From: Eddie Page 

Subject: California Data-New

Date: August 17, 2018 at 7:16:28 AM PDT

To: [email protected]” <[email protected]>

  Hello Kerry, hope this finds you in great spirits and great health. I do have some new data and I again will mention where this info is coming from, and names. You can check this out to see that this has now gotten to a point of seriousness for the PhD’s. It has now been reported through the information tunnels to the elites who are watching this much more closely than they wish to admit. They are saying and have shown the evidence that California has sunk some 61 feet in the last 30 years. Dr. Michelle Snead/USGS and Chris White/ Cal Flood Control say that the earth is dropping at a rate of 1-3 inches every month. One of the local television stations-KQED had a report 3 days ago. I believe that could be in your area.

  Much of this is being watched in the San Joaquim Valley area. Farmers are pumping water from the underground aquifers and the ground is dropping forming fissures, they will not rise to what was as they are saying. This is in a 25000 square mile radius also, the size of the northeast of the states. That is huge, but there is more that is also frightening. This as the data that I have been shown and asked about, well by Thomas Jordan/Cal USGS and Doug Given/USGS. Are saying that the land mass in that state, is surely shifting and in places, moving toward the Pacific basin, and a large earthquake could just devastate the state and yes, it would not fall off the continent, but just collapse and roll off into the Pacific basin. Are they preparing for such an event? The area in the valleys called this SUSTAINABLE GRAVITATION MOVEMENT”.

Lucy Jones of Cal Tech has said on the news feeds that it is not looking good in most areas of the state and that much of the damage over the years cannot be reversed. Seismic activity is on the rise and it is only a matter of time before it happens.  Here she was referring to the big one. Her report said that they are preparing for a 9.0 or larger within the next ten to twelve years if things go as it is at the present. Since this is connected to the Cascadia subduction zone, a margin quake as it would be called, will sink the state and to the points of Oregon, Washington and points north into B.C. Canada. She also said that FEMA has and are preparing in the areas she mentioned. Again, this was on some TV station news-KQED. Might look to see if you could talk to them? I haven’t found anything on the web about it at this time, this came from very reliable sources.

Now in your area where you call home, this is what I have found out. A 9.1 quake in Alaska would create a tidal wave some 50 feet or greater, doesn’t sound that important to some, but I say it will be much larger than those conservative ideas, I would say wishful thinking on their part. But Caltech says that Californians are not prepared for anything that is surely now building up to be catastrophic as what we are saying here. The tsunami wave would roll into the area as some 125-200 feet range and move inland past I-5. Then possibly some 10-15 miles further. Places like the following Broad Beach, Malibu Road, Malibu Colony, the Adamson House Pier, Malibu Creek, Surf Riders Beach will be gone, vanished. Brad Davis of the Malibu Emergency service knows this first hand as I am told, yet he is being warned to downplay this. But the studies and the new data says so correctly at what I am saying here to be as facts, they are looking at the initial cost here as damages of over $10.5 billion dollars on loses. How absurd and wicked to worry about money than people lives? AAAH, that pisses me off, and yet they say other things that are very disturbing.

The report and the data says that 87% of the state beaches are disappearing, sea levels are rising, from San Diego to cities north past San Francisco, as accelerated sea levels rise, the erosion and sea currents are changing, with no idea to why? That is hogwash also. They know what is causing it. They are again worried about the iconic California beach’s instead of human lives, it will affect tourism as the elected officials are saying. It is exposing the critical infrastructures along the coastlines. FEMA has been assessing the preparedness of such a critical event and this is disturbing also. This might shock you. Remember this is FEMA, overseeing the threat for the state of California. They have ranked the states who are the best prepared to the least, #1-#50. California is ranked #12…but here is what I have been told from credible sources, 1 out of every 100 people in California-MIGHT be READY for such an event. That then ranks the state at #28. Washington and Oregon were ranked #1 and #2. Yet Dr. Lucy Jones/Cal-USGS is now starting to sound the alarm. But then she is as guilty as the next one, she knew this data several years ago as when we first started looking at the facts and warned some that the events could surely take place.

She knows as I do that Malibu fault line could and will collapse much of the areas we have talked about, capable of a 7.5 or even greater as it is tied into the San Andreas fault line. Thomas Jordan agrees with me and others that the fault system wounded, and very tight fissures are near-rupture, because of the water loss and seismic tilt. It is locked and loaded, possible that a 8.5 or greater will occur. Then we have Doug Given saying this to the colleagues of mine concerning this new data, that there will be no or little warning. Even with the current warning systems which are now in place. Yet you know what I see and have witnessed over the years? I see this as I have seen before, comparing it to the UFO community, the televangelist, and the federal government agencies, with the name calling, mud slinging, brick throwing, absurdist, who wish to be the big honcho and be the first to warn the people of an incoming doom ending event? Who gets the big trophy first and some street named after them? It is just crazy and I do voice my opinion and now some are asking and looking at what I am saying? Might be too late now people. In fact it is too late.

This reminds me of some notations I spoke once, let’s see if I can find them. No I actually know them by heart…PRIDE AND A HAUGHTY ATTITUDE COMES BEFORE THE DESTRUCTION, AN THE GUILTY CONDEMN THE INNOCENT, SO WISDOM IS LIKE THAT OF A WISE MAN WHO HAS BEEN GIVEN KNOWLEDGE OF THINGS THAT SHALL COME, ONLY THE FOOLISH WILL BRING UPON THEIR OWN DEMISE.! I wonder how many would understand that of what I just said? Some who are that 28% possibly, and yet, they say this is nothing to worry about, “YET” and I say it is going to be global, they play with people lives and don’t care for what they have been placed to do, help and save lives.

But the latest data in Alaska is showing more signs of tectonic movement and strains as the Tonga and Tok volcano’s and Redoubt are spewing ash. Now in the Northwest, we have areas such as Mount Hood, Rainier and St. Helena’s starting to show signs of great activity. FEMA knows it an so do we. Here is what is going to take place as I am standing on my principles and data, the southeastern ridgeline of the Alaskans area will crumble as it falls into the Kodiak bay waters, the seismic event will be triggered by a 9.0 or greater, then the pressure it has asserted on Cascadia, will rupture the Juan de Fuca subduction zone and then the ocean floor off the coast I have shown, from Price Wales Island Canada to the south of San Francisco area will collapse. The tidal wave here will be over 300 feet tall and be inland within 10 minutes, maybe 12 max. It will rush inland some 55-75 miles, nothing will survive it. The static chimes waves will hit Yellowstone some 30-45 seconds later and the brittle magma chamber will erupt with the fury of 2500 hydrogen bombs, and the rattling will come across this nation and the east coast will hear the explosion and the feel the percussion blast. Then the fault lines there will collapse the east coast Atlantic walls some 55 miles offshore as we have stated, and it is lights out. The flooding will be the first start and then the mega tidal surges come ashore. Places like Long Island will be submerged within a matter of seconds, rolling inland faster than one can drive, buildings and cities gone Kerry.

I am not the little boy who cried wolf three times, I am the WOLF, and where are the 28%, they have prepared and will live to see a new day. FEMA has now assessed the threat to once again to dollars, the infrastructure in this nation will fall and its estimated the damage will be in the TRILLIONS? But tell me this Kerry, what is the going price for a human life today? Yet we are seeing the population around the world and especially here in  this nation, the great divide among people, cultures of evil hurting, harming others and forcing their ideology upon others, but they came from their own worthless counties where there was raping and murder of innocent children, women, and come to other nations proclaiming they are refugees, and yet they start all over once again with their evil in those places who willingly allowed them in.

My one hour with my Father and the council is coming very soon, and this is what I could very easily say, look at what man has done to man, I gave the warning and some took it to heart, yet-FATHER, the members of this GREAT COUNCIL< Take the very few, possibly only 28% and let the dragon has the rest. A complete rebooting of this world. Have the animals taken off first, they have never had any say so in any of this. Then once the Alberline Cycle is completed, the dragon rises and then he starts his march. As he marches onward, I shall ride into the City on the Seven Hills, and they shall look upon my red eyes, and see and feel the wrath I bring to them. I have started a chain reaction as the news is saying and more is to come. Watch for more of these alleged men of their own created god from Vatican City get caught up in this child rape and abuse cases, and to think as I told you the other day on your show, it is well dug in the nation’s governments. I know who they are and where they think they shall hide. But they will not hide for long.

I shall keep you posted Kerry and I know you are wise, and as one of us, where are the people going to turn to in these last days. See if what I have sent you is not a fact, be shocked my sister, for I now have a very good idea of what I am going to say. Much love to you, Sky, and your partner…and all your followers…My Father calls me Abiel Abaddonius. I do have a heart and feeling for mankind…:I Talk to you later…Eddie
















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