FROM AN UNDISCLOSED SOURCE:  (this info has been posted to both the Camelot and Avalon Forums for further discussion) see below.

Subject: Photos of US Government reverse engineering lab

Date: July 11, 2016

To: [email protected]

These photos and this document were provided to me by an intermediary. I’m a contractor in Northern Virginia. I’ll try to provide you with as much information that I can to get this story out but if for any reason at any second I think you are trying to railroad me or use this story for self promotion, I will pull the plug. Tried to go to the Washington Post with this but they are too politically powerful and I had to jump through too many hoops for them to publish anything, ultimately I think they were jerking my chain. Don’t think I raised any red flags with any intel orgs as I went through encrypted software and used burner accounts and remote locations to get it to the Post. If you jerk my chain- I WILL WALK and you will never hear from me again.  Alt media is going to have to be the route. I’m only contacting you because you are mentioned in the document. Do whatever you wish, release, hold, dimiss, if I have to find another conduit, I will.


This is an admission to the fact of US Government involvement with the
study of extraterrestrial craft since 1947. In 1953 the Central
Intelligence Agency’s Robertson Panel convened to discuss the
implications of unidentified flying objects (UFO) on National Security
in the United States. The panel discussed this aspect but the larger
implication is that the Robertson Panel was tasked with covering up
and hiding evidence of a recovered extraterrestrial craft on Earth.

The craft recovered from Roswell was concealed with a well-placed
cover story which lasted until the late 1970s. At which time the
Agency felt that independent researchers were about to uncover the
truth about a crashed alien vehicle in the desert outside Roswell, NM.
An effort was made to convolute the story and discredit independent
researchers through acts of misdirection, seeding of false
information, pyscho-social manipulation and harnessing the media.

The Roswell crash vehicle (RCV) along with biological remains were
retrieved and first flown to Fort Worth AAF (Carswell AFB) in Fort
Worth, TX. The craft was flown to Wright Field (Wright-Patterson AFB)
in Dayton, OH where it was studied by engineers and technicians from
the U.S. Air Force Air Material Command T-2 Intelligence and the CIA
Office of Scientific Intelligence aka. “The Wizards of Langley”. The
“wizards” refers to CIA employees with direct knowledge of the CIA UFO
program. The biological remains of unknown origin and clearly “not of
this Earth” (NOTE) were flown from Carswell to the Aviation Medical
School at Brooks Field, TX.

The overall project name for the study of extraterrestrial encounters
was CONJURE. The study of alien craft and various fragments was
codenamed SORCERER and the study of the biological remains was
codenamed OCCULT. This has all changed and the most recent project
names are MERIDIAN for ET craft, ICON for biological samples and the
umbrella project was until recently known as CORNERSTONE. There are
many subprojects under CORNERSTONE, my project was facilities
management called OVERCOAT. CORNERSTONE is a joint CIA /

Defense Department program.

A permanent and more secure location was sought for both the craft and
the biological remains and the task was undertaken by Dr. Thornton
Page head of the CIA’s UFO program 1952-1976. The location was found
in the coastal region of Eastern Virginia area outside of the tourist
destination known as colonial Williamsburg. Camp Peary is a secret CIA
base where operatives learn intelligence tradecraft. Officially known
as the Armed Forces Experimental Training Activity (AFETA) run by the
Department of Defense this is a cover for a CIA training school which
is a cover for the extraterrestrial visitation study program conducted
by the CIA and is not accountable to any federal agency. The head of
this group known popularly as “MJ-12” (incorrect) is the Under
Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics

a fictitious position at the Pentagon which deals solely with

extraterrestrial alien reconnaissance, surveillance and infiltration.

Infiltration is defense terminology for “visitation”.

The facility at “The Farm” (Camp Peary) was a six story structure
with another four stories underground. The facility included space for
these various functions: vehicle recovery and storage unit with
laboratory; cryogenic storage facility for biological samples with
laboratory; fragments identification and storage from various global
sites; quarters for personnel on continual alert to respond to
reported crash sites globally within 6 hours (Detachment 2 of 8 global
detachments), helicopter hangar and tarmac; motor pool; agency
management bureau; onsite clinic; decontamination and isolation
facility; crisis management center; deep underground shelter; CIA
Spectrum Management Office Det. 2; Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
intercept detachment (with feed from offsite location at Northwest,
Va); passive exploitation activity; Marine Corp Special Operations
unit (facilities security); offices for personnel of the psychological
warfare division recruited from Special Forces psychological warfare
school at Fort Bragg; media relations, historical research and
archives specialists. Many of the military personnel had been fed a
false cover story that the extraterrestrial investigation activity is
in fact a counter-terrorism unit. Of the 427 people involved in the
program at Camp Peary only 54 knew the truth about the facility as it
was highly compartmentalized. Various American government agencies

are used as cover for operations at Camp Peary.

The facility at Camp Peary was known as the Defense Exotic Technology
Activity (DETA) and it was shut down July 27, 2009 when Dr. Steven
Greer leaked the location and function of the facility in an interview
(July 26, 2009) with a UFO studies organization called Project
Camelot. It was unknown how Dr. Greer came about this information but
this leak was enough to put the entire agency into crisis mode. The
alien craft, fragments and biological specimens were immediately
transported to an alternate site and within one week the demolition of
the building, grounds and underground components had begun on the
facility at Camp Peary. All relevant research material that was
transportable was shipped to an unknown facility somewhere within a
200 mile radius of Washington D.C. Those of us involved in the
dismantling process speculated that this new site is Mount Weather but
there is no confirmation. Dr. Greer was never read in on the facility
and its function and to CIA’s consternation it is not known how he
acquired this information, at times various personalities in the UFO
research community are used in false flag media operations but only
two of these people are “self-aware” or have any idea that they are
being used in such a capacity and Dr. Greer is not one of them.

Media control in this situation has been successful.



Exterior Gate - Main Facility - Defense Exotic Technology Activity

Recovered Fragments Storage Facility Recovered Craft of Unknown Origin main laboratory Fragments storage lockers Biological specimen cold storage


My comments posted on the Avalon Forum:

[Note: I am replying to a couple replies I received on my initial post here]

I wouldn’t get too carried away by this whole FEMA-Emergency Management linkup to UFOs and MJ-12. I posted this latest whistleblower info sent to me as a courtesy. That doesn’t mean I think it is particularly earth shaking in any way. Or necessarily completely true. It does appear to have elements of truth. The person who sent it isn’t actually the whistleblower but rather someone given this info and thinks it should get out there. (see below for more specifics on this)

I do think it’s interesting that in the Wilbert Smith testimony by way of Paul Hellyer is seen as significant. It’s extremely tame and limited. In fact, Clark McClelland has much to say about Kecksburg and that coverup (see my interviews with him)… far more than what this article alludes to: [URL=””][/URL].

From my perspective this is all part of a low key unofficial disclosure effort to spin the whole UFO/Secret Government story away from “secret space” and keep things in the nice little circle surrounding the President and various special ‘above top secret’ operations but is actually a coverup to keep people from recognizing the vast Secret Space Program we really have that is way above top secret.

In essence The White House UFO article a misdirect. This line in that article is especially telling: …”This completely contradicts a conspiracy belief held strongly in the UFO research community that some Wizard of Oz or deep black cabal actually runs the government and that elected officials are simply puppets pretending to be in charge.” That sentence would be written by an agent working for an intelligence agency or someone who has been tasked by an agent with putting out disinfo meant to confuse the truth. Do I need to add that anyone who relies on the words of John Alexander to tell them the truth about anything is sadly misled?

RE: Pray Peace: And with regard to knowing “Kendall” well… That’s rather a side issue. And doesn’t really reveal much. Whoever Pray Peace is and what his real mission here is, is another matter as well. If they don’t tell their wives they might not tell their friends either. Or maybe the friend is misled. I would say Obama knows a great deal about what’s really going on.

The whole body-mind reference in the post by the person calling himself Pray Peace is something I call ‘Robotic Superman vs. Angelic Human’ and I refer him back to my work for further info on that…I am writing a book about this.

At any rate please note that wrapping COG and FEMA and the President and calling the “Under
Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics a fictitious position at the Pentagon” who is in reality (according to this whistleblower) handling crash retrievals…all together with the disclosures by W. Smith and Hellyer may be a misdirect to lead one to think the actual surface government is far more involved and that we don’t have a huge split between what are in essence 2 civilizations running parallel. “One that has space travel and one that does not” in the words of former black project physicist Richard Alan Miller.

The source who sent that info is stating that the head of “Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics” is also head of “MJ12″ would contradict Dan Burisch’s testimony that said that [URL=””]Mike McConnell former Director of National Intelligence[/URL], was the head of what is referred to as “MJ-12” which has far more than 12 members and goes by many names. Last I heard from Burisch was that Dan was now taking over as head(!) for what it’s worth. That was a couple years ago. Whether that is true is not known by me.

I haven’t yet had time to listen to the Jimmy Church show that Pray Peace refers to in his message but will report back if there is anything of significance there…

I can caution that the people reading the communique I posted to note that it was submitted to me by a “contractor” in Northern Virginia who obtained the communique and photos, from an “intermediary” to a man referring to himself as part of a project he called “OVERCOAT. CORNERSTONE” what he said was a “joint CIA / Defense Department program”… and that’s all we know about the whistleblower in this case. So you can refer to this witness for expediency sake as “OVERCOAT CORNERSTONE” or “OVERCOAT” for short if you like. But note if the “contractor” is to be believed that means 3 people are involved in this “disclosure”.

There are, regardless of whether this is part of the disclosure referred to in The White House Blog, a number of useful tips and references well worth further investigation to those interested, revealed in this OVERCOAT communique. I urge everyone to follow those leads out if they are inspired to do so.

Not sure who is the “author” of The White House UFO” blog.  If you know who it is feel free to let me know.

Best wishes,


End of my post to Avalon Forum.


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