Overview: In this Interview with Keith Hunter, we discuss 2 strange undersea seismic events which have occurred recently just off of the coast of the Korean Peninsula. One in 2014, and another only two weeks ago, on the 12th of July of this year.

Both events appear to possess a distinct connection to one another, and also to the 5 official – or known – nuclear tests carried out by North Korea from 2006 to the present day.

Keith believes that the evidence shows that North Korea will engage in a nuclear attack against both the US and Japan if they themselves are attacked – or possibly that it seems inevitable that they are to be attacked.–Keith Hunter
Note: After looking at Keith’s investigation of the Seismic event and the signature he is reading — it is unclear whether North Korea caused the Earthquake using scaler weapons to send a threat to the U.S. and Japan (as potential targets) or whether the EQ was sent as a message from the U.S./UK as a warning to North Korea revealing they known their plans and have technology to rival theirs..