More from Eddie on the Draco and Coming of Nibiru


My latest interview with Eddie Page about the his prophecy regarding the coming Draco invasion and return of Nibiru:
From: Eddie Page <[email protected]>
Date: September 4, 2018 at 7:15:12 AM PDT
To: Kerry Cassidy <[email protected]>
I have and know about much of this stuff with the CFR, The Bilderberg’s, Trilateral Council, but lets look at Wall Street, The Bohemian Grove Group, The American politics system, all these illegal trade deals that are taking place behind closed doors that no one ever hears about? I also have Holy Blood-Holy Grail and I have read it several times. But are they the real Illuminati? These people do it right out in the open today, like there is no shame at all, they are proud of it. But very few ever mention the real disguise behind the ruling parties, the Vatican, where is anyone talking about them? Showing the real evidence? Then we can look at the facts of religion in this nation, has anyone exposed these criminals called televangelist? I have looked at these scum bags for years and even talked to a couple of them.  My parameters go way beyond many things and involved with the destruction of society as we know it. No I don’t misunderstand what you are saying Kerry, I understand much and reasoning why things are happening the way they are.
  You are a champion of truth and most of your viewers see this as I do, but we also have to deal with the hawks that swoop down occasionally, they are a dime a dozen, but again, one must deal with them and I do. And it doesn’t take very long to reel them in and them cast them away like they should be, but then, there is always someone else there to take their place. A game as they might think by trailing someone like me or you because we are way to close to the truth. But in my case separated from yours, I was and have been witnessed to much crime, murders, drug running, sex trafficking, and seen who was behind it and would I be apart of any thing that is as vile as what many of us has seen these last few years, and knowing who these players are? I was doing a complete investigation of the Clintons while I was also involved with the Roswell facts, and I was told by a very powerful lawyer at the time to stand down, my life was at jeopardy because I had evidence on them that would have shut down Bill Clinton and his cronies and they would have all went to jail, but an innocent man was executed for crimes he never did. I was there that morning in April of 1993/Waco Texas as 93 people burned to death and the world watched. I watched some 200-300 Christians cheer because these people were murdered by the Fed’s, like it was a sporting event. Where was the justice in all of that? I still have the evidence today and the names and players involved. 
  But these people who do make claims and never show the evidence, is just like many who are doing the dumbing down of society, they can say one thing and everyone wishes to jump on board, and then once they find out that this is not true, they are moving to another tree of knowledge and grasping what ever they think they can grasp. I know all to well about the facts of these people and this mis-aligned understanding called the Illuminati. I shall say this, these people are much aware of what is happening in the world and they do fear people like you for just talking about it? Might be why Google shut you down for a short, they were sending you a shot across the bow. One has to tip toe at times through the various mine fields they place in front of us all. These people do not play fair and will get very nasty if they need to.
  I cant speak for you, but for me, I invite them to the party that is coming, but of course they would only send some wanna-be to try something stupid, and they have in the past, didn’t work out to well for them, but they are still here are they not and we are still having these conversations. I am a retired Government agent and worked proudly for this nation in which I did at one time have faith, belief in and served openly as I was instructed by my Father to do, but once the things prophesied started to take place, the hammer would drop soon afterwards. And it surely is, but being on the inside as long as I was, I did see much and it sickened me to witness the very things this nation and its corrupt leaders did. I often wonder what this nation would have really became if John F. Kennedy had not been murdered, and yet, I knew who was behind it and why. But the sources today have mostly died off, young people today are so naïve to the facts of what is taking place around them, and sadly , most don’t care. That is the reality of all of this. Children are our future I once heard, really? Sadly the future doesn’t look to bright. This is real disclosure as we see it, not drip disclosure as one of my sisters call it.
  The data is at my finger tips if anyone would love to see it, and some do and are shocked. Had some people come from Kentucky the other day  and three were ministers from some churches there and spent time with me because they have seen the videos I have done of what is to take place, they left more wiser than they came, and they will be back, the Bible is something that most people wish to know about since some of it has been misconstrued to nothing more than lies, deception created by the very ones we are talking about. We are dealing with very dark forces here and we are not talking about some fantasy laden script as much of the religious proclaimers are saying-televangelist, why I asked you a few weeks ago, why people are not talking much about these rock star status quo preachers, but you said who would even watch them? I say this to you, they are part of this scam we are seeing every time on television and they are all involved with it, they are all part of the fracturing of this nation who proclaim they are the children of GOD, no one wishes to take on these murderers, these rapist, and drug dealers, they are all aligned with this idea of the Illuminati, they are the illuminati Kerry, they are all connected to the ones we mentioned in the beginning of this reply to you. But are we so scared to say that religion is a scam and it controls 90% of the people of the world? It can be anything, to include Islam, but all roads lead to Rome-Vatican City. The very heart beat of what we are trying to uncover…Not some conspiracy theory, but true and real-creditable facts presented to the people like your viewers and people who are watching the facts on our videos.
  We are in this together Kerry, and I have listen to some of your interviews, awesome as I have said, but then there are some that say one thing, and go to a new video by someone else and they say something differently. We are all wishing to sing the same song, but there are a few who surely are off key here. I have mentioned them to you, and I have exposed them to you, but do we stand against them, or do we move to another topic to appease someone’s ideas of what is happening and have no creditable evidence to back it up? No, Paul Collins is not my problem, I even invited him to join us for getting the facts out there, but no reply from him, But he surely is not my problem, but he surely did find out what I did to Mr. Wardle in 1993 did he not? I could have easily denied that to you, but I admitted that I was there and that it happen the way this Miles character described it. Why would I lie to anyone? I don’t, and those who don’t wish to believe, then that is their loss, not mine, but I shall never sugar coat anything for anyone to appease someone’s data or what they think they might know.
  No Kerry, I have not misunderstood you or what you have said, You are a very smart woman and have a huge following, I take my hat off to you and all your viewers, but then you did the back ground on me, nothing is hidden that I am ashamed of and again, I have dealt with the hawks who attempt to tackle what ever it is I am revealing at the time, and some of these hawks have been dealt with by me harshly and personally, like Mr. Wardle. Funny, we don’t hear from him anymore do we? He and the intel group he was with slithered their way back to the UK and hid out for a while. They have taken another shape and who controls them today? The Vatican, and who controls the Illuminati, the Vatican, who are the religious right who have taken control of much of this nation, the Vatican…Who are the Bilderberg’s, the Boheminon Grove, the Trilateral Council, CFR, the United Nations, Clinton Foundation, who controls them? The Vatican, and finally, who is the beast mentioned in the Book of Revelations, you have it, the Vatican. So yes, to your question, I surely should know who they are, well I do Kerry, and have seen many first hand and dealt with them on my terms. I have told people these last few years who I was and who we all were, all 33 of us. My Twin brothers keep me focused of the things I need to be focused on, but they also know that I am talking openly as I was instructed to do.
  I have given the warning, to all, and especially you, but then many are watching and looking for some way out of all of this, and sadly, some will not make it. Life on my part is not a misunderstanding, it is that man has been enslaved and much of mankind and his religious ideas have now cost him the very existence of his life and his families lives’. I have said that there will be an evacuation of many and there will, but the threat is coming and that dragon of fire is held at my finger tips. I have that understanding by many. And that one called Wormwood, Nibiru, and yet, most know it is coming as you surely do. It is a planetoid as you have correctly identified it as. But again, who wishes to take on the Draconian’s and these beast that are here in numbers? They also know we are here and they have not moved yet, but in do time they will. Where will mankind be once this great final battle takes place?  Make no doubt sister, it will be a bloody affair once this party starts. Will I and my siblings be defeated and mankind is forever lost? I don’t have that answer even for myself, but I shall say this, I will never go quietly into the darkness from where I came from. There will be no medals given out for bravery beyond the call of duty, I shall not be flying a huey this time, I shall be on the ground front and my sword surely is razor sharp and will taste much Draco’s flesh. But I do have the facts correctly and the time frames are exact, it is now reasoning beyond most understanding, why the Bible is important to these times we are seeing.
  I do have the pictures, the evidence of what this dark star is, and yet, where are these others who say they know this and that, and where is their evidence? I rely on true updated facts, not the conspiracists who think they have the data. Did you not find it disturbing the very things I said about the quakes, the facts on Yellowstone, and the facts that disturbed the viewers of what we are saying on many levels? Even you said to me, you were appalled by the things I said in the book that myself and Jay wrote, the coming race war…It is even more appalling to many that I also said that Armageddon would be here in this nation. Even Friday, the ministers who came two hours drive to sit with me, were appalled by the facts of what the Bible says about this event, and I showed them the facts as I have you. So if they didn’t wish to know, why do they come around? That is self explanatory. YES, it is frightening to many, but again, who is at fault? Mankind because he allowed much of this to take shape and manifest itself into what we see at this very moment.  I have placed a loving hand on many  and they shall be saved, but there are some who think they know and carry on as if there is a tomorrow, they shall doom themselves. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow. That Alberline cycle is in my grasp also and once it is opened, that final seventh seal, the final trumpet sounds, it is on, and it is over.
  My wisdom was self learned and given as much was given to all my brothers and sisters, we could have said the heck with humanity, but we didn’t we came back for this time and we will give a nasty and destroying blow to the very ones we have been seeing and discussing here. Do you think the events last month in Pennsylvania was a fluke? And where is the up roar? Not much as I saw it, but where were these kids all those years the Vatican used for their own wicked desires, where was religion in all  of this? But have I not openly said to the world, and especially the people in Rome, I am coming for you and it shall not be a social call this time? They have always knew about us as a whole collective, and especially me. I have been the one watched the most over these last 65 years, and for good reasons too. Have I not stated that we were called the Enmuduraki Mechelzedek Order? I have nothing to hide and you saw the documents they had on us, especially mine from a very little child. What the Vatican told them who were watching me, and they were counseled to take very close precautions on me. Why was that, they knew then, and they know now. But now I am grown and have contained my urges. But in due time, they shall feel the wrath they justly deserve.
  I am sorry if this is longer than I might wish for it to be, but I seemingly go to the point that I am showing you what we know to be true. We are not of this world, but we are In  this world, think of that remark and then you are much closer to the truth than you was yesterday. I pray for you and all your viewers rather they know it or not, I ask for protection for you especially since you are telling much of the facts that people are craving, but I will only give them the facts as I see them, not some ministers fairy tale. I would also like to say this before I end here, Academy to the Stars, and their co-horts, I am coming for you also. You do not know that you have them watching you like the hawks I have mentioned. I want them to know that their days are numbered also. They shall be the illuminant’s first casualties. Lets see what they wish to see next, and there are some who have actually been in my little abode and see what I have, they will not like it when they find out, they have been abandoned by those who they thought that they could have a greater wealth and  notoriety, they have fallen already and don’t even know it yet. Yet, did I not say that Frank Stranges con was just that, a CON? They will find it hard also…I love the world more than anyone could ever imagine, but the house is soon to be cleaned out, a new world will surely emerge better for those who did pay attention. I shall come to your show when you would like me to, and the hawks will try to fly again, but I think this time, they all shall lose their wings…I have had my last cup of coffee, I’m ready to take me a 10 mile power walk…Much love to you Kerry