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Hello Kerry, my mortgage just went to 8.875% which is $5600 per month. I live on a fixed income and cannot afford this payment. The dental bridge that holds my 6 front teeth fell out after 42 years of faithful service. Estimate to replace the bridge range from $8500 to $16,000. My well pump and motor just went out which is going to cost $1500 to replace. I have hooked up my water to my neighbors system temporarily. He has been very kind. I am starting to lose my sense of humor but continue to try and live my life with integrity, without envy, hate or greed. I am considering asking my friends for help but I don’t know how much to ask for or whether they are tired of helping me all the time. All the best, John

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  1. I’d say to do a fundraiser or webinar series to help moenytise. Maybe some simple PDF books. Alex Collier was in bad shape too and collaborated a series of useful webinars to fundraise.

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