Today @ 12PM Eastern Time I will be talking with Dr. Richard Davis, head of the Poll Moll Vote polling software.

The theory is that the Fraction Magic technology discovered by Bev Harris (  was used to hack into the AI voting system…We will be discussing Richard’s theory on how this was countered by the “good guys”.

Short Bio:

Dr. Richard Davis is an Aerospace Engineer, Synthetic Bio-Organic Chemist, Medical Doctor and retired Naval Officer, CNO Commendations x 2, TDY SEAL Team 5 doc, Blue Angels B/U Flight Surgeon, Level 1 ER / Trauma Physician, Serial Entrepreneur – 2 IPO’s, Authored 400 patents and trademarks, Designed original software for Lending Tree®. He will be talking about his new software POLLMOLE for accuracy in polling and voting.  Site: