The finale to Bases2016, with Peter Paget in his second presentation of the 3 day event, with a last minute live stream on the Project Camelot Portal. This has been available for some time from Project Camelot, but the final edit in situe, at the venue is now available. Miles is off camera, and re-reads the statement from Max Spiers’s mother. It has greater significance based on subsequent events. Max’s statement that we are close to extinction, match’s Peter Paget’s statement the year before at Warminster2015.

Peter holds true to the Moon Landings, and adds “we had help”, but acknowledges they really screwed up with the ‘;nice perfect well lit’ photos.

Please refer to the first lecture he gave at Bases2016 where he specifically addresses the smear champagne from Matthew Williams and the Daily Mail article claiming he is a fraud. This addressed directly. Williams made a series of critiques in on line emails, so do please read these,and Paget’s responses.

Bases 48 features his first public remarks for almost 15 years or so, and is very detailed, (at Warminster 2015)

Thanks to Kerry for supplying her version to complete this edit. This was originally a pay to view event via Vimeo, in the Project Camelot portal, as this is now free, so is this edit.

The Bases Project will not continue unless it can sustain itself from donations, or some kind of funding. There are no further international events planned, due to the free edits and those who steel the edits for profit.

The is the closeout of Bases2016, which had over run by over an hour and half. I have included Kerry’s end statement after the conference closed, as it is a Remote view situation, about another false flag like 911, so as it could save lives it is included.

With many thanks to Kerry for the live stream, (which we had made attempts to do , but due to a locale computer company failure to supply the computer specified, the Bases live stream was a no no.

A highlights edit will be made available.


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