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Many have asked over the years who and what were the Anunukki, the Anikims and how are they all mentioned in the Bible? Simply to say, they are not one in the same and to add the word of the Biblical Nephilim, the giants of olden times. Well that is a very fine question, but then we can add, who are these Watcher Angels mentioned? It surely can be so confusing if one that doesn’t know these things. Certainly, is rarely discussed in churches nor any type of understanding circle. Allow me to explain the facts and as always, and now that your thoroughly confused, I shall prove everything here to the letter and you as the reader, test me on what I say.

  Starting with the Anunukki, they were known in the ancient days as the ones who came down, the Elohim. Come as beings to protect and teach the creation of the Ad’m. The very word of Anunukki means in Sumarian means large beings “Anu’ nuh’kki,ahi”…. Gods protectors, but keeping to the truth, the complete sentence maybe was this…: Anu’ nuh’ elo’him’ kki’nuah” se’qiuh’kki’ahi” Which translated from Sumarian to English, the protectors/Watchers who have came down of Gods command. Who were they sent to protect, and teach? The first creation of the Ad’m. Where is the Bible should we see this you might ask? Simply it isn’t in the Bible, but surely is in the Book of Enoch. A sacred book purposely taken out of the Bible. Say those words as I have presented them to you, say them slowly and see the magic of our language and you will feel the caption of knowledge, you shall see what I have shown you as the hidden mystery that is no longer hidden.

  The Nephilim are found in the Bible of Genesis 6 and the flood story of Noah. What is surely a hidden thing was the flood facts that are not told completely. Here is a serious thought I shall share with you that was asked to us with the agency years ago, what did we know about the great flood, Noah’s ark and the daughters of men they were taking as wives? Well, the evidence speaks for itself for one. Why hasn’t a boat, ark of that size has never been found? Why hasn’t any evidence of Noah’s descendants ever been mentioned in history other than what the Bible tells us? Could it maybe didn’t exist in the first place, or maybe the story was changed? In fact, they are both correct answers. The ark is mentioned in the Douqy-Rhiems Bible as it say’s…The Ark Hovered above the Waters”! It is one reason I have 18 bibles in all of my research, they are all speaking a different truth and yet, never coming to one conclusion.

  The ark was surely a vessel of great size and yet, was not of Earthly origin, one reason the true ark has never been found and never will as most Christians and theologians know. Again, I have no other choice to share this with the people unless I do use the existing Bible and ancient cultures at what they were saying. Looking at Genesis 6: 1-2, so who was taking the daughters of men and having ungodly children with them? Let’s say the Anikims, or the Anikia. But wait a minute Mr. Page, the Bibles say that all flesh was destroyed from the flood, nothing survived from the Bible accept Noah. Really now? Verse 4 says this…The Nephilim were on Earth in those days and also afterwards. Maybe the writers of the changing scripts that would eventually be placed in the Bible teachings forgot about this, or they somehow could change it to make the Biblical record look authentic. Whatever the case, the Anunukki survived the great flood. And I shall show this to be the facts.

  Never have I ever tried to convince anyone of their beliefs’ or that Christianity is a false flag, far from it, but to show the facts as they should be, and to show this as what I am saying, one must turn now to the Bible once again to Numbers 13:26-35. The very word as Moses’ and the Israelites entered into the promised land, they ran into the giants and the Anikims, it says they must have looked like grasshoppers to them. But look at the very verse of Deuteronomy 1:28…The Lord hates us, so he brought us out of Egypt to deliver us into the hands of the Amorites to destroy us. Where can we go?  Our brothers have made us to lose heart. They say, the people are much stronger and taller than we are, and their cities are large, their walls up to the skies. We saw the Anikims there too.

  So, who are the Anikims that are mentioned here? We are not told who they are, but the Egyptians surely did and thusly you never would find this in the Bible to start with, it was never found until 1985, and we would be called to Egypt to explain what and who these one particular glyphs at Luxor were saying. On one of the tall columns is a picture of an Anikia as they called them, but the Bible calls them Anikims. Most people would know them as the Zetas, the greys. I will share pictures to prove this as I say, they are mine and at one time, the agency, but since I had taken them from a Nikon 35mm camera, I guess that makes me the owner. The pictures will show an explanatory remark on each of them, so you will not be left in the dark as the government wished for people to be.

Who are these Watcher Angels as mentioned in the Bible and especially the Book of Enoch? They were the Anunukki, the Biblical Nephilim, the Watchers, the giants of olden times who walked with the creation in the sacred garden and along with the Gods who they came down and created. The Anikims were of servitude to the Watchers in those days. There were much genetics being done in those ancient times, and here is something that is never told, this was being all conducted at a place called Attila. Surely a science not understood by human at the times and only in the last three decades, has man and his science is starting to really understand the genealogy and the DNA studies. We again say this to everyone who is reading this, the Bible says in Genesis 1:26-27…let US make man/Ad’m in OUR image. Us and Our is the key words here.

  The giants of olden times protected the first creation and many species were coming here at the time to see the new creation. Which was a seeding of the Pleiadian culture. There is speculations on this, but the proof is not only in the Biblical records, but other ancient cultures talked about this as the sacred ones of the INCA. They worshiped the Gods-Elohim as they knew who they were and where they came from. Being ruled by a great king called Alah’nakku, which meant the double head one, or the all-seeing one. I have a picture that I have also shared so you may see these things. I don’t care much in what the trolls might say, but this one picture was taken in Casco’s Peru who was a Peruvian King from ancient times as it was found near a central hub called Teonokia, within the heights of the Andes. When it was found, sorry I don’t remember, but it was some 15 thousand years ago, maybe more. Here is what is not told, and this is my understanding as I helped with many of the translations. The very word Inca is very special within these teachings.

  Able killed his brother Abel…Genesis 4, and he wasn’t punished for this evil deed as the Bible record tells us but banished to the east to a land called NOD…Genesis 4: 15-16, after telling the LORD he had killed his brother, the LORD placed a mark upon him for protection, and sent to a city or land named NOD. The Incas tell us today they crossed across the great waters on ships, but not ships that floated but flew within their hieroglyph’s. And they named this land Enonod or Enodsh. They also say they named their great city after a great patriarch and it is called Teienochia, Enoch is that great patriarch they are telling us. So, go back to the first son…CAIN. If we take the first two letters of Cain and make them the last two, we come up with I-N-C-A as the facts are presented and again proven.

  Why did Cain kill his brother in the first place? He was not of the true creators actual bloodline or breed, possibly from another genetic sequence that Cain knew was not of his lineage. Very little is told about this in any text or scripts, but one can only imagine what was taking place in those days.

Final understanding…Watchers-Anunukki-Nephilim-Watchers…one in the same race/beings.

Anikims-Anikia-Zetas-Greys…One in the same, a race from the Reticuli star system.

  I hope I have explained this in the understanding that all will understand. It is confusing to many who don’t know, but maybe I have understanding for you to know that this has probably been misidentified to the world to keep a greater secret, who the real and true GODS were. We shall see this as we go, and the pictures will follow this afterward and I shall have the description along with them. I hope this enlightens everyone and can grasp it. Man has only complicated the story of the truth and the facts with religious ideas and dogmas, purposely to keep the followers in the dark. One might call me a false prophet, crazy, or whatever, but the facts are just that…FACTS.



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