We talk about the history of humanity and the levels of deceit contributing to the obfuscation about who we really are.

Emily Windsor-Cragg
Born during WW2 and adopted out from my birth families, I grew up in the Zionist-Communist Movement of the radical Left. Trying to figure things out, is the story of my life. I’ve tried many spiritual paths, married and divorced a few times, birthed five kids over 23 years, and worked as Instructor at Xerox, and GeoWashUniv, I attended University in the 80s & 90s and completed a masters in conflict analysis and communication. I had my own software start-up in the early 90s, Play Technologies, Inc, which failed to gain funding. I was radicalized during the Clinton Admin by the University’s focus on Globalism and effects on human life of HR practices and gas-lighting by corporations. Next I wrote a small political-theory newsletter when I lived on Capitol Hill, JUST NOW. Red-listed in 1998, spent the next 7 years running from gang stalkers. I’ve penned six books on cosmology and community development, hosted radio at BlogtalkRadio for several years, and now I’m writing the 7th book, Where Do We Go From Here?


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