From: Eddie Page 
Date: September 22, 2018 at 4:14:30 AM PDT


  HELLO KERRY, I LIKE YOUR STYLE FOR SOME ODD REASON, MAYBE IT IS YOUR HARD TACK ON CERTAIN THINGS. But I told you I would send you some interesting data and I shall explain it as I go along. I sent you some schematics concerning the rotational values and trajectories of the three Knight weapon systems. They are ours as I have explained. But I have many things to say concerning them as this government knows ever so well who they are and what their purpose is that someone is here fighting this war for you. They are weapons and they are here to defend mankind. I do not need to prove nothing on this matter, maybe just to have comfort knowing we are here. But when the satellite’s went down, a total of seven as we have said, not caring who believe in what or who, I told you first that they would happen and they did and you were the first to know. Did you tell your viewers this? They are controlled by encrypted codes as I have said, most would know them as a alien/or/ lets say, Pleiadian binary coded sequences. I have that coded phases here, below for your viewing pleasure…
ooooooo—–oo                                   Av3x square matrix x azimuth vectors
oo-o—ooooooo                                   10/16…10/17…prime number 43.33
  No one can control them, they are controlled from far away and I have no control of what they do at this time. Funny, how many of the trolls will attempt to decipher it, I will say good luck Brainiac’s. I simply share things to you for your understanding and I agree, you are having a hard time wrapping around this. I would too if I had no knowledge of these things. These weapons are pre programmed and only us, know the programming codes. But this is one of the reasons the New Mexico Observatory went down by order of the FBI? Not really, the military did it since the certain factors of someone inside the facility thought that we might be under an attack soon and saw some things that he should not have. Yet, isn’t it funny, the media proclaimed in all its glory the FBI was the acting agency here? But then the media also mentioned the Chinese spies were involved, then they came out that someone was using the telescope for some type of child porn ring?  Where in the hell does that come from, child porn ring using a telescope, where are they looking at, Australia? You see that is why I watch my enemies closely and once they reveal themselves, I cut them off like a bad habit. We can see that this satellite system was a part of an older system used in 1960 I think called Ozma, using the Frank Drakes equations, the Phi system is noted in this factor, and then the matrix of location and signal burst are mathematically calculated and the solution is then forthcoming. It is very complicated, and I know it as if it was yesterday’s news.
  So you see, this secret space program Is not much of a secret as I have pointed out. But then we urged Trump to release many if not all the facts and testaments concerning the data hidden from the public to include the Kennedy murder. They have done very little as of lately and we are very annoyed by this, and disclosure by Trump, and he to take all the credit? Reasoning why I said what I did about him and his back ground. I believe the very ones called Q-non have said the very same things lately. Most might know these people are part of the release of disclosure, 3 males and 2 females, all are working hard to get things open and out to the world. We do watch the very dark side as I have pointed out and we use their own people to bring them down, funny, now you know why these two who loved me so much as they proclaimed, were simply using my knowledge and good humor against me.  We used a satellite made by Russia for information purposes only, code title that as Snow Bird, and it went and filtered out the process of the communications the dark ones were relaying messages of certain locations they were setting up shop, Northern California was surely one of these sites, the other one vacated and left. But a small skirmish took place and many perished, but then that wasn’t on CNN was it?
  The satellites that went down were known as the following…#3-Chinese…#4-British…#6=United States,
#7-United States…#8-Russian…TEA 38 and ZEO 31 taken over by our systems to use against these ones I have stated. We could see, listen, but they could not. Sneaky lil Asses are we not? The skirmish took out several foreign fighter’s here with several Draconian’s and their players Zetas. So as we have said for so long, watch who you stand with and who you talk too. Shattering the Matrix was a cover front to get others all worked up over nothing more than disinformation and to place praise for those who are seeking the truth. Much like your Project Camelot. I knew that these ones were seeking to eliminate me and my siblings by separating us in hatred, didn’t work out to well for them, and I am not done with them yet. I have said a train wreck is coming their way, and it is. The hounds of hell are upon them and they don’t even know it.
  The things of these quakes and storms are just the beginning, might call me friend or foe as you have already done, but that is ok, I must be a friend since I am telling you things that others are not. But Donald Trump could be doing more and he should be, instead he is concentrating his efforts on this fake Russian probe. The indictments are there waiting to be hammered home, but have they, have we seen any served yet? No and you wont at this time. There are 50, 238 indictments in the hands of the federal government as I was last told. How will the American people react once they find out who and what has been living here upon the shores of this nation since 1947, and more came in 1953? And the nation as a whole knew this and kept it a secret? These treasonous ones start all with the Clintons, goes to the Rothchild’s, and Soros, and all are controlled by the beast in Rome. “ALL ROADS LED TO ROME/VATICAN CITY”. The sex trafficking, drugs for sale, created proxy wars, slaves, religion is all behind every bit of this as I have said. But then you said that this punishing god creature was nonsense and the Bible was hockey, in many ways that is true, but it is also why I studied the Bible for all my life, to know what was true and what was not. So, all the pedophiles in religion and they are now being destroyed, and I said this would happen did I not/ Most that followed our You Tube channel knew this had been said by all of us.
  So where are is all these crooks and murderers at, why are they still walking opening in plain view? Why are they not in jail, maybe that is why this nation is under judgement as we have said. The indictments are there and ready to be served, maybe this judge nominee is one of them, and who appointed him for starters? But I think the Judge is also being targeted by the ones I have mentioned also. And most of this evil is situated in Mexico and Central America. Wonder why the people from those regions are fleeing here to America, maybe the fear openly displayed there and they are fleeing for their lives and their children lives. All controlled by the Vatican and over 97% are Catholic controlled. YES< a war is well under way here and it will get worse, but by the time the end comes, most will be off this planet on the right ships as I have placed within the very ones I have selected along with my siblings and others to. Some one like Ari Kopel saying do not get on these ships is her loss, and stupidity, she was not a priestess as she said to me, but refused to say to others, and she couldn’t even look me in the eyes when we did talk. And someone who was so deviant and greedy as the one who proclaimed to the world that she was my sister, and oh she loved me so much, and oh she would die for me, couldn’t even tie her own shoes and used others for her own benefit. A real war is happening and these two were the first casualties made by me, and only me. My brothers said they have nothing to say to them or anyone for that matter, they are like me, we are very private and do much behind the scenes, but I was chosen to give the final message and I accepted handily, because I love humanity.
  But to say one thing and do another is reasoning to separate myself from them, because they were hypocritic in the worse way. I didn’t lose friends, in fact I gained friend’s who found out they were deceived by these two ones, have I forgotten them now, soon they will be forgotten by all since all have found out the truth. Did it catch me off guard? No, as I said, I went fishing and I caught two mud puppies. Shall I forgive them for what they attempted to do, I have no reply for that and most likely will not respond to it anymore. I am a very simple person, I don’t need much to get by, but then, I have always been like this, so the ones here are just that, simple and I thrug them off of me like dirt they became. But the ones I really want the most is the Clintons and the Soros of this world. I shall not be ever so nice to them, and I will soon come their way also, but then it is a touchy game they do play here. The Democrats and now Republicans are the very ones who have turned their backs on this nation, like the televangelist I have mentioned. I ask this to everyone, where is GOD in any of this? No where, yet didn’t our Father say Ye are GODS…John 10:34-35? Still think this might be nonsense here? Simply the people are the Gods we are talking about, but then the gods have been tainted by the very ones we are saying and exposing. Not some 4th-5th-6th, or 7th dimensional beings, and not one understands the factor that go with this.
  The things with the volcanos cannot be stopped, and the quakes will get more worse than one can imagine as we have said. They will start in Alaska as pointed out, and move southward along the Pacific Coast and things will happen suddenly too. I watch these areas everyday as you might know of. The REX 84 agenda is for a fact and we know who is behind all that. YOU do to, the ships are massing for the final waging of this war, who will stand against the tyranny we have pointed out? Religion has always been about control and they too have blood on their hands. I sleep very good most of the time, well when I do sleep, I have a very clean consciences, I have been here to assist and help, and defend, and I still shall do just that. This nation is so divided because of these ones mentioned and to create the havoc we have witness over the last 30 years or so. When I said the coming race war and Armageddon would be here in America, I gave consideration and much thought in that, and it is true, it will be here as I wrote about it in the early 90’s, America Babylon<and how many can and will stand up for what is right and wrong. Will they have the guts to defend their family, or some perfect stranger, or shall they be like a Bernie Hahn and talk a good game, but has not the guts or the knowledge to do so, and shall perish with the very evil I have mentioned. Never accepting others for what they are, GODS fathered creation, something greater than what mankind could ever imagine, and thankfully, a many are now to realize this. I shall say that there are many who will stand up and defend the rights of the innocent ones, and send the Draconian beings packing, and those will be the ones who shall see this new world I am talking about.
  But I have now spoken with you on many times and I have enjoyed the facts that you area real messenger as we are, but then you have experienced the sites and trouble that others have also. Funny, the private eye’s that watch your shows, they try many times to disrupt your shows with frequencies that are aimed at your receivers and sometimes you might witness audio set backs, the feed might go blank, or you just lose the entire show. This surely has taken place in the past, and once the truth is at your finger tips, things like this take place. But we are there to correct it as best as your technology will allow. I think that many might have witnessed this also. But my time is valuable at this time, and watching the quakes and situations with many now awakened volcanos, I am situated with much data, but soon, I will come back on your show and talk again. If I was you, I would welcome the matrix crowd who have came over to your channel and have made subscriptions to Camelot. I also welcomed them on my Face Book Page. I don’t think they came because of the pretty face and the Cheetah which Is surely a very nice thing to watch, but because you are the truth and that they wish to learn more and  as I have said in the past, knowledge is power. I shall say no more about that, they are smart and know as you and I do.
  But I will surely give a shout out to my friend Jay Rolls, he has been a real trooper in much of this and has now witnessed the crafts himself first hand in England. He was also one who was a little skeptical, but being a writer as he is, one has to be when dealing with this subject. But he isn’t no more as many are now witnessing these events unfold. Have you ever seen one of our crafts? If not, maybe it is time for you to have a visit of the best kind, and what shall you say to your viewers then? That is yet to be seen. I surely also would like to mention that Paul Collins and I are talking much more these days, and he is going to receive a blessing very soon, I surely hope he tells you about it. You see, it is like this. Be nice and loving to others and things of greatness shall come to you, but go out of ones way to harm, destroy or deceive others for ones own gain and never caring who you run over, well…You know what happens then. Hope your weekend is great for you and your week starts out better than the last one. I shall close for now and I shall keep you in the loop as I have done in the past…Peace and much love to all your viewers, to include the trolls…Eddie Page

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