This is my eighth interview with Captain Mark Richards of the secret space program. For over 30 years, Captain Mark Richards has been and still is, a prisoner of the war between on and off planet races that have dominated Earth for centuries. He is an honorable officer of the Navy, who because of his rebellion against the Draco and Reptoids (Luciferian alliance) is considered a threat to their operations. This also makes him a political prisoner here on Earth. He was framed for a murder he is accused of having masterminded while he was on a mission off planet in service to humanity. He was Captain of a starship enterprise type vessel, fighting the war against aliens bent on the takeover of Planet Earth. I am the only journalist who has interviewed him in person while he is in prison. This is Interview Eight–Kerry Lynn Cassidy, Project Camelot




WRITTEN TRANSCRIPT: (Available in pdf below and text)

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Interview conducted by Kerry Cassidy, in March 2018 All rights reserved by Project Camelot


Impact of social media and disinfo on the internet on Mark

1. When I arrived we talked about the amount of disinfo on the internet and how people are so motivated to lie, act as trolls etc. One of Mark’s contacts had sent him some attacks and websites dedicated to attacking him and claiming he is lying. This was his first exposure to how cruel and dishonest people are on the net and he was shocked. His family were also sending him lies people were saying about him and it was very disturbing to them. He was also surprised how few people actually do the research necessary to back up their claims and post things about him that are simply not true.

Of course I reassured him based on my vast experience dealing with cia paid trolls and liars. The bottom line is that the Mark Richards information threatens these

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peoples view of reality and they cant handle it. They basically as Nicholson says, “they cant handle the truth”.

Prison Conditions

2. We talked about the poor conditions in the lower security portion of the prison where he has been moved and where lots of older men like him are now forced to share space with younger men some of whom are crazy and should be in a mental ward. He became very. Ill for a month when he first got moved and has no privacy… There is NO HEAT! There are 16 toilets for 250 men. Out in the open no privacy. He says it’s like a concentration camp and the guards and administration are fascists.

He has high blood pressure and requires medicine that the prison admin often “forgets” to give to him. He hasn’t been to a doctor in a long time and has a right to but

They dangle the carrot if the men tolerate the degraded conditions they will consider releasing them sometime soon.

He says he was put into these quarters to silence him. He believes he’s only alive because of the hidden help from his friends the Raptors.

Keep in mind that Mark has an extended family including his wife Jo Ann which is why he tolerates the situation. He could leave the planet easily with the help of the Raptors but stays here for his wife and family.

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I asked him about face to face threats and he said he doesn’t have to worry about that because of his protection by the Raptors but that there are always more nefarious threats to his well being.

Drugs are Rampant

Illegal drugs are easily available and most prisoners are on drugs. This also makes their judgment questionable and living with groups of men in this state is always dangerous and puts everyone on edge. The guards sell drugs to the inmates. This is common and rampant in our prison system.

Arrests and Tribunals offshore

Mark agrees that this is happening and not being reported in the mainstream news.

He said military men are disappearing. The week I was there he noted that week.

Two Navy pilots had disappeared in an F18 event in Antarctica. They couldn’t use a U.S. Ship to approach the location due to the journalists who would report the incident so they hired an Argentine helicopter to go in and

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rescue scientists who were attacked and probably saw something they were not supposed to see. Their minds were wiped before the news reporters got to them.

And there was a helicopter crash in Iraq.

As a military man, Márk watches these events closely. He does have access to a TV.


Multiple scenarios. Multiple problems.

  1. Nazis in New Berlin still there (although he says they are actually fascists). Fine distinction? The ruins of Atlantis are being revealed and studied by U.S., Russia. Last evidence of a human-alien civilization/ culture. Nazis have been plundering it for years.

  2. Russians are now plundering Lake Vlostock.

  3. The melt-off is revealing main Dome of the City buried under ice there. At most the ice will last another 5 to 10 years.

  4. There are multiple ET bases down there.

  5. Ruins of Atlantis are there and being studied by US and Russians. They contain our true history.

  6. Disease is a factor because dormant or hidden viruses from ancient wars are being revealed as the ice melts. They don’t know how to deal with these viruses. Can’t cope with their release.

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  1. I mentioned the Buzz Aldrin comment “face of evil” and Mark thought he may be referring to the deadly viruses found there.

  2. Admiral Byrd and the US military attacked Antarctica .. Mark calls it a “massive invasion”

  3. New Berlin

The fascists in New Berlin make up 1/3rd of the fleets protecting planet Earth right now.

There is “lots of contact” between the Nazis in New Berlin and our government. There are several hundred thousand who are massively rich because of minerals from Antarctica.

  1. North Pole is also a stargate. Massive stargates at both poles. Most energized vortexes on the Planet.

  2. Inner Earth: Mark thinks people are actually seeing into earlier versions of Earth when they view into the stargates at the poles.

  3. Parallel Earth: You can get to parallel Earth via the stargates at the Poles but you also have to time travel due to the split that occurred creating a parallel Earth. Note this version of how a parallel Earth (or timeline?) is created goes along with the new StarZ tv series “Counterpart” which uses a similar explanation.

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  1. The parallel Earth he says split off at a certain point and so to get there “you can’t just slide” he says you also have to time travel. .

  2. When you have a split from one universe to another it breaks off radically and it’s not easy to return due to the quantum nature of the multi-verse.

  3. There’s a lot more of going back and forth between parallel and this Earth than people realize.

  4. Many UFOs come from the future.

Trump Administration: some of the people resigning are actually resigning because they can’t handle what’s coming. They are terrified.

Since Reagan we gave up key funding and only have the Confederation police force to protect us. Our secret space program is unable to handle the surmounting scenarios:

  1. According to Mark, our only chance for survival is for the Raptors and their Empress to step in and defend us. Along with the fact that they have aligned themselves with us they also consider Earth to be their homeworld and are therefore ‘in the game’ regardless.
  2. Various threats: Dracos, Reptoids, Spider beings, Androids and AI.

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  1. A different AI group are expanding…There are 4 —AI beings that are interested in our “turf”.

  2. They are also interested in Jupiter and Saturn.

  3. If the AI want to take us out they first have to deal with the “gaseous creatures” that are on Jupiter and Saturn and guard the gates there and are dedicated to defend us. They are friendly to all life. But see the AI as the enemy. Gaseous creatures have the ability to take out a whole fleet of incoming ships instantly.

  4. The way they defend us is by rechannelling local star energy to de-atomize the destructive AI or incoming ships.


Truly advanced AI doesn’t need a vehicle carbon or silicon it is pure energy. Advanced AI can take on the most energized form such as a neutron star or an electrical- magnetic cloud.

I asked if it would take on the Ort Cloud but he said no it can take on scalar waves…all energy waves.


Means small… Nano can take on AI but AI does not need the nano form to operate.

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AI’s based on the energy field — there are very few of those in our solar system and most aren’t dangerous. However, they simply don’t care about us so that could result in some type of threat.

The reason we know about this is because we read ‘star charts’ given to us by our ‘alien friends’.

This is how we know there are only 20 AI’s in our Galaxy that have de-materialized (become only energy).

Most negative AI are based in mechanics and want to ‘eat the planet’ but can’t because they are being stopped by the gaseous beings. However many are not based in mechanics and can take on any solid form.

Not all AI’s are silicon. Many AI’s are organic (or occupying organics as this is one of the best forms to manipulate.

We are already making “meat” in labs. If we can do that imagine what an Advanced AI can do to create a body to cart or carry around… to manipulate its environment.

An AI is a hive mind.

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Our military has been training our troops to fight aliens and AI since the 1930s in places such as: Puerto Rico, Haiti, the Caribbean, and Cuba…

This relates to the black goo found in the Gulf of Mexico/ and Falklands war.

They have been wiping soldiers memories for a very long time. And have gotten much better at it. It was spotty and not as thorough in the past. From the 20s to the 50s our mind wiping capability was pretty bad.


Our soldiers were fighting aliens in several famous battles and had their minds wiped, such as:


The men in the water and attack by sharks was a cover… there are not that many sharks. This was an alien race they were dealing with.

THE LIBERTY — Attack by Israel.

Our ship the Liberty was our key control center. At the time, we were vacillating between helping Egypt and helping Israel. There were Anunnaki on the ship. The Israeli’s attacked.

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Mark has a bad attitude toward the Anunnaki because he has had to fight them in the past and doesn’t like the way they view humans. He doesn’t trust them. This colors his perception of what we are dealing with.

He believes they have a nefarious agenda. He doesn’t trust them based on experience. The Anunnaki get along with the Draco. This also makes their motives suspicious.

The Anunnaki hybrids are not related to the Raptors. (Note Anunnaki hybrids may be Draco/humanoid or snake (reptoid/humanoid) Note: need to clarify this.

Most Anunnaki are humanoid and fairly tall (the ones here on Earth) and can pass as human. You can tell an Anunnaki by the discoloration in their skin.

There are many Anunnaki and Reptoids in the Trump administration. 20 to 30 politicians are Anunnaki or alien of one kind or another.

Most of the Congress are totally in the dark. Some in the State Department know about the alien presence and many more in the Pentagon are in the know.

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I asked him about John Kerry and he said, yes he had always wondered about him. He said he is probably an alien-human hybrid.

Note: humans are a hybrid race

I asked him if our military was in charge of the U.S. and he said “no”.

There’s a lot of short-term greed. And a NWO agenda. No one group is in charge.

The Role of Chocolate

Mark talked about the focus by other races on our chocolate. There is nothing like it on other planets. If you study chocolate, the cocoa plant — we still don’t know how it pollinates. It may be a semi-invisible mite, not an ant or a bee.

It is very difficult to take a cocoa plant to another planet and get it to grow.

Aliens are not coming here for gold or minerals or water. There is plenty of gold on asteroids.

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Aliens come here for the things we make, luxury items, antiques, things of beauty. (My note: and our genetic code).

The way we plunder other countries, aliens plunder other planets — it’s the same.


Saudi Arabia is on a precipice. They are stuck in the past and the NWO is inclined to leave them behind.

ASCENSION CHAIR (related to Brett Stuart’s remote viewing)

There is more than one. At one time these were made available to advanced humans to transcend.

They were created by a race — the time-space consortium (he calls them) — it doesn’t really have a name. They are tremendously advanced. Not AI. Can take physical form temporarily but are like light beings or prefers the term ‘energy beings’ because they don’t necessarily manifest as “light”.

The Raptors are aware of these beings.

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The Raptors know more than we do not because they are smarter but because they are a space-faring race that has been around 65 milllion years… or longer.

At 65 million years they left Earth and went on a journey into a wormhole and they went into a sort of suspended animation (not clear) and returned a few million years ago. Established a home in the Draco galaxy.

They were using black hole technology to power their ships and they slipped into an event horizon then returned.

The planet they settled on in the Draco constellation, belonged to the Draco, and when they took it over they became enemies of the Draco. They are at war with the Draco.

They developed new technology on that planet then returned to our solar system.


There may be some good ones. Apparently, the Raptors have some Draco spies who report to them. So the Raptors fully believe there are some good Dracos. But Raptors and Humans are diametrically opposed to the Draco agenda. (Which involves takeover and domination).

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The Reptoids are subservient to the Draco. They behave like snakes and ‘get along’.


Does some great research but doesn’t understand the deeper picture.

She accurately got that the supercomputer was moved from Michigan to California and had a role in rejuvenating the tech industry and the whole internet revolution in silicon valley but she doesn’t know the real story behind it.

TIME TRAVEL – Nazi’s & Pleiadian Base

Mark has met lots of ‘reverse aged’ Nazis who are supposed to be dead.

Heligoland — is a group of islands off the coast of Germany where there was the most massive submarine base that was bombed during the war by the British. it was the largest single blast in the war.

There was a Pleiadian base there for centuries. Germans used to go on holiday to those islands in the 1930s and

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return with brilliant ideas like quantum theory. He called them the Bohr Nazis.

The Nazis also had a castle in Germany where there was a Stargate. It was an SS castle in the center of Germany. They created technology there that they couldn’t control.

Mark’s father’s driver was a former Nazi from New Berlin. Which is where Mark got some of this info.


He went from being a mediocre millionaire in 4 years to being mega-rich. His wife is a biological creation that operates as his direct link to an alien race. She is his ‘communication device’. (He wouldn’t say which alien race). It is not the Cat beings.


The fires in Northern California were a group of juvenile alien races who decided to party by coming here and devouring humans.

Slightly similar to what happened in the Outter Banks islands area off of South Carolina. (see Mark Richards VII for more on that).

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Travis Air Force base dealt with it under cover of a 3 week training mission. (Orange flag).

They used the Marine’s “Offspray” craft to go in with the ability to go straight up and straight down.

It was like a b-grade monster movie. 4-ton blobs all over the place. No news coverage.

No evacuations. Entire community decimated.

Not sure about the cause of the Southern California fires. However, there was a summer ‘shut down’ of a whole neighborhood in Southern California.


He said Navy intelligence is in charge of the fight with aliens on the Earth while the Air Force deals with aliens off planet.


A lot more evidence and underground ruins/cities will be found in the Sinai. Very important and will change history.

Ruins there are not all of human origin.

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What they call a hospital in Saqqara ruins was a laboratory for genetic engineering.

So was ABYDOS.

There were 2 sphinxes next to each other in Giza. The original heads were much bigger cat heads. There were another two at the head of the Nile and two more down in the Southern end of the Kingdom.

The remaining Sphinx had a human head carved over the cat head. His contact with a BLACK PANTHER CAT BEING called the Contessa has told him this…

They have vast ruins under the Western Desert that have been found on satellite.

ALSO underground ruins in LIBYA 20,000 to 30,000 years old.


There’s a link between Egyptians and the House of Abraham. The Egyptians escaped through Spain to

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Ireland. Royalty… from 6 to 4,000 BC to 12,000 BC. after Atlantis.


It is, according to Mark (as I thought) a Stargate taken over by the military.

The military has to take these sites over otherwise the very wealthy and the corporations will.

Is in the know and being used.

I asked why they chose him over NASA and Mark said that is because Elon is free to make deals with the military whereas NASA is a public agency and heavily scrutinized (it’s hands are tied). Private industry has taken over in space. (Along with military).


The fascists and Reptoids and Draco want to weaken the U.S.,Russia and Britain so the aliens continue to pit them against each other.

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Putin is not messy. He kills lots of people but with precision. The collateral damage indicates it was carried out by the British or aliens.

We are friends in the secret space program. RUSSIA AND GERMANY

Russians and Germans are doing business in Antarctica. Russians are being allowed to bring large planes and equipment into the main base New Berlin.

Note: the implication here is that New Berlin and Germany are one “power’ and running the showdown in Antarctica. This needs more investigation but the picture is clear and begins to reveal why the German DVD (formerlly Abwehr) that Michael Shrimpton talks about is so instrumental in interfering with all governments/ spying and wreaking havoc. The main question is what alien race runs New Berlin with the Germans? Aldebarans perhaps … humanoid or reptoid?


Situation getting worse not better. (this relates to the aliens backing the North Koreans and that peace is not in the future).

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No one appreciates how close North Korea is to crumbling. They have a crumbling infrastructure with a 1 million man army and nuclear capability. Very dangerous.


Need to get rid of 10 million North Koreans and 100 million Chinese but can’t just eliminate them without sufficient cover.

So a war is being escalated.

Mark is leaking this info out in hopes that they will simply stand down and stop the plans to kill millions. This is what is motivating the current stand-off.


Mark has written about her in some of his writings (available on the Earth Defense Headquarters site). The cat beings are not openly assisting humans. There are 4 different cat races in contact. They are detached from human affairs.

Mark’s only contact with cat beings is with the Contessa (black panther being). She loves luxury items and has lots of ‘kittens’. They stand upright.

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They are sabotaged from within. They do it so they can “trace the leaks” (put out false data along with real). The technique is similar to Churchill’s allowing bombing covertly so as not to reveal how much the Brits knew.


I asked him about the Eamonn Ansbro (astronomer) attempt to broadcast our location out to multiple universes out there using Quantum Mechanics.. Mark not in favor of letting everyone know where Earth is… makes us vulnerable and we cannot defend ourselves. Invites them to rape and pillage.

Carl Sagan and Mark’s dad (The Dutchman) had an argument over the Voyager disk that went out into space. Considered it gambling with our lives.


Is she as naive as she sounds re good aliens versus bad aliens? He thinks no — she knows more and must be working for the dark side.

MANTIDS AND RAPTORS Are now aligned with humans.

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Rings of Saturn are being mined for their water by many alien groups. The rings are gradually disappearing because water vapor is a finite source. (this was correctly stated by the Sirian channeling through Patricia Cori– see my interview with her on this).

Says ships didn’t create the rings contrary to what Norm Bergrun thought. But there is debris there from past million years.


Comes from moons of Saturn and meteorites from the Ort Cloud. And the GASEOUS BEINGS create hydrogen that turns into ice.

Ships hiding in the rings of Saturn travel often between there and Earth.

Large planets have large stargates. There are space stations in the rings. Huge stargates immensely powerful: Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter.

Ships attempt to go through those gates and the Gaseous Beings watch the gates. They can neutralize a fleet of alien ships in seconds. THIS IS ONE OF THE KEY

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No. He’s scared to death of what Mark and his friends the Raptors are capable of….

Mark admits to scaring those in power. His contacts make him a very real threat to their ‘way of life’.


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