I interview Michael Fitzhugh Bell.   We discuss his new book:  INVISIBLE CRIME:  SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY, MIND CONTROL, SECRET SOCIETIES, CIA, FBI AND MORE…  (see below for bio and details)


“…In my new book, The Invisible Crime – Part II – A Targeted Individual, Synthetic Telepathy And Global Criminal Biomedical Human Experimentation, I expose and reveal aspects of the crime of covert human experimentation never before discussed.

Here are a few of the subjects I cover in great detail in the new book:

1. Synthetic Telepathy – The bidirectional information process between a human being’s mind and a supercomputer. The capability of reading and interpreting a person’s brainwaves and also putting back information in real-time.

2. Trans-humanism – The idea of human beings evolving beyond normal physical and psychological limitations through science and technology.

3. The Cabal – A secret government or political clique, group or faction. Secret Societies that are believed to exist within the current DOJ and FBI and large Multi-national Corporations. It is the Cabal which I’m lead to believe that are behind my specific victimization.

4. Covert, illegal human experimentation being performed on innocent American Citizens and people around the globe without their knowledge, permission or consent. This includes advanced medical testing and psychological experimentation.

5. Advanced Camouflage or Invisibility Cloaking Technologies currently being employed and reported by hundreds of Targeted Individuals around the world.

6. Morgellons Disease is a condition that I suffer from, a rare, unexplained and unusual skin condition which is believed to be caused by a synthetic pathogen also referred to as a highly evolved weaponed biological micro-organism. It’s widely reported that Morgellons Disease is part of the Military’s Biological Weapons Program.

7. Remotely Induced Mind Control achieved through Electronic Harassment/Bioelectronic Torture is believed to be at the heart of the Psychological Warfare Program, now reportedly being scaled to the entire human population.

“Secret Societies” that may exist within the DOJ and FBI.

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  1. Kerry, you pronounced his name wrong because you spelled it wrong. Michael Fitzhugh Bell, NOT Michael Fitzburgh Bell. You might want to change that.

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