From: Kerry Cassidy <[email protected]>

Sent: Friday, July 6, 2018 3:59:25 AM

To: Eddie Page

Subject: Your mission here and release of your book




I am reminded of these words from Thor in your book, “

….”He said I would see things and have things done to me that would make me frustrated and angry but I must keep my aggression under control until the fateful day I might need it to defend the world.”  

If your mission has been to awaken human to their true heritage and potential then I suggest that you have more work to do (lol)…Do not let the attacks on you and attempts to deceive you distract you from the real work at hand.  If the time is short then the more necessary it would seem to be for you to stand up and speak out.  There is so much you have left to reveal!  
If Thor’s words are true then you came not as an avenger but to “defend” the world!
If I understand the history of the Pleiadian mission here, they continue to send messengers to safeguard and extend the life cycle of this experiment and are part of the guardian races sent to protect us.  The earth changes and destruction of America you have seen is not the end of this experiment as you know.  
What about the publication of your book?  When is it going to be released?  Soon I hope.
I believe based on the information coming through from you that you have been submitted to mind control.  Have you considered this?  I don’t doubt you are who you say you are.  But that does not mean that those in power (Vatican and CIA among others) would not try to manipulate the children brought to this planet!  
For example I can see that Barbara Lamb (a well known regressionist) was given wrong info about you when she did her extensive reading.  This is a purposeful misdirect to deceive you about who you really were when you were young.  Her hand written statements on those pages saying you and your brothers and sisters were “a threat to national security” indicate to me she was part of the coverup and perhaps encouraging them to mind control you to cause you to deviate from your true mission.
You talk about how loving your Father is.  Yet you speak of a kind of pay back to those that wrong you.  To my way of thinking the man you call Aphra Anu is a leader of some planets within the Pleiadian system.  I have been told Pleiadians are 6th dimensional beings.  You may not die but do you ascend?  There are greater heights to be gained even for the fully developed Pleiadian Race.
If you have embraced your true heritage then you know that nothing humans do can hurt you.  There is much wrong here and although humans cannot be absolved of responsibility they are also greatly interfered with by Reptilians and Draco as you know.
What about the coming Draco invasion?  It would seem if you (and the other 32) were sent here to warn, awaken and protect humanity then there is much all of you can do.
Hiding out will not solve anything.  If you have nothing to fear you have no need to hide.
Your true chart says you have Pluto in the 10th house.  This makes you a leader.  You have Uranus in the 9th and this would give you a radical turn of mind, your 3 planets in the 12th house (Moon, Neptune and Saturn) would indicate you will have periods in this life of being hidden away, sequestered or even imprisoned.  I suggest this has already been the case for most of your life.  Another side to that is those planets in the 12th say you are the revealer of secrets.
Your sun is in the third house of the communicator!  You are a speaker of truth by nature.  And your 4th house Venus shows a love for the home and the 5th house mars a drive to be creative and love of children.  The seventh house Jupiter is a bit mysterious.
I think we should make a movie of your life and the 33.  Wouldn’t this be a way to reveal more to humanity?
I don’t follow the Bible because it is written by a group of men and distorted toward a dark take over of humanity.  There may be truth there but also great lies.  I don’t think your depiction of the color of a persons skin means they are descended from Lucifer or Satan and think this is a distortion perhaps mind controlled way at looking at humans.  In reality we are a race of many colors  “hue – man”. — we are the RAINBOW WARRIORS and a mixture of 12 or more ET and inner earth races.  Each bring their own gifts.  Pleiadians are only one of the races that contributed to this experiment.  What about those from Lyra or Andromeda?  Surely you know this.
We are an ascension planet and many of us have come here to awaken and remind us of our true divinity and connection to source.  That source is far more powerful than your Father as you know.
Please consider staying on the front lines with me and others like me.  Do not focus on those who have chosen a dark path of secrecy and deception.  Don’t let them dictate your destiny.  Expose the lies and reveal the darkness, don’t let it continue to dominate our world!
I look forward to talking with you Sunday!
Love and blessings,
On Jul 6, 2018, at 5:25 AM, Eddie Page wrote:
  Thank you Kerry for the information. I have given you the right on the articles from the book to use as you see fit to. No I am not actually leaving this world yet, but then I do have a meeting coming sooner than I might think, that one hour of grace to plead the facts for humanity. I have had at times the air taken out of me by what some who I have witnessed do behind my back. We are surely here for many reasons, and I ask myself, what has mankind done to himself, but then the true question might be, why did mankind follow all the wrong gods home? My anger and tested thoughts are under control, and after all, I can feel it at times building up. But I do keep peaceful to many aspects and thoughts. Those who have tried, they shall answer for those nasty deeds one day soon.
  It is funny, years ago, life seemed so innocent and pure, but then I saw the system up close and personal, I was part of that system. I looked into peoples eyes, their hearts and saw that they truly wished for something better, and things to be honest for the world. Where did that innocence go to? I study the history of mankind to the letter, and I asked, where did the beauty of this world go? As you call it, the HU’ in Man?  That angers me that people have taken the truths and hidden them so far out of reach for others that it will only be taken back with force, and then one can give back to the human race from which it was stolen.
  I have studied the Biblical facts all my life, and I do understand the coded writes inside it, but the fact is that religion has been a part of that thievery for ages as you very well know. What I hear now, my brothers and sister, especially the Twins, are now getting angry, but we are as one and many things are being noted by all of us. Where does any of this help man? On that night, I was in reservation about the seal that was about to be opened upon this world. I knew what was to happen upon this world and as to come from it, and yet, man was worthy for this seal to be opened in his favor and the final outcome. I have watched for 7 years since that night of December 31st, 2010-January 1st,  2011. Now that the great dragon is awake, he shall walk very soon and it will only take one hour to be complete.
  No, I am not leaving anywhere and what I say and do next will be shocking to most, but it will be business to us as usale. I listen to others openly and I see things maybe unlike most, but I can see the wickedness better than I wish to at times, unfortunately, I cannot not look the other way. Yes, I will seek another event as that of 1997, and this time, it will be in broad open daylight. I shall make you this promise, since you are one of us, I shall let you know when and where to see this. I see the coming of a much larger craft than what was seen over Phoenix. It shall cause panic to some, and others to think this mythical rapture has came. Either way, the world is going to find out soon than they realize that we are here, we have been here for a while, and we are not going any where.
  I have long for the best for mankind, take away their war like ways, learn to respect others and help one another as it should be, I have been active behind the shadows for a many of years, but the time now has come that I do not stand in the shadows, I am the shadow and I can be seen. But like the case of this [      ] character, his ego, and his pride has now placed many in harms way. He has no friends, he is like a child at times in the eyes of others, he is greedy, selfish, disrespectful to women and yet, he is nothing, I mean nothing. But then I have seen first hand from him, he is not part of the solution, he is part of the problem, and to think I gave him an ounce of trust, and he destroyed that. And now, once again, he has no friends. And his own family has nothing to do with him because of his ways. Even one who lives with him say, he is a perfectionist, B/S…pardon the expression, but he is on a path of ego and wishes for others to be below him as he attempts to convince others how great art thou. He has only fooled himself, I and others saw right through this. And to think, he was going to be part of history. Now he is history.
  I am in the best health than anyone could imagine, and I still do things that some would never attempt. I stay in these conditions because I choose to do so. But to say, I will take my drone and film you as you climb the mountain to the crash site, and then to say as it was informed to me, that I wish for this to be noted as mine and only mine. What happen to the us, the we, the team players all as one unit? If there was one slice of bread left and one bottle of water left, and four people sitting around, hungry, thirsty, he would be the one to eat the slice of bread and drink the bottle of water as the others watched in horror. You see my point, yes, he is now history and will not make it, I have said this to his wife.
  They are so far in debt, and they see us as the cash cow, the love of money and at anyone’s expense, they do not care. I would have helped them and yet, they have taken my knowledge to see the data, the very things we all know to be true and exploit it for their own financial gain. And one calls me their brother, and the other thinks he is god himself. These are only two people, and yet, the world is filled with ones as such. Should I have mercy on one’s like this? I know what is coming and the final seal is to be opened very soon, and yet, the Bible code was shown years ago by us, and especially me since I was the one who knew it better and spoke for us. Many saw this as the graven threat to this world, but then we all spoke as one to them, and said, we have came here to help you and unless these things come to pass, the betterment for all, these things will take place and in many of your life times, you will see them and then you shall know that our Father is Lord, and that you were judged.
  The Draco’s were in that sacred garden eons ago, and he was evil and attempted to destroy man, but he failed as he ran into the fire we carried. A great war ensued and was fought to a bitter draw, mankind as we know it was almost wiped out. One can see the scares of this terrible event today, and it is about to be waged again, and this time there will be no draw, no quarters given and mankind shall be saved, our own people will not go quietly into the night and let the HU=MAN species fade away into the shadows, remember, I am the shadow, and nasty things have been said about me over the course of many years, but then, the people who knew then, know now, I still walk upon the earth and have watched, I have said to others, what shall I say to my Father for that one hour granted to me, what shall the Great Council of Twelve say back once I have given my plea?
  As the two I have mentioned, the greed, the negative that I have witnessed from these two people, is only a small example of what the world has becomes. They will not have no place to run, and  hide. It has never been about me, my brothers and sisters, it has always been about mankind, and what shall he do next to screw it up? Maybe the release of this book shall befall upon the world as an omen that most knew would come one day. I have been patient and yet, the book will shock the world into submission and fear, for good reasons too. A movie as you said? What a thought, but what would the world think on that one too. Many people over the years wished to do a movie on me, but then did I not say, It isn’t about me, it is about mankind as one? I do say, it is the greatest story never told. But it is being told now and you’re a part of that story, how does others see you in the light of what you have been doing? You have many who watch and learn, but then there are others who would love that you be silenced faster than they can think. But then, they fear for good reason, they know that if they screw with one, they will be messing with all of us. My contacts are many, and thus to have my one contact who I kept silent for reasons, tells me that her contact was being called by this one woman who I have mentioned, but I shall not place names here, just to know, I found out, I have reliable ears and eyes doing things for me. She, of all people know what she has witnessed and seen, first hand, and yet, she cannot even put her shoes on herself. Saddens me to a point that I have to be silent with them now.
  You are a blessing to many Kerry, and that is where this should go, and this is where it shall be and what you do, is surely helping many as you very well know. I have fought many battles in my life time, and some I have waged myself, and I have never lost not one. Just because as my Father told me that morning on April 12th, 1957 in High Bridge New Jersey, watch my temper and be calm, there will be a day that you shall be unleashed. That day is now upon the people I have noted. We have much work before that hour comes to my lap, and what shall we do, say, and reward those who are worthy? My dearest of sisters, that answer is sitting right before you. What you decide, I shall be there to back you and support you as a brother should always do. I was created to be a warrior and that is what my Father knows of me. I shall not be defeated and you shall not be harmed nor stopped. Love is the greatest of all gifts, we do give freely. There is your movie, there is your path which you have been on for a long time. It is my honor to walk with you. But this walk will not be without peril, that is why I am in your life today, things do not happen by mere chance, they happen because of a greater design, As I wrote it as a young child, the “RIDDLES in the SANDS”…Those riddles are now ever more present, where will this take the world, and mankind now?
  The release of your book? That is a good question, seems that it is ready to be released, and yet, there are some who wish to change things such as names, since I have mentioned names in it. Maybe that question should be asked to [REMOVED] who could help get this placed on the Kendall site as first planned, but then many egos stand in the way. I am now at the point that the solution has taken another path, but one way or the other, it is coming out. I have expressed my feeling this morning to you and the enlightenment you have given to me, I thank you for it. No, I will be going into the shadows once again, and then prepare to that one hour to come. I shall be here if you need me and wish to talk about things.  I shall see you come Sunday and will be asking for many things to happen on your behalf…May love and peace surround you always…Eddie
On Jul 6, 2018, at 12:33 PM, Eddie Page  wrote:
This took place today…Enjoy. It is going to happen one way or the other

From: Eddie Page 

Sent: Friday, July 6, 2018 2:32:40 PM

To: [  removed  ]

Subject: RE: The Subject?

  Well where do I start? First of all, I do have much information concerning the events that took place on the night of July 2nd, 1047. Just think, it was only 71 years ago, just a few days ago that would change the world. I do have the dates and time frames correct because I did the field work, and I talked to many people who were involved with the greatest cover up in mans history. What I am upset with, The aledged experts have not, and can make claims about things that do not match anything of fact. I have witnessed the tin foil hat community first hand. But I like your thoughts, lets see where the truth shall take us. Do you wish to see the truth first hand? I have been there and done that and I have not trusted many people who are involved with this sort of data. The only person that would never talked to me was Jesse Marcell himself, he was sick and I didn’t force the issue. I was warned in my early days at the agency, there are some things that could get me in trouble, this was one of them. You asked what department I worked in? I never worked in any department, I first heard that statement when you asked me. I was involved with the ultra secret unit called Aquarius, we were never a department, but a team, a unit as such doing research for the government and we worked in many areas. Mine was in the knowledge of Theological Historical Archeology and Geo=Physics. I spoke my mind and answered to only Gerald Ford and Bob Lemke, who was my immediate supervisor at those days long gone by now.
  I have many found memories of many of the people I was involved with. I sat on two occasions and talked openly with President Reagan. I had so much respect for that man because he thought the way we did, the world needed to know this data and truth and he will present it to them. He tried and he too almost lost his life because of it. Just like John Kennedy did. So you see why I trust few. I am sure you are a good man Luis, but then you worked for the DOD like we all did. I have selected my team today cautiously and realize, that some have lost their lives over this, least of all JFK. By the way, I had visions of his murder when I was a little boy and told the higher up’s about it, they did nothing and the rest is history as you know. I also saw JFK four days before that eventful day in Dallas of 1963. I was sadden by all the events that took place and I grew up fast, hard and noted everything that would come my way. I have been tenacious these years and watchful.
  I do have something that you and Tom DeLong will be interested in, I do not claim it is from the crashed craft, I shall say that openly, but I have too had it tested by an expert and he, could not identify most of the material. It could not be burned, bent as it went under stress test, and it was also attempted to have apiece cut off to do further test and they went through 3 diamond tip blades just to get a shard of it. But I will say this, I was at the actual crash site in Roswell, not the advertised one they sell to the public to keep them as far away from it as possible. I went there in 1998 and 1999. The artifacts as I have labeled them as the Jewelry was found there by a Whites metal detector and was about an inch of two below the surface at the time. I think there is more there also. I have shown it more these last few weeks than I have since I found it. I took charge of it in 98 and kept it with me since. One of the aledged UFO experts was with me. And I shall say this, if it hadn’t been for myself, my brothers, he and Jamie Shandera, Don Berliner, they would never got wind of the secrets of the Majestic group. It was I and 2 others who snuck the info out of the agency. Call me a traitor, a thief, or what ever, but I take full respociblity for it. I am not sorry I did either.  
  I am a particular for the details and dates to be exact, not a thought to have been, but if Christmas is on the 25th of December, I wish to know why. So when I see these experts saying this and that, and they cannot even get the dates correct, I wonder where they get their info from. I have the actual radar logs from that night to verify the events that were about to change mankind’s history forever. That is why I say, the events that took place over the skies and desert of Roswell New Mexico was July 2nd 1947, and just now, they are saying there were 3 crafts that crashed. NO and NO, again, only ones speculation, there were three crafts involved, but only one did come down and the site is what I know about. I talked and met with the man who witnessed it first hand, his nephew took me to the crash site and it is no where near the one advertised today. Far from it, but there is where I found the items of interest, the artifacts.
  I have been in this field all my life and dedicated my life to this after I found out about other things as I grew older and wiser. Never to trust to many people in this field because most are liars, thieves, and deception artists. Might sound harsh, but it is a fact. Hell, some could say I am a misinformant, but my records show differently. I am sure you have had me check out, that is what I am being told, but you might have now seen that my records and especially my military record is sealed and only a selected few can see them. I and my other 32 siblings have never had any type of birth certificate. They are sealed also. Wonder why that is? Then in 1985-1988, we have a Catholic Bishop come and stay with us at the governments request. Again, why is that? We are only just a bunch of very bright people working on different projects. Right? Not so fats yet on that answer.
  Seems the fine people from Vatican City knew all about us from the get go. I have issues with religion in general, but then I have many issues with mankind, for example, end to all wars, free sources of energy, medical procedures unknown to humans, travel unlike anything one could ever imagine then or now, all offered back in 1957 to the President of the United States, Eisenhower, and the other 27 world leaders at the time met with a man of great importance, and it was discussed and decided that they didn’t wish for this at the time. How absurd to think that something so great was presented, and then thusly refused. That my friend is another reason now I have came forward and talk openly, you of all know this to be a fact, right? I too had to look my two girls in the eyes and say, that the world might end one day violently because of mans greed and wrongful desires.   If you see these things as what they are, facts…hard core truth undeniable, how would you explain that to others, and especially two innocent children? It saddens me to think what could have been then, and what is now. It is sickening.
  This is a story that has never been told, and there are some out there that know us from the get go, who we are, and why and where we came from. I asked you in our last conversation, how would you like to meet a real being from else where, outside of this normal world? You were somewhat hesitant was you not? That tells me that you are cautious and unsure of things, but then, your group wish to expose the facts and give the truth right? How will the rest of the world handle this and how will they accept it as fact once it comes to light? Religion will be crushed, monetary systems will collapse, could be very likely the start of world panic? But we have the proof and we can surely force the Vatican hand on this issue for once and for all, if not, we shall destroy them where they stand. Not a threat my friend, but a promise. We are not violent beings, far from it, but we surely can defend ours and the ones who we call our descendants from creation, called man. If Ton DeLong and the ones like yourself are eager to present the facts, the whole complete unbiased truth, how will it presented and how will Tom himself handle this?
  I am not an experiencer, nor an abductee, never have been, I have been visited yes, that is well documented, been since I was a very young child of 2 years of age. I am from those who you are searching for. I say this openly because it is true, and the facts I have in my procession say so, and I have been a lab rat for the CIA for many years, but no more since 1993 anyway. You wish for evidence, proof, I am the evidence that you are searching for. I know that the Hahn’s told you, but then you might be skeptical, that is understandable. But then, how are you going to explain it to your group of what you found, what you saw, and what you now know? AAAAH…there is the big question that is yet to be answered. If you knew who I really was, you might be somewhat scared shitless, as some in the past were, especially the Catholic Bishop. But I am not here to scare anyone, least of all someone who is seeking the facts frost hand.
  What if I could tell you confident that I could not only show you where the craft came down, what took place in that late hours of July 2nd, 1947, but show you something more than proof, something like have one of our crafts come to be viewed by you, Tom, and who ever you think might need to see it first hand? I would also tell you that I have selected s couple of people who are heavily involved with this themselves and know all about the facts from 1957? They would be there along side of me, and they too could see the very same thing some in the late 40’s and early 50’s saw themselves? How will you be reacting then? You are searching for the proof, I am that evidence you seek, and you already know who I am. I predicted the craft from March 13th, 1997/The Phoenix lights, and I have had others view them also in later years, even after the Phoenix events, and they are changed forever more. For the betterment in all as I tell you. I have nothing to really prove to anyone, and my facts, data are that, facts and data, and then where is the truth seekers, where are they? They are out selling their next DVD or BOOK, and they have never did the track work as we have, nor will they, they cant stop counting their dollars from the latest sales of B/S.
  I have nothing to gain, and nothing to sell, but you my friend do, everything that concerns mankind now rest at your finger-tips. How will you tell Tom DeLong about this and where do you wish to take it? Time is very short for man and some in your field of work know this to be a fact. I have not only the dates of our Fathers return, but have shown to others these last few years, and science has proven this. I tell you that hard times are coming son my friend and I know about that also. Might wish to be listening to some thing I have. This isn’t about some pieces of odd looking artifacts found at a crash site, but it concerns everything that man has searched for-for centuries, eons have passed and he still can’t decide if he crawled out of the oceans or was intelligently designed from a higher source. Again, I don’t need anyone to speak for myself, but I speak with volume and for the rest of my brothers and sisters, all 33 of us and we are very much alive and  well inside this nation.
We don’t need some security deposit for our truths and security for our well being, but if you wish to know the facts, well we are here and waiting to see what Tom and his crew are wishing to do next.  I don’t need to see a reply asap, but you talk to the ones you are working for and once you come to a conclusion on this, then contact me. It shall be the group you assemble, and the ones I have selected, they are aware of what is about to take place. You wish for proof, then you have it. But may I warn you first, some cameras, and certain electronics could be fried if they get to close to what you are about to witness. You might tell the others to bring along an extra spare set of cloths, I have seen some in the past wet themselves and faint. I believe that shall be a cautious thing. You will be privy to the next Phoenix event, if you dare come along this adventure with us. It shall not cost you the thousands you might be told by the deep pocket ones. But might I also say, time is ticking away, I wouldn’t be to long and miss this.
  I also know you guys have access to the major media outlets, they will not be allowed to get to close, but they may witness from a far and how will they explain this on the evening news? This is the event of your lifetime and theirs’s too. I shall be here when you are ready to proceed…May your weekend be the best ever, then now you can look your two girls in the eyes as I did mine, and say, they are real, they are here, and they walk among us as we speak…Watch their eyes glow my friend, watch their hearts be full of love and their eyes grow with excitement. My two daughters did just that the first time they saw it, my wife at the time was already aware of me, and who she had married, but she had another deeper understanding of things after that also. Everything I told her, had came to pass… Much love and blessings my friend…Eddie
PS… My Father calls me Abiel. Look it up, and see what it means…Peace 

On Jul 9, 2018, at 8:55 AM, Eddie Page wrote:

I am working to get them to come out…Enjoyed yesterday.. Much peace find you sister…Eddie



From: Eddie Page 
Sent: Monday, July 9, 2018 10:54:25 AM
To: [removed]
Subject: FW: VATICN CITY ?



From: Eddie Page
Sent: Monday, July 9, 2018 10:54:09 AM
To: Chris 


  Hello Chris, hope all is well these days for you and many things I would love to discuss with you, but the main reason I am calling today, is to invite you to the next Phoenix event that is in the works. I am not sure exactly when it will take place, but it shall be where the complete issues of cover up started, Roswell New Mexico. There is where it shall take place and we shall see where the media runs to next, not to mention the very ones who have been sharing things with you…ROME?


  The Vatican has known about me for a many of years as some might know, but then it has been a well kept secret also.  I’m interested that you said the Vatican allowed you to view some of the archives in the lower cavasses that they call the catacombs? Me and my siblings walked the Saini desert back in 1988 and visited the paths that Moses and the Israelites took. Took some 8 weeks to complete, enduring some hardships, water, food, heat unbiased as that of hell itself.  I made it and I bet I can still do it today, you might not wish to take that bet. But it surely didn’t take us 40 years to travel the paths. But then the Catholic Church knew we were there and invited us to Rome to visit and see the sites that they wished to show us.  We took them up on it and arrived sometime in September, very hot that year if I remember correctly. Arriving and being brought to the basilica, we were met by our host and guide, Bishop Michael Colloni, he had been working with us since 1985 and was the correct person to show us around. He also said that the POPE was going to sit with us all and talk and address some things to us, but unfortunately, he was tied up. Pope St. John Paul II couldn’t even come to greet us. But he knew a graven secret and like the one before him Pope Ursicinusn knew. The graven secret was discussed and yet, they in 367 AD silenced him from speaking.


  But that secret was not kept for too long, after all, it is written on the Book of Leaves, have you ever heard about that? Maybe you have heard of the Emerald Tablets, the very mentioning of the 33 what the Vatican calls the Golden Angels? But then the fine people in Rome do not have control over it and refuse to tell anyone what is said. Funny, I have translated it to them, I did this very same thing to the Bishop in 1987/Colloni and he was shocked at what I said. So when you were there, did you get to see anything pertaining to events that would come to pass? Things like the arrival of visitors from the stars, 33 children who would arrive in the year of Nisan, mentioning various names as that of Michael, the Arch Angel, Joshua and after all, it is written in the Bible as he told his followers that he would return, most know him as Jesus. Did they allow you to look at things as the golden sword of Excalibur, the hieroglyphs of Thoth, the upper mantle of the cross, the sword of Luginius, the severed head of John the Baptist, did they tell you about the very test of the royal blood taken from the shroud of Turin, and their results? But then are you curious why I am asking these things to you? Maybe they forgot to tell you that the Pope met with our Father back in 1959 in Vatican City, Pope Alexander VII, and I often wonder what was said by them at the time? I was a little boy who was growing into my self and own right. Never realizing what I was and what I could do to this world. I have already done much, but we shall not discuss that as of yet, cause I am not done yet.


  I have been told you are O- negative and do you realize how special that blood is? It is not human in origin, and are you one of us, since you have said you been abducted? But then I also tell others that we, our people have never abducted anyone, we might visit, but abduction is a nasty word to us, and especially me. Tell me about your experiences, the ones who come and have visited you? I would love to hear about it, but then, maybe I already know. What did they say to you, were you medically examined? Where are they from and do they still visit you? You see my friend, I have lived this all my life and many before this life, I do remember them, and all the things I have seen, witnessed, and the great battles I have waged in many lifetimes. I remember them as if it was yesterday’s news.  I have an old saying my friend, may I share it with you? Surely you would love that. “WHAT THEY SAY, I HAVE ALREADY SAID, WHAT THEY DO, I HAVE ALREADY DONE, AND WHERE THEY GO, I HAVE ALREADY BEEN. Sort of catchy phrase don’t you think? We are surely full of many parables and things to give to others.


  What could I give to you? Mmmm, good question I think, how for starters, the invited to be part of human history when the craft arrives in Roswell. Might wonder why I have labeled it another Phoenix event, well I said 14 months before it the craft arrived in Phoenix, and it happens, it would take place over a major western city, and it did, Only difference this time, it shall be near or outside of Roswell and being in the broad open daylight. Cameras shall be optional, but then there are some things that you might wish to prepare for. How will you explain it to others? I have also invited some who are very close to me to be present, and that should be including the Catholic Church. I wonder if they shall come? They’d best, for their days are dwindling down as if a plane that has been shot down and is smoking all the way to the ground. But think what happens when it crashes, it burns, and thusly no survivors emerge to continue their war they themselves have waged against humanity. I want the Supreme Cardinal and the head of the Jesuits to be there, they are also known as the “BLACK POPE”. I shall hope to see Mr. Soros there also. OH do I have a bone to pick with him. And not only will the world then know the truth of what took place on the very spot of the night of July 2nd, 1947, you shall get to meet my two brothers and many of my other sisters and brothers. We all have each one covered as I speak.


  I trust very few these days as I am not afraid to say, but then there are those who have kept the great secret hidden from man for many of millenniums, I think you would agree on that. I have eyes and ears in DC and they alert me when things might come my way. I am always prepared and yet, I sent you the very same message to you as I did to Luis. I was hoping you would have at least acknowledge the receipt of it. I shall say this, we are in this small boat together, and yet, only a select few are rowing it to the shore. My hypothesis only goes so far, and then it gets nasty. I don’t like being nasty, I love the more temperament attitude to the world. It is after all, who I am. I would love to hear your versions of events from Rome and share things with you if you are willing. I would love to see what an experiencer looks like, and what they went through. But as you very well know, I am not an experiencer, nor an abductee, I have lived this scenario all my life as my other 32 siblings have. We are visited very often and shared things that we shall need for coming days. I love to take pictures of our crafts and the others also, and they allow me too also. I have a ton of up close pictures, and some have been looked at by the experts and they can only scratch their heads in wonderment. I also know how they work and where and when I can take them too.


  I am not a religious man per say, but I do know the Bible better than most would ever imagine, so many cannot fool me when it comes to scripture. How well do you know the scriptures? Do you know we are mentioned in the Biblical records? Yes we are and here is a small sample to verify what I claim. Read the verses of John 8: 31-41, Damn I love when this works out for the betterment of all. How about you? I bring many gifts to people who are searching, and then I also bring fire to those who shall destroy man and the innocence of others. After all, the Vatican might have forgotten to tell you that, that we are the 33 children of the Aphra Anu Jah’bh Tori. Myself, and the others are surely written in olden times as the Emunduraki warriors of the Melchizedek Order. I wish to have a council with you for the days coming brother, I wouldn’t pass this up because the timer has been ticking for days now. I hold the very keys to that dragon and it is wide awake. You do live outside the safe zone may I remind you. We have a lot to discuss. Let me know when you would like to meet and I shall let you see something you have never seen before…ME, and some gifts I shall allow you to hold. Hope to hear from you soon brother…My father calls me Abiel, but for now, you may call me Eddie…Peace to you Chris and waiting to hear from you soon…AA








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