Hi Everyone,

We got back from filming 2 interviews at the UFO Congress a few days ago.  My site was under heavy attack and thanks to Tommy and Igor we are back online!  Thanks guys!

I interviewed Sebastien Martin regarding his experiences, soon to be released and did an update with MILAB investigator, Melinda Leslie.  Both should be fascinating watching.  We are editing and they should be released soon.

Apparently the BBC has done a serious piece of disinfo about the death of Max Spiers.  They obviously didn’t do their homework and are missing numerous details about even the most basic facts of what happened.

Looks like I will be leading a tour of ancient sites in Britain this summer with dowser and investigator, Maria Wheatley.  Details coming soon.  The tour is probably happening first or second week in June.

I will also be co-hosting another conference at the lovely manor house:  High Elms with Catrine O’Neil:   Stay tuned for the list of this years speakers!  Scheduled for late June.

More to come…



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