Eddie Page / Zingo / Project Aquarius / CIA / Pleiadian / soldier

“From an early age, I learned my father was an extraterrestrial who had seeded the human race – the very being who many humans consider to be their God. Although this sounds incredible, it explained why I always felt different to those around me and accounted for a lot of what was to happen to me
in my life. This is the story of how I came to be born, my early life, my career working for the CIA and how it will affect your life and every other form of life on planet Earth.”–Eddie Page

“The truth is not ‘out there’, it is here – within the pages of this very book. Like the book, your future and the future of every other human being on planet Earth, is now in your hands.”

Projec Aquarius

The true story of the extraterrestrial Star Seed unit inside the CIA.

By Eddie Page.