I interview Remote Viewer, Brett Stuart about Troika and Technical Intuition sites and the various topics of his and his team’s explorations in consciousness.  Various topics are :  latest webinars, Nazca Aliens, Red Dog (Ascension chair / ancient artifact, responsible remote viewing with a conscience and more.
Go here for more info: www.technicalintuition.com/



  1. Kerry please please please stop critiquing and speaking for your guests. Save your critique and comments until after as many times you put words in peoples mouths and speak for them. Often times they go, “well sort of … etc. and when you say, “yes that’s right, or “actually what really is happening…” and then you contradict them or attempt to educate them and they seem not to speak freely. I love your work but you are way to involved and biased at times. When you interviewed Bill Tompkins (my favorite ) you interrupted him again and again and he never got to finish several answers in what I felt as critical points in the interview.

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