I am in the UK and enjoying the holidays.  I have managed to organize two interviews while I am here. One with the Barrister, Michael Shrimpton who was arrested for warning the UK government about a nuke threat (which turned out to be correct according to U.S. intelligence) at the Olympics back in 2012.  He is out of prison, where he served six months and talking.  With a substantial background in the intelligence game he has written a fascinating book called SPYHUNTER.  This interview is now complete and being edited.  To be released shortly!

I will be doing an in-person interview with Simon Parkes while here as well.  This gives me a unique opportunity to talk with Simon in a more relaxed atmosphere where we can delve into his latest intel on what’s really going on behind the scenes in government and world affairs.

I am also in talks with William Tompkins to plan to have him as a regular guest on my show.  Stay tuned for more on this as the days progress.

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