint to the FED BOARD of Governors. So along with the 160 Fed Judges, he can change the nature of our country for generations to come…

Also, the murder of the Washington Post reporter in Turkey and the Saudi Embassy…possibly links to the cover up of the real reason behind the LAS VEGAS MASSACRE of OCTOBER 1, 2016

Meanwhile…to get COSMIC…I had heard this many years ago, but it was confirmed on ANCIENT ALIENS that RUSSIAN COSMONAUTS saw an orange cloud around the Soyuz space station that coalesced into SEVEN HUGE WINGED BEINGS that flew alongside the space station. This confirms information found in THE URANTIA BOOK that talks about the CELESTIAL SERAPHIM that are the conduits for UNIVERSAL COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM for the UNIVERSAL GOVERNMENT OF NEBADON, and that of the CREATOR SON MICHAEL…who incarnated as Immanuel Ben Joseph….better known as Jesus Christ….

And Meanwhile down in ANTARCTICA massive and unusual energies are coming up from the center of the continent, and possibly from the INNER EARTH that is challenging science as we know it. Not so long ago a massive CME-Coronal Mass Ejection, threatened life on Earth…and NASA announced that a SHIELD came UP from out of the NORTH and SOUTH POLES, up and out of the holes in the VAN ALLEN RADIATION BELT, and PUSHED BACK The MASS…and protected the Earth. NASA had no explanation….but now much more unusual things are happening.

The respected journal SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN is now saying “There is something mysterious coming up from the frozen ground in Antarctica and it could BREAK science as we know it!”

Well there are WORMHOLES forming in the Van Allen radiation belt void area over the POLE, that is causing MASSIVE RIPS In the fabric of TIME/SPACE as we know it. Why do you think JOHN KERRY was there on Election Day, or why all these world leaders have been going down there! In my SANDS OF TIME books I talked AT LENGTH about there was a FENCE that put up around Earth in the times of ENOCH and the FALLEN SONS OF GOD the ANNUNAKI or NEPHILIM or whatever you want to call them. Then WE started ripping holes in the fence with the NAZI BELL, the USS ELDRIDGE and the PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT and then massive atomic testing which TORE OPEN THE HOLES even wider, and has literally knocked the EARTH off its axis, which has now caused the shifting of the North Pole which has moved over 1600 Kms and is now somewhere in the Russian Sea…..

OKAY…stay tuned. If I live through this even when I get out I will be homeless, dead broke and naked. As ROCK BOTTOM as can be. Nothing like starting over from scratch.

Infinite Blessings



10/8/18  (just received this notice)


hey are showing 48 hours of THE X-FILES This week on TV…


Want to know how DEEP the CONSPIRACY GOES to put me where I am now?

1. Brett Kavanaugh was the SCOTUS NOMINEE, just as I predicted.

2. I predicted he would CLEAR the SENATE VOTE by 53. I was wrong. It was only 50 as one Republican thought his daughter’s wedding was more important than saving America and doing his job. I suppose I should have warned you that the Demonrats would be true to form and pull every RAT out of the moldy hat!

Since the days of Female Enslavement…er, sorry, WOMEN’S LIBERATION, NOW women have been WEAPONIZED and are being USED to smear anyone. The part they didn’t realize is that this movement would take out THEIR Beloved liberal darlings FIRST: COSBY, Moonves, Weinstein, etc.

And AGAIN, the whole new WEAPONIZED WOMEN thing should have been more thought out…like…there ARE no BLACK PANTHERS…IN AFRICA!

The symbol of their activism is the HASHTAG….#.

But BEFORE it was a HASHTAG on a telephone when I was a kid we called it the POUND sign. RIGHT? Right! So the very MOTTO and MANTRA of their “movement” is now:


(pause for laughter, snickers and applause)

Also….TRUTH: Julian Assange is about to RELEASE INFO on Hillary showing she SOLD military secrets to various countries like Saudi Arabia and Yemen…OCTOBER 20th….

TRUTH: I have PERSONALLY CHECKED on the legal service PACER and there ARE 51,709 SEALED INDICTMENTS just SITTING there waiting to be activated and used. And when the FEDS SEAL an indictment, you can BET some body is goin to JAIL, but this is never going to happen under the Presidentially Certified Mentally Retarded Attorney General Jeffy (needs psychiatric) Sessions….so watch for THAT to change….HMMMM….TREY GOWDY? Lindsey Graham?


Kavanaugh in his hearings ADMITTED that the US has been under MARTIAL LAW since Sept. 11, 2001…and that “The president has extraordinary powers in times of MARTIAL LAW!” HE SAID IT! CHECK THE RECORD!

Will Donald J. Trump FINALLY make GOOD on his Campaign promise to: LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP? WE WILL SEE! RED OCTOBER! 4000 arrests were made in SO CAL in the ENTERTAINMENT COMMUNITY and NOBODY NOTICED!


Tricky Dick Nixon had an ENEMIES list of about 50 people…and Kissinger had bugged a couple of hotel rooms at the Watergate trying to find out WHO was going to be the DEM NOMINEE in ’72…which Nixon then covered up and RESIGNED because of it (he was never impeached).

Barack Husain Obama….literally BUGGED THE ENTIRE WORLD and then WEAPONIZED the IRS to go after TENS OF THOUSANDs of his political opponents in the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT (and HE’S OUR HERO!) …and DEMANDED that his IRS and DOJ under LOIS LERNER and Eric With HOLDER, find a way to PROSECUTE these political opponents or ANYONE that was trying to stop him in 2012.

Then LERNER and HOLDER stonewalled Congress, IGNORED Congressional subpoenas and refused to give Congressional investigators ANY EMAILS or ANY evidence of all their wrong doing and what they had done. This was at the SAME TIME in the SAME offices of the SAME people that went after US….CONGRESS ORDERED them to preserve and turn over emails….which they then TRIED TO DESTROY, and then got CAUGHT, in sheer CONTEMPT of CONGRESS.

This was the CITIZENS UNITED CASE aTea Party PAC. Well the IRS ADMITTED that they targeted these groups and HARASSED THEM, by fining them and REJECTING their paperwork, and either delayed or flat out DENIED applications of non-profit political groups in order to STIFLE CONSERVATIVE GRASS ROOTS POLITICAL ACTIONS and to stuff all FREE SPEECH of the political forces who were foes of OBAMA in order to win election in 2012. They Targeted ANYTHING with the WORDS: JEWISH, ISRAEL, AMERICA, TAX or FREEDOM.

In our case it was at THE SAME TIME and with THE EXACT SAME MOTIVES!

They CLOSED this HUGE IRS SCANDAL and LERNER and HOLDER and OBAMA used the STONEWALLING of the LEGISLATIVE BRANCH OF GOVT. and somehow managed to totally SHUT DOWN this massive criminal investigation. This was to the dismay of, and in complete IGNORANCE of the Senate and House Republicans who demanded a SPECIAL COUNSEL for the investigation of the DemonRats who flat out ADMITTED they were out to STIFLE and HARASS and DESTROY any and ALL individuals, media or POLITICAL GROUPS that opposed Obama and promoted FREEDOM….


Exhibit A: The IRS SCANDAL made the US CONGRESS PROMISE THE PEOPLE that there would be a thorough and complete CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into the DEEP STATE DEPT. of JUSTICE…but, true to FORM, OBAMA, Holder and the DOJ PROTECTED THEIR CRONIES and CLOSED any and ALL Criminal investigations, refusing to open any of them again on…OCTOBER 28, 2015.

On November 2, 2015, five days later, they began INPUTS on OUR RECORD, and on November 3rd they took a SCREENSHOT and on November 4th….they got their SEALED INDICTMENT AGAINST US….ONE WEEK TO THE DAY of CLOSING DOWN the CONGRESSIONAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into THEIR LAWBREAKING and WRONG DOING against the American People.

Is this a coincidence? You decide.

We also were USED as THE VICTIMS in three separate cases against the TAX PREPARERS that did all of our tax forms FOR US! Again…WE were used as victims to convict THEM…and then WE were gone after as the PERPETRATORS of the scheme.

So does the DOJ and the US GOVERNMENT have a vested interest IN CONVICTING VICTIMS??? CUZ APPARENTLY THEY DO.

Prosecutrix Valerie Makawitz lied over and over and over that we were THE PERPETRATORS and ARCHITECTS behind the 1099-OID “Scheme” (all the IRS’s paperwork by the way). Men who taught seminars all over the country, to thousands of people, and in fact FILED tax documents for 459 clients…and not just a married couple who attended their seminars and are charged with conspiracy, false claims and filing false instruments that THESE MEN FILED ON OUR BEHALF.

So in doing my own Appellate Brief…the PRISON denied me ANY PHONES CALLS or ANY OUTSIDE CONTACT with anyone doing LEGAL RESEARCH or helping me on the OUTSIDE, so this has been a mind and soul crushing amount of WORK AND RESEARCH…but I think I have a REALLY GREAT AND BLESSED CHANCE to transmute all this DARKNESS INTO LIGHT….

Pray for me…along with everyone else as I am open to guidance and support from the benevolent ANGELS while this gets all wrapped up!



Dr. Sean-David Morton



I was astrologically planned to be born on October 1st, at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California. I was born 4 days EARLY (cuz I wanted to get the HELL out of THERE!) as my father wanted me born on HIS birthday, Oct. 5th….of course he also wanted to name me GERRY…..EEEWWWWW!

My SISTER was astrologically planned as well, and SHE was born on my mother’s birthday of April 4th…and they BOTH turned out to be hateful, spite filled venomous demons! Our trail was April 4th…which I always thought was my mother’s revenge from the GRAVE!

I didn’t cry. I just looked around, no doubt thinking, “DAMMIT! Back HERE…AGAIN!” My grandmother Ruth thought I was a magic child…much to mother’s objections that I was Lucifer incarnate (maybe THAT is where Melissa’s parents got that from!)

But having a DIGITAL BIRTH of 10-01 prepared me for the Computer AGE! As I was also born the SAME DAY as NASA…even stranger as I grew UP surrounded by American Heroes like Gus Grissom, Alan Sheppard, Gordon Cooper and all the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo astronaughts. My dad was PR director for TRW who built MOST of the NASA hardware, I got to go to launches and seminars, and learned everything I could about space and the moon! In fact I was one semester shy of a DEGREE in ASTRONOMY at USC.

October is just a MAGIC MONTH and MYSTICAL TIME! FOOTBALL! FESTIVALS! ROCTOBER! OCTOBERFEST! THE HARVEST! LOTS OF BEER AND CELEBRATION! COME ON! IT IS THE BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR! PUMPKINS and PUMPKIN SPICE, and the magic glow of sunsets and all that magnificent ORANGE! And it ENDS with a HUGE PARTY where we get to dress up as anyone we can DREAM of being, and honor the spirits of our deadly departed dead…and pray for their reincarnation and return!

We still celebrate it because in the GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA stands the prophecy in the sacred geometry that on October 31, of 2039 AD that the RE-INCARNATION of the QUICK AND THE DEAD would begin…Earth would become once again a SACRED SCHOOL and the MESSIAH would return to welcome all the dearly departed HOME once again…which is the REAL meaning of ALL SAINTS DAY (Celtic NEW YEAR’S DAY! ) on November 1st.

But ALSO October 1st WAS the CELTIC NEW YEAR! As the year used to only HAVE 10 months, until the Ceasers added JULIUS-July and AUGUSTUS-AUGUST….So Oct. 1 was really JANUARY 1…and that is why it was the Celtic new year and even now is the beginning of the FISCAL YEAR!

And Libra is unique for being the only INORGANIC MACHINE in the zodiac….a set of measuring scales. The Scales were the symbol of the ANUBIS, the Jackal headed god that weighed the souls of the dead against the white feather of the Ma’at…and if you took yourself TOO seriously or were weighed DOWN by your sins, you were fed to Baba the SOUL EATER and pooped back onto the Earth…which is no doubt why we live in a world of shiite! The ANUBIS later became CHRISTIANIZED as the ARC ANGEL MICHAEL…but he still carries the SCALES and the SWORD with a chain and Satan beneath his feet.

Libra is a MASCULINE CARDINAL SIGN…but it is ruled by the ULTIMATE FEMALE PLANET VENUS, with makes Libras beautiful, charming but also a bit sexually confused! And even the SIGN of Libra is a double entendre as though it LOOKS like a set of SCALES, it is ALSO the symbol of the setting SUN as the wonderful cooling days and nights moving into fall become of equal length and we see and FEEL the true balance between light and darkness…learning that one is not BETTER than the other, but that they are DIFFERENT with different purpose and challenges, like ying and yang, male and female, and we are absorbed into the Tao of the beauty between Brilliance and Shadow….

The horror for me is that I have had to spend my last two birthdays now in prison, because I was fighting for something that I truly believed, and I was was trying to HELP and FREE others from the chains and shackles of the oppressive slave based system that we are in. I was given this as a prophecy from the NAdi Leaves of Madras India, where the Pandit-ji warned me that at 58 I would be imprisoned for a short time.

Also, astrologically, I knew that I have SATURN in the 10th house, which is called a NAPOLEONIC SATURN (Nixon had this as well) and that in this life I would rise to great heights, only to be enslaved by the forces of fascism and evil that I have been killed by in Life after life. But as Napoleon had his ELBA and his St. Helena that I would live to fight another day and ultimately rise again to new and greater heights…

Pray for me this happens. And wish me a Happy…and HAPPIER TO COME…Birthday!

Infinite Blessings!

Sean David Morton
PO BOX 24549
Tucson, AZ, 85734


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