The real truth behind the MJ12 documents

There is much said over the years about the MJ 12 documents. Brief history on it, President Harry S. Truman organized this group of high ranking scientists and military figures to study the things discovered in the New Mexico desert, the cause would be known as the Roswell Incident/crash. Never shedding away from facts, they were hidden under a classification of UMBRE/Eye’s Only…You had to have a G19 or higher classification within the governments intelligence community to review them. I would arrive at the CIA in 1982, and once indoctrinated into the agencies protocol soon afterwards. But here are the facts, the Federal Government already knew who I was, the others-siblings were there also. Once finishing our college courses and graduating from our training, we immediately were given G19 status. It would be until 1983 that we would get to see the MJ12 documents, which were already on micro-film. So, who was involved and who knew what? Simply this is the way things unfolded within the agency. Call me a traitor, a thief or what, but this information belongs to the people, they had to know, concerning the smoking gun associated with the Roswell crash of July 2nd, 1947.


  The documents were revealed by President Eisenhower as the Eisenhower briefing document written and passed onto the ones in the private circle on November 18th, 1952. They were being told to be aware that something is about to come here, and the Catholic Church was telling these things beforehand. So, what was coming here one might ask? Simply they knew we were as the sacred children and we were about to born somewhere in this nation. The real documents were right before me and the others to see firsthand. Here was the data concerning us and the United States President and who knew this but non-other than the Catholic Church in Rome. The documents don’t mention them openly, but we knew who was there sitting with us and watching and sharing tid-bits of information. We all decided to share this and openly expose the truth to the world. People had to know what was happening and I am now going to mention the ones who were involved with this.


  Under my own Titlement, WOLF, only my own kind would know exactly what that meant and who the WOLF was as these important papers signed by the President of this nation had to be revealed. I would do everything that my powers would allow me to scuttle the catholic Church and their control. It all concerned the Roswell crash and things were being kept secret by the American Government, but change was coming, and I was going to reveal this to the world, but who could I trust at the time, and who was the most invested person who could run in the dark for us? We had decided that a reporter named Jamie Shandera would be a good candidate, and it would be agreed upon by all of us, to covertly smuggle the documents out and silently pass them on to him. Jamie had at one time been part of the Naval Intelligence group in Washington, and he had contacts. Another person named Howard Blum also was working hard to find out what really happen out in New Mexico, he and Jamie had written some articles about the case, and most were place purposely last next to the cartoons of that era. Things would change.


  Finding all the information on microfilm, here was everything naming the team, assembled, and who was who in the early days after Roswell. The data would be taken by myself, the Twins and two others as we had been talking amongst ourselves. We met privately outside of the CIA facility where our handlers knew nothing of what was really happening. It was all placed in a simple package and the mailing list of who to send this film to was ready to be mailed.  The year was June 1984 and the film was mailed. I had only been with the agency for about a year and I was already getting strong and bad vibes from the agency of complete deception and talking to Jiles about this, He said it was the way the beast worked. I found out as time went along what he meant about this. From the FBI, NSC, CIA, and the Pentagon, they had known about us since birth. WHY was they so interested in us in the first place? Because we were weaponized beings as it was stated at one point. The package was hand delivered through a trust friend who will not reveal because he has a family and knowing the past, people lost their lives over less things. The package was signed for and names were sent to specific others who were involved with the CIA and these ones we hoped would do the right thing, tell the facts and the truth. These people would eventually come to be through Charles Berlitz, Robert Wood, and non-other than Stanton Friedman. They were under the coding of CONDOR now, names that meant significance to us, but unsuspecting to the intelligence agencies of this nation.


  What the documents do not tell is that Kennedy lost his life in 1963 because he wanted to tell the world of what was here, the Roswell crash, how the United States government was being ran by former Nazis and the involvement of the Catholic Church at the highest levels. It would not be too long that a man who was also a former OSI officer…Richard Doty was called into the understanding, to review these documents and tell them, Berlitz, Friedman, Edward Teller if they were real, or some sort of fakery being displayed on the ones who had studied the Roswell crash. Mainly the investigative reporters. It didn’t take long for Teller and Doty to verify that they were very real and that the information held within was of the highest national security. We not only have the facts concerning Roswell, the recovery of an alien space craft, but why and that this nation was housing a group of non-human entities, who and where are they was the question for the day? The ball was now in their court. Let see where this ball would bounce too.


  Many things took place as Stanton Friedman now knew who possibly sent this out since he had been informed and knew about some Top-Secret Project called Aquarius. He also suspected that the facts concerning the Roswell crash was never truly revealed, but it didn’t matter to him at the time. Things progressed slowly as many things had to be uncovered, and they would somewhat, Between Stanton and Berlitz, they would travel the globe as we had to expose the truth. Stanton has made a small fortune speaking, book, interviews and things that we did not think he would have ever been involved with, but as he knows, so do we and thusly when we did what we would do, he would run with it. Today’s Ufologists claim they know the facts to Roswell, the MJ12 documents, but they only have brief idea, they don’t have the complete truth as we have hoped for.                                                                                                                  –EDDIE PAGE

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  1. What makes no sense to me is that if Eddie really was the right hand of Sichin and has studied Sumerian and other languages, why is it that his written English today is so incredibly poor? And does he actually respond to questions with questions because he does not understand the question and is intellectually not able to respond coherently? Or was he being mind controlled throughout the interviews so that he appears like a rambling old Christian extremist with the delusion of being some saviour named in the bible? I want to believe him, he seems like he has truth to share and the heart in the right place, but so much of his behaviour is “off”.

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