David Maroshi, a software engineer with a strong interest in spirituality and a member of the Avalon Forum has asked me if I would let him interview me regarding spiritual matters and I agreed.

See below for his bio.





Dudi Maroshi is a spiritual being, inside a physical body, living in Israel, on planet earth, in the 3rd dimension. Has passion for spiritual wisdom and practices, and had few paranormal experiences as well.
Dudi’s daily drama is filled with family and software engineering. More about Dudi’s professional skills available in his Linkedin profile here: www.linkedin.com/in/maroshi/
Dudi aspire to keep minimal public footprint. But recent changes in public perception and his personal perception suggested – it is time to shine the light. Even in the land of conflicts.

Dudi’s  current investigation subject is the concept of the soul reincarnation and its practical meaning to daily life.

More about the lore of souls, exploring the concepts and its validity can be watched in his latest YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCA5vJx96uKQNKQQSBDk7KsA

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