From: MORTON SEAN DAVID (73055112)
Sent Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2018 11:06 PM
To: [email protected]

Nearest and Dearest Friends and Family,

I know that Jay Pee your host on WOLF SPIRIT RADIO is going through some stuff right now. He has a lovely woman, Rebecca, who DESERVES ALL his love and attention, and he has simply been putting in too much time doing radio and all his other INFO-TAINMENT enterprises. So we missed doing the the radio show last week, but I certainly hope I can get on THIS week to let you know what is going on.

To my severe disappointment, President Trump has Rudy Gulliani on his legal team. Watching his utterly laughable performance over the last week reminds me of the movie about Notre Dame football called RUDY! Except in THIS version they put Rudy in the game and he tackles his own quarterback!

Remember when Trump chanted “LOCK HER UP!” ? And promised to get to the bottom of where Obama was really born? AND said by the time he leaves the office of president that “you will know who was REALLY behind the attacks on 911”. Think there is any hope of that now?

My suggestion is that since the WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENCE dinner for all the FAKE NEWS PRESSTATUTES has become this filthy, vile, pornographic fiasco, why doesn’t Trump support the REAL people that put him in office and hold the ALT.NEWS CORRESPONDENCE dinner…with all the REAL people, giving you the REAL NEWS? Howsabout it, eh?


where I am I have little to no access to real information. So giving you my psychic impressions have been pure and unadulterated. When I predicted ” BIG EXPLOSIONS and ATTACKS ON SYRIA!” I didn’t mean just ONE warehouse getting blown up. I saw something HUGE! Now the information has come across to me from the FULFORD REPORT that the “Saudi Israelians” (great moniker) attacked northern Syria with a NUCLEAR WEAPON…which is EXACTLY the kind of thing I was seeing….so DEAD ON AGAIN! I had thought they would be able to round up ISIS/ISIL in one place and KAA-BLLLAAAAMMMO! Take them all out at once! So we will see….but dropping an A-BOMB? WOW!


When I was at Revolution Radio, it seems every DAY I was dealing with people that were just overwhelming PRO pot. My producer Steve Travesty was all over it, and I get that many of the hosts there were being funded and financed by advertising that was marijuana related. In fact I lost a FRIEND over it, in this huge fight with Terry Joyce, just because I asked her how SHE would go about the legalization of marijuana…and she (apparently not having her FIX that day) just came unglued.

Now I have never smoked pot…okay…I can’t say NEVER. ONCE in college I didn’t actually SMOKE it, but took a HIT of it, and almost coughed out my lungs. I was like, “NOT FOR ME!” And I just thought all it did was make you STUPID! And whenever I would say that, THE STUPIDEST person at the party would come up to me and say, “I been smoking it 20 years and it hasn’t made ME stooopid!”

“And where do you live?”
“My grandma’s basement!”
The Prosecution rests your Honor!

The joke goes the mating call of the BLONDE in the bar is, “OOO! I am SOO DRUNK!”

The mating call of the BRUNETTE is, “Have all those drunk BLONDES left yet?” And the mating call of the REDHEAD IS….(snaps fingers) “YO! NEEEEEXT!”

So I used to DATE that particular super hot thoughbred redhead, named Cathy. The problem was she was meaner than a cat getting a bath, and just plain awnry. But she loved smoking POT and listening to the Grateful Dead. And when she was STONED she was at least NICE to me and wanted to have sex. So I was like, “Cathy, just get high so we can get along and screw!”

And what do Grateful Dead fans say when their dope runs out? “THIS MUSIC SUCKS!”

I always have said in the FUTURE we are ALL GAY, BLACK and STONED! Because THAT is what the media is FORCING DOWN your throat EVERYDAY! Wanna do a SHOW for you KIDS? Make sure somebody GAY HOSTS IT! Look at all the not so subtle interracial pairing on the TV, where if you came from another planet you would think it was the LAW for all BLONDE WOMEN to screw BLACK MEN, and of course entire states now making pot legal.

And, again, I am a FREEDOM GUY! And I think ADULTS should be allowed to DO WHATEVER they want without hurting others. They have a system in Amsterdam that works where everything is run by GROWN UPS! And it does seem to work.


What MARIJUANA does is kill your awareness of being alive. As a result of this, many marijuana users have a kind of sensory deprivation, a symptom of marijuana that is the slowest to recede and the one least likely to go away. The INABILITY to experience pleasure to the fullest makes one constantly pursue pleasure because one isn’t quite realizing the full satisfaction of life. And therefore the taking of marijuana, involves one in an ever- receding goal of more pleasure, which now can no longer be experienced. This was EXACTLY what happened to my girlfriend Cathy so many years ago. She did not wind up in a gutter or anything. In fact now she is a multi- millionaire executive of a cable company in Tennessee somewhere.

Relying on their own personal experience, the pot user believes it is harmless because they PERCEIVE no DIFFICULTIES! They do NOT perceive the difficulties because their faculties of perception are being destroyed while they use it! And so they have a diminishing ability to discern within themselves levels of their own GOD- AWARENESS. Day by day they perceive no harm because pot is destroying not only the physical senses but the senses of the SOUL! This is one of the most subtle dangers of marijuana and most psychosimulant and psychedelic drugs. The user is rendered incapable of detecting change in himself.

And Potheads all think they are HEROES or something for using it. I mean my Dad was an alcoholic but he never screamed out, “DRINKING BOOZE MAKES ME A HERO!” although he did tie a towel around his neck and run around the house in his underwear…but enough about my life.

This is the subtlety of the American CULT OF DEATH!

With each joint, the smoker is deprived of a certain essence of life within the cells and the ability to perceive that he has indeed lost just a little bit of the essence of life. Therefore, he can never see himself as he was or as he IS, because inherent in the drug is the gradual destruction of the ability to perceive life and to perceive that that life is waning. And having lost the tie to LIFE, the way is opened to the experimenting with heroin and other hard drugs.

HENCE…the gateway to the OPIOID CRISIS!

To this day, some people justify that GOD has made everything, and therefore whatever He has made is for the blessing of his offspring. What is not common knowledge and should come from the “NEW AGE” community if there was any true wisdom left there, is that marijuana and opium or any of the drugs taken today were created by the great advancement of the Luciferian science of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The reason people want marijuana is they are really seeking the spiritual bliss of the HOLY SPIRIT. The descent of the SPIRIT imparts LIGHT, bliss an an infilling PRESENCE. The fallen Atlanteans and Lemurians knew they had been cut off from the Holy Spirit, therefore they attempted to stimulate bliss CHEMICALLY. Even though they understood the harm it would cause them, they nevertheless did this, knowing already that they were self- destroyed by their rebellion against God. In the meantime, they would enjoy the “synthetic Spirit” and furthermore, they would not enjoy it alone–they determined to take the children of GOD with them in their “sweet death”.

But what is the damage of all this? Just one more symptom of the END of Western CIVILIZATION? One more sign of our destruction and imminent decay?

It all leads us back the war between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. Freud believed that in the future ALL psychiatry would be obsolete, and human beings were just mechanisms that were merely at affect of the chemicals coursing through us. That everything would eventually be solved with a pill, and that doctors would no longer really need to TALK to their patients but just VOLIA! Take two and call me in the morning and you are all better. It was this conceit that led Aldous Huxley to pen BRAVE NEW WORLD! (We find DOCTORS are now the #1 cause of death in America now!)

But Carl Jung could not help but disagree with his mentor. That MAN was not at AFFECT of all these chemicals…but that we were a mighty immortal spirit. That WE controlled the chemicals, and that we were not mere MACHINES, but the all powerful GHOST in that machine.

Much like the religious was of the religion OF Jesus and the religion ABOUT Jesus…all of this will soon come to a head.

Here endeth the lesson!
Love and INFINITE BLESSINGS! Dr. Sean-David Morton



  1. freedomofjoyce on

    It is pathetic that Sean David Morton is sitting in prison making conspiratorial arguments about the cannabis plant. His closed minded and uneducated viewpoint should be a clue on his irrelevancy in this media. After all this time, it turns out that the seriql fraudster psycic wonder boy can’t even soell my name right. Perhaps, he should try remote viewing it next time. Not surprised that Kerry Cassidy allows such slander and lies on her website since it has been stated by Mike “Nighthawkk “ Ringley that she paid for Michael Hemmingson’s Former White Hat Blog. I’m sure this is way more nefarious and interesting than my legal cannabis use.

  2. simona grace on

    So glad to finally hear from Dr Sean David Morton, especially sounding in fairly good spirits. I hope He and His wife are released asap. what an injustice..
    Thanks Kerry for keeping these important people in our thoughts..

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