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From Hal Turner subscription only section:  sent to me by a “friend”…and reposted here in the public interest.


…”Covert Intelligence Sources on the ground in Syria confirm to me directly these aircraft are bringing in brand new Russian S-300 Anti-Aircraft Defense Systems supplied by Russia, with all the latest upgrades.

Normally certain vehicle components of these systems make them almost impossible to transport by cargo aircraft.  But today, those components are arriving DIS-ASSEMBLED,  i.e. the rocket tubes normally mounted to the top of launcher trucks, have now been detached to fit in the planes.  Similarly, radar components normally attached to trucks, have also been detached to allow all of it to fit inside planes.  Upon arrival, these planes are being swiftly unloaded with the cargo carefully obscured from public view.

It is estimated that within the past few hours, at least HALF A DOZEN model S-300 systems have already arrived inside Syria.  These are said to be complete systems: Vehicles, Launch Tubes, Rockets, Radar, and Communications.  More are already confirmed to be on the way.

The modern version of the S-300 air defense missile system is extraordinarily capable.  It has much farther effective range than the old Syrian S-200, and once installed, will be able to track and shoot down planes INSIDE the entire sovereign territory of Israel.

This was long-ago declared by Israel to be one of their “Red Lines”;  A cause for them to immediately attack or even go to war.

But after Israel used a Russian Electronics Intelligence plane as radar cover earlier this week, in order for Israel to launch a sneak attack with missiles upon Syria, resulting in the old Syrian S-200 erroneously locking-on to the Russian plane and shooting it down, Russia is now ready to face off with the Israelis.

The supplying of these completely updated S-300 systems to Syria is a “game changer.”  Said one of my former colleagues in the Intelligence community “Nothing good is going to come out of this.  This takes the troubles to a whole new level.””/ end of communique

Note:  This war is only an extension of the Anunnaki war (via Israel) with the Reptoids (underground in Syria and said to have infiltrated Russia).  Whether the above is signficantly different than other war being conducted non-stop in the Middle East for many years, is not clear.

And intel from Benjamin Fulford’s latest blog states, “First, in reaction to the recent Israeli stunt to fool Syria into shooting down a Russian plane in yet another desperate attempt to start World War 3, “An angry [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church may have declared holy war on the anti-goy Jewish faction, and may impose a no-fly zone on Israel until it returns the Golan to Syria, lifts the siege of Gaza, denuclearizes, and returns the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and all stolen lands to Palestine and Lebanon.”–Benjamin Fulford’s blog benjaminfulford.net/2018/09/24/khazarian-mafia-seeks-chinese-protection-as-military-tribunals-loom/

In that blog, it is worth noting that Fulford also highlights possible tiggering of the Yellowstone Caldera by the Khazarian Mafia as he calls them….

Both Eddie Page and former black project physicist, Richard Alan Miller have been claiming the Yellowstone super volcano will blow in the next six months or so…—Kerry Cassidy






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