This is a continuation of my interview with Eddie Page delving into more detail including his predictions of the impending attack by the DRACO in force and arrival of the Pleiadian mother ship. He also talks about the upcoming eruption of Yellowstone’s super volcano. MUST SEE!


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  1. Hello I listened to part 1 and 2 of Eddie Page, and I have some doubts about is authenticity. I have great respect for Kerry Cassidy and I think she is amazing, however Eddie Page concerns me. If he is one of 33 who are of pure Pleiadean blood why have they not been helping humanity before now? we are told that if we mediate in a group we can create enormous change, why have these 33 not been doing this they could have stopped a number of atrocities. I find it hard to believe that the CIA is allowing him to be out there speaking out, this does not sit well with me it is against all we know about what they do to others who are the same ie mark Richards. he spouts the bible a bit too much and he does not really answer questions directly, he skirted around a lot of Kerry’s questions and wanted to talk about himself and how clever he is. It feels very like a set up by the CIA to me, he smirked when other names were mentioned as if dismissing them Sorry but something about this fellow does not ring true. And what of the so called others??
    This is just how I feel.

    in love and light Edna

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